Male Influencer Accuses Aaron Yan of Secretly Filming Their Intimate Video

After Mickey Huang (黃子佼) and Chris Wang (王宥勝) admitted to sexual harassment claims, idol and ex-Fahrenheit member, Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) is the third celebrity to be under fire. A male influencer, Yao Le (耀樂), accused Aaron of filming their sex video in 2018 when he was only 16 years old.

When the sex tape was leaked in 2018, Yao Le stopped his studies for three years and stayed away from the public eye for quite some time. While he did not make any accusations at the time out of fear for his own safety, Yao Le finally broke the silence after the #MeToo movement swept across the Taiwanese entertainment industry this week, hoping to prevent future victims falling prey.

In his post directed at Aaron, Yao Le wrote, “I gave you my first time when I was only 16 years old. Even though you requested that we film ourselves during sex, I stood my grounds and rejected the idea because that was my bottom line. You even pinky promised me you wouldn’t do it.”

Even though Yao Le denied the request, it turns out Aaron recorded their intimate actions in secret.

Yao Le recalled the moment when the video was leaked. “I’ll always remember the time when I was working in Beijing right before Mid-Autumn Festival in 2018. I received a text that said a sex tape between you and I was leaked. I was so angry and livid – I also felt so helpless. You told me you didn’t know how it got out, and you told me not to work during the Mid-Autumn Festival. You urged me not to worry because you would take care of it.”

However, Yao Le disclosed that Aaron never took care of anything and only wired him some money to get rid of him. Yao Le also claimed that he still has the text messages between Aaron and himself from 2018 as proof.

Since the accusations, Aaron Yan has formally apologized to Yao Le for hurting him in the past.

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  1. Arron did this…Gosh he really should be jailed. He has weathered a number of scandals…but he has not fallen. I do wonder if he will now. He has no career in China anymore, that is most certain.

  2. Wow, this dude again and still around. Taiwan is lenient for sure but 16 years old? I still remember how everyone thought he was so pure and innocent on that small S show where she just loves asking about people first times and this guy said he was only 19. All along he was never interested in girls but of course had it keep it in but this kind of interest in underage boys? Ughh…. He probably thinks he’s forever a pretty boy and can get any boy?

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