Afraid of Poor Sales, Vivian Chow Cancels August Concert Plans

Vivian Chow (周慧敏) has cancelled her plans of an upcoming concert this August. Instead, the 46-year old singer and actress has decided she will film a romantic movie, Café Waiting Love <等一個人的咖啡>, in Taiwan. According to insiders, the cancellation is partly due to the sudden death of Cheung Yiu Wing (張耀榮), who was the founder of Yiu Wing Entertainment Ltd. In addition, Vivian’s concert in 2011 was not well received, and her husband’s billiard business is not going well.

After fading from the spotlight in 1997, Vivian did not make any prominent public appearances until 2006 during her Back For Love concerts. At the time, the concerts were extremely successful, allowing her the confidence to hold her Deep V.25 concert in 2011. Unfortunately, it failed to receive the noise and recognition it had in the past.

Originally intending to hold a concert this August, Vivian’s plans were disrupted by the death of the entertainment company’s founder in March. A source revealed, “Mr. Cheung never cared about how much money the concerts earned, as long as things were happy. After his death, the company was handed over to someone else who prioritized financial profits. Someone told Vivian that if her tickets don’t sell well, there is a need to make adjustments to her remuneration. She believes there is a risk associated and thus cancelled the concert.”

Adding to the distress, Vivian’s husband, Joe Nieh (倪震), has been unsuccessful with his three billiards locations. It is hard to attract customers even due prime hours, and monthly income is limited. Reportedly, Joe’s first billiards location that opened in Wan Chai started off well, but things went downhill after opening up two more locations in Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok in 2009. To financially support her family, Vivian tried to regain her status in the entertainment industry.

Prior to marriage in 2009, Vivian and Joe dated for approximately twenty years. Reportedly, Joe constantly flirted with other women and their relationship hit rocky edges at the time. Those who were once rumored with Joe included Theresa Fu (傅穎), Monica Chan (陳法蓉), Michelle Reis (李嘉欣), Yiu Lok Bik (姚樂碧), Anita Chan (陳穎妍), and Emma Pei (裴蓓).

An Easily Satisfied Person

Past reports pointed out that Vivian does not seem to act like a celebrity, opting for minimal makeup and cheap hair salons. In an interview, she explained, “I don’t care much about money, especially when it comes to shopping for pet supplies. I’ll buy the best without looking at the price. But I do have low standards when it comes to eating, dressing, and traveling. I’ll be very satisfied with just a bowl of wonton noodles from the street stalls.”

Vivian continued that her easily satisfied nature is also the way she approaches her love life. “Starting in 1997, I eat coffee rolls for breakfast every morning. Once I wake up, I look forward to having it and am still not tired of it. When friends told me to try goods from other bakeries, I didn’t bother much because the coffee rolls already give me one hundred percent satisfaction. Since I know it’s the right decision, I’m already focused on my target. My approach to love is the same in this way.”

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  1. Is this article exaggerating things a bit or did something happen to the Nieh family fortune? I find it hard to believe that Vivian needs to financially support the family, even in light of Joe’s unsuccessful billiards business ventures.

    1. Joe use to be well off, but he lost his fortune when they were living in Canada. He started a tech business that failed. His father is a famous writer, but I don’t think he is rich. Vivian supports Joe & his family. She is always investing her money into his business attempts.

      She is a beautiful woman, but also very naive and dumb. Joe plays her like a fiddle & each time, she forgives him. Something that I will never understand.

      1. nieh’s dad is a very famous writer, i thought he did well financially since his novels are such big sellers and have been made into tv dramas and movies

      2. I agree with you henry. Vivian is a very beautiful and loyal lady. But she is too naive.
        Her husband is very lucky man.

      3. Just wondering, if Joe’s dad passes away, will Joe inherit the royalties to his novels cos that could be worth a lot!!! Anyhow, I still think that Joe is not a good catch! Sigh for Vivian!

    2. “She is a beautiful woman, but also very naive and dumb. Joe plays her like a fiddle & each time, she forgives him. Something that I will never understand.”

      Agreed! Joe is a dog and needs to be neutered. Exactly what is 才子 to this guy. 食屎狗

    3. You can’t help who you fall in love with. As always, Joe can be as ass all he wants, but she has to let him treat her like crap before he can treat her like crap.

      1. Like the last sentence in your message. Totally agree.

  2. vivian cant sing and although she still looks good for her age, no where near good looking enough to hold a concert with mediocre singing abilities.

    1. I hope Ekin never tries to hold a concert again eh, cause he’s become a balding wrinkly old geezer with less-than-mediocre singing abilities.

      1. All guys are balding at their age. Celebrities just do hair operations to cover it up.

      2. hey mt he did hold a concert recently and it was a smash, BOOM!

    2. You mean like Twins who are even below mediocre singing abilities?

    3. Vivian sings well in my opinion, but it is true that she does not sing as well as she did in the past. But most people’s vocals become weaker with age.

    4. I do not think Linda or Vivian had any PS. Vivian looks about the same but just older ever since she entered the circle. Her face is not flawless so it is definitely natural.

  3. Being easily satisfied is okay because it makes you a happier person…but not with your love life. Settling for a guy who cheats on you is not ‘easily satisfied,’ it’s more like ‘having very low standards.’

    1. And, having little or no self-respect.

      How does Vivian Chow know that Joe Nieh is not stashing/hiding her $$$$$$ away somewhere under the pretense of loss?

  4. Even she is not great singer. She is still V.

  5. wow, wish i could be that easily satisfied! it would save me a ton of money.

    vivian really does seem like she has a heart of gold; she’ll pay nothing for herself but when it comes to her loved ones, she holds nothing back. i admire that giving spirit. joe is one lucky b@stard.

    1. Not just her loved ones, but Vivian cares a lot about the less fortunate and animals as well. She donated all of the proceeds from her other concert to the SAA. She truly a rare gem and Joe is lucky to gave her. I hope he treasures her before he regrets it.

  6. hi there

    1. Vivian may not be the best sing bird.
    2. but she can definitely hold better notes than most nowadays so-called female singers.
    3. she is still hot but modest.

  7. She is kinda like Jackie Chan’s wife…except Jackie Chan is rich and Joe is not lol.

    1. Ah, Joan Lin is a tigress. Vivian is a rabbit.

      1. Really? I did not know Joan Lin is an aggressive woman. I thought she is a woman who secretly supported Jackie Chan after they were together.

      2. ” I thought she is a woman who secretly supported Jackie Chan after they were together.”

        Really, there’s your answer. LOL!

      3. Heard somewhere that she controls the finance.

    2. NO WAY!

      Joan Lin is Jackie Chan’s financial controller. She holds all the purse strings. Joan Loin knows what she is doing – JC is her life investment. She lets him play because she’s a tigress who allows the monkey his toys, to keep him happy.

      Vivian is just, sigh blindly foolish.
      She had a whole line up of guys globally who would kill to be her bf, and she picked him?!

      That’s self-torturing masochistic. Everything to lose, nothing to gain – he doesn’t even treat her right, and she has to defend him and now financially support him?!?

      Who on earth said the good will be rewarded, and there’s karma in life?

      1. “She lets him play because she’s a tigress who allows the monkey his toys, to keep him happy”

        …this really cracked me up! well said!

  8. vivan is still classic jade-beauty queen who will never age as she does not need botox and her body is forever fit and natural…her pure look is comparable to linda chung pure look who do not need a rich man to provide millions worth of house, cars and shoes or handbags….these looks already shown she has the compassion and kind heart personality which even got hurt by loved ones yet she still can forgive as not many women can forgive flirty husbands as hell no fury scorn like a woman but she already can easi;y satisfy with street stalls, low class cars and also cheap clothings….good role model

    1. U are wrong! Both linda & vivian have a face which is full of plastic surgery ( if u are good enough to spot the facial deficiencies) !!

      1. Vivian is a natural beauty. I think Linda is too since they both have flaws on their face and have unique looks not the typical doll face look that you get after having PS.

      2. I just saw her childhood pics.

        I think she did something to her eyes?

        Noticed she used to have single eyelids last time.

        True Joe doesn’t deserve her. Sigh. Love is blind.

  9. some ppl come into your life to return to you. some ppl come into your life to take something to you. this applies to everything be it parents, children, siblings, friends, spouse etc etc.

    vivian’s husband should be thankful having such a supportive wife like her.

  10. I’d take a 2014 Vivian Chow over any TVB actress of today. ANY.

  11. If she acted in never dance alone…then she will be the hottest comeback actress more popular than carmen orthe other 5 leads

    1. Yes, it would have been great to see her act in Never Dance Alone!!

  12. I hope we guys as men will took example from such. You want, you find someone you love and married for life and be faithful. Don’t go around fooling only animals do that in their kingdom. We are not animals so let’s take marriage life seriously. As for gals, open your eyes. I dont think vivian is a good example unless u got her big heart.


  14. She has been my idol since I was 8. Best of the best. I think she has the full package but unfortunately I wish she was married to a better husband since she’s a very nice person.

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