Steven Ma Stays Passionate About Work

After establishing himself as a successful actor, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) sought other opportunities to challenge himself. In addition to starring and writing stage plays, as well as continuing to sing and act, Steven has also established his own company. The actor of many talents has come to a point in his life where he can choose to do only the things he enjoys.

“There are two big main criteria in my work life and personal life, and that is I will only do things I enjoy and like. I would also make sure not to do things only for myself, but also for the sake of others. I am very steadfast about these two things. I already have more than I need, so will always think of others and make sure they benefit more than I do. Of course, I cannot compare to other rich people, but I am not pressured making a living now,” Steven said.

Passionate about his work and considering himself to be a life-time learner, Steven reflected, “In the past five years, I have dabbled in stage plays, coffee business, film work, studying and taking courses, producing my own shows, and establishing my own acting school. I really put my heart and soul into these things. I don’t feel tired. In fact, I am full of energy!”

Despite his many interests and endeavors, Steven keeps a healthy mentality by not worrying about things that have not occurred yet. He expressed, “Today is not even done yet. You cannot start planning for what comes next already, or it won’t turn out well. If you stress about things in the future and are not in a good mental state, then the things you do will not be done well. It is only within the past five or six years that I have fully immersed myself into this type of thinking and lifestyle.”

Establishing Acting School

An established actor himself, Steven developed his own acting school and being able to share his passions has always been one of his biggest dreams. His school’s curriculum, which spans over three months, requires students to complete 40 classes in areas such as Mandarin, acting, singing, and dancing. Each year, the school only accepts 160 students.

“I also want to teach my students intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, digital quotient, and adversity quotient. My school is not only about helping students reach their acting dreams. However, it does offer opportunities to try out acting in front of the camera, as I have a relationship with Shaw Brothers as well as an agreement with Virginia Lok (樂易玲). My students will also have the opportunity to take part in my stage plays and films that I produce.”

On his school’s emphasis on the various teachings on quotients, Steven expressed that emotion quotient is equally as important as one’s intelligence quotient. “A person who has empathy often has the advantage, because they are able to understand and grasp another person’s feelings. When I portray a character, I am also imagining their feelings and thoughts. When have I ever been a king or a doctor? I depend on studying life and psychology to immerse myself into these roles.”

With projects planned throughout 2021, Steven has been busy preparing for his various ventures and undertakings. Born in Hong Kong, Steven is passionate about improving the culture and entertainment quality of the city. “I truly want to stay in Hong Kong and help the new generation. I definitely will not leave Hong Kong. I have no interest in emigrating. I was born and raised in Hong Kong. My schooling, my people, my ventures, and all my relationships are here. Although my career may expand to China or Singapore, Hong Kong will always be my permanent residence.”


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