Steven Ma to Lead TVB Artiste Training Class

Steven Ma (馬浚偉) will be leading this year’s TVB artiste training class. Invited by TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) in February, Steven will assume the principal role in charge of course design and recruiting instructors.  “I will be teaching some classes myself and finding others to teach drama, dance, pronunciation, and discipline,” Steven said. 

Currently in discussion with executives, Ms. Lok and Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Steven revealed that the trio will start interviewing applicants in mid-April. He expressed that over 1,000 people have already applied for the program, but each class can only have 30 students. TVB hopes to open a maximum of two classes given the time restraints. The course will run for three months, followed by casting opportunities. “I really want to surprise the students, and hope that there is something they can take away from this experience,” Steven said earnestly. 

With eight years of experience in managing his own education/ tutoring center, Steven believes that he will excel in his new role. As to whether or not he will stay with TVB after his principal role ends in six months, he shared that TVB will always be his home. He will always return if time allows. 

Postponing his two-year program in Chinese medicine studies with Hong Kong Baptist University in order to lead the TVB artiste training class, Steven was asked if he was paid a significant salary. “I don’t personally calculate these things. Ms. Lok suggested the amount, and I immediately agreed because I want to share my experience given that I have been with TVB for almost 28 years. I am very willing to do this for my friends who are interested in the performing arts.” 

Source: HK01

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Steven Ma Studies Traditional Chinese Medicine

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  1. Probably TVB suggestion on the 3 year course, but Steven’s a good actor so hopefully it produces actual quality.

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