Sonija Kwok, Annie Liu, and Eric Li to Film ViuTV Drama

Hong Kong station ViuTV has been producing different genres of dramas, releasing Iron Ladies <熟女強人>, We are the Littles <男排女將>, and Single Papa <暖男爸爸> to good reception last year. Though possessing their own team of homegrown talent, ViuTV has also been scouting for outside talent and thus accumulated quite a few former TVB employees.

It is said that ViuTV is planning to film a 30-episode drama produced by ex-TVB and HKTV director Wong Wai Yin (黃偉賢), who has also directed Armed Reaction 4 <陀槍師姐 IV >, The Gentle Crackdown <秀才愛上兵>, Forensic Heroes <法證先鋒>, Last One Standing <與敵同行>, and Witness Insecurity <護花危情>.

The main cast consists of familiar faces from TVB, such as Sonija Kwok ( 郭羨妮) and Annie Liu (劉心悠). Focusing on filming movies, Sonija has not filmed a Hong Kong television drama in seven years and her last one was Under the Veil <無雙譜>, which was filmed in 2014 and broadcast in 2015. Annie is rumored to have left Shaw Brothers last year after her contract had expired and is currently a free agent. This will not be the first time she has appeared on ViuTV, as she hosted their variety show Barter Game <Barter Game價值連城> in 2016.

The male lead has not been confirmed yet, but ex-TVB actor Eric Li (李天翔) will be starring in a major supporting role. Formerly typecast in villainous roles, Eric left TVB in 2019 because of disappointment in his career development.  Since then, he has been filming dramas in China and often livestreams on Douyin.

Source: HK01

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Eric Li Left TVB Due to Wife’s Advice

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  1. Agree with everyone’s comments above ^. Watching Single Papa and it’s a good show. Can’t wait to see what series they’ll be starring in as all 3 are great stars. Another thing I like watching the Viutv shows is how refreshing each drama is, different and has a good pace to them.

  2. Eric Li is handsome, classy, and charismatic on screen. Too bad he always get stuck with rich bad boy player roles. Hope to see him getting a shot at main roles soon.

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