Annie Liu Considers Quitting the Entertainment Industry

Taiwanese actress Annie Liu (劉心悠) is an artiste of many trades. In addition to a successful film and drama acting career in China and Hong Kong, Annie is also running her own management company. Despite her acting portfolio and the audience’s consensus on her acting chops, Annie still has not won a single award.

In regards to possessing only nominations and no true wins, Annie expressed, “Maybe if I were willing to take off my clothes and be sexier, I may have more opportunities. I may have more opportunities to film bigger projects that have a chance at nabbing awards. However, I am rather selfish. I only want to film and do what I enjoy doing. As a matter of fact, I am like a tortoise! It is only recently in the past few years that I have gotten used to wearing short skirts or open-back clothes. I realize I can be sexy too.”

Although Annie possesses soft, feminine features and exudes an air of elegance, her thought process and perception of things are quite different. Just as her career is on the rise, Annie admitted to having thoughts of quitting the entertainment industry. “I have asked myself this question and have thought about quitting the industry. Maybe one day when I wake up and feel like I’ve had enough, I would just quit on the spot. Perhaps I would open a restaurant and sit at the register to collect money. That wouldn’t be so bad! However, I don’t feel that I am tired of acting yet.”

Reflecting on her Debut

Reflecting on her younger years and debut, Annie shared that she began acting by chance. After auditioning for a film, she surprisingly landed the lead role. Pulled into the colorful and exciting world of entertainment, Annie soon decided to quit school and gave up on pursuing her passion of design. In retrospect, Annie expressed, “I didn’t think things through at the time. When I decided to audition, my friends kept warning me that the entertainment industry is complicated and dangerous, and doubted that I could do it. I am a stubborn person, and that only encouraged me to prove them wrong.  At the time, I only viewed acting as a part-time job. I figured that after I was done with the film, that would be it.”

Despite having chosen to give up on her passion in design, Annie expressed that she has no regrets. “I can always go back to get an education. At the time, I was in college, and had some classmates who were grandmothers. They told me that they spent their youth busy taking care of children and grandchildren. Only now do they have time to pursue their own interests.”

Love Life

In the industry for more than 15 years, Annie has very little romantic rumors. On whether this means she is difficult to pursue and hard to please, Annie joked, “When there are rumors, I bring a stop to them immediately! If fate does come to me, you basically don’t have to woo me!” On a more serious note, Annie shared about her ideal partner. “Actually, physical appearance is not the most important. A person can be super ugly, but what’s more important is that they are mature and responsible. I leave love up to fate. However, I am not opposed to becoming a mother in the future.” Currently 39 years old, Annie shared that there is a high probability that she will consider adopting.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. I think her acting is mediocre at best. I am not entirely suprised that that she didn’t get any award. Feel that she is playing the same character every time. I don’t mind watching her though.

    1. @m0m0
      I agree and her acting is average at best. But then again aren’t many of the celebrities of today like that? However, they are still raking in the bucks…

  2. Yeah I find her acting okay. I like her presence on screen though I find her voice sometimes annoying she’s got that high pitch baby-like voice that’s sometimes irritating to hear especially when she’s shouting at someone.

  3. I never got her popularity in Hong Kong; she’s a terrible actress. I watched her Guardian Angel series a few years ago and could not stand her acting/accent.

    I think she’s lucky that she has a pretty face cause otherwise she’s unremarkable.

  4. I always thought Annie and Cecilia Cheung both look alike especially they both have the same nose.

  5. She made bold statement which shows she’s not very humble. Perhaps she should take off her clothes and then if she still gets no award, it will be embarrassing in more ways than one. I think she could have said something like this: “I have been in the industry a long time and know that there are many better than me and still have no awards. Awards are not representative of the only good performances. Some people enter the industry for 2 years and get an award and go on a decline and others get it after 30 years and flourish till 70” AND 0 remarks about taking clothes off.

    1. @jesspepperwang Yup, but some people don’t know how to use diplomatic responses like that. She probably thinks she didn’t go all the way like some females do that’s why she didn’t get awards but there are women who did porn or r-rated or whatever which one ever won anything? lol….haha
      While she didn’t do porn or r-rated and I only watched one movie of her and that’s because Pakho Chau was there. She played the wife and she did take some off and sexy so whatever she’s saying is nonsense. lol…haha…But I have to say she is attractive.

      1. @wm2017 The taking clothes off answer does seem a little bitter (and also indirectly saying all female artists who achieve recognition have done so by being slutty). It reminds me of the answer Nancy Wu gave on why she hadnt had a leading role yet which was she wasnt pretty enough.

      2. @megamiaow Nancy Wu – Yes, that means if you have a better looking face then you will be a lead and more popular?? lol…. Yeah right, like looks are everything. Sometimes they just need to say no comment haha or simply I will try harder.

      3. @wm2017 It has happened many times where pretty actresses get lead roles without acting experience, skills, or talent. Sisley, Grace Chan…

  6. Idk…maybe I’m biased, but it sounds like her words were blown out of proportion. It sounds like what she’s saying is that if she’s more daring, she would have more opportunities to film bigger projects. She says if. We all know sex sells. And we all know actresses who have bared a lot to get awards. So there IS a possibility that had she exposed more of herself, maybe she could’ve landed in better productions. I don’t see this as a closed end loop; she’s not saying baring your body means you get an award. Just that there’s possibility of her being invited into more movies because of her willingness to bare, which may eventually lead to awards.

    I actually like her. She’s honest and has great onscreen charisma. Yes her accent sucks, but given that canto isn’t her native language, I think giving her some slack is acceptable. She tries hard in any case to correct her pronunciation. You don’t build Rome in a day.

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