Aaron Yan Crashes Ex-Lover’s Press Conference

As the #MeToo movement gains momentum in Taiwan,  influencer Yao Le (耀樂) has accused ex-Fahrenheit member Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) of filming him without consent during their sexual relations. At Yao Le’s press conference on June 21, Aaron arrived unexpectedly to apologize to his ex-lover, leaving him visibly shaken.

Aaron Slept With a 16-Year-Old

The leaked sex video was taken in 2018, when Yao Le was only 16 years old which led him to drop out of high school. On June 20, 2023, Yao Le named Aaron as the other man in the video and admitted he is still having difficulty coping with the traumatic experience five years later. Yao Le also found out that Aaron was cheating with many other men at the time, and had received phone calls late at night from Aaron’s other partners. As these incidents continued, Yao Le decided to break up with Aaron half a year later.

Aaron immediately posted a response on Facebook apologizing for his actions. He emphasized that he and Yao Le were in a relationship, but Aaron was not the one who had not leaked the videos. It had likely happened when he had sent in his phone for repair. “The last time we were in contact was September 2022. He had asked me to help him promote a voting event. As a friend, I naturally accepted,” the star explained.

Aaron’s written statement gave the impression that he was trying to portray himself as an ideal lover who had sacrificed, while attempting to deflect accusations of having sexual relations with a teenager. By claiming they are still friends, it may be difficult to prosecute Aaron for non-consensual sexual intercourse. Many fans also remain supportive of Aaron.

Aaron’s Surprise Appearance at Yao Le’s Press Conference

Yesterday, Yao Le held a press conference hoping to clarify the situation further. Aaron appeared suddenly without warning, bowing in apology. Yao Le appeared scared, keeping his head down and unable to look Aaron in the eye. Aaron stated, “I want to sincerely apologize to you here, for letting you face situations that you shouldn’t have to handle at your age. I’m really sorry.” He added, “It’s your press conference today. I think that you would have a lot of things to say, so I will leave the time for you to speak. If you have other questions later, I will respond to you. Or if you want to contact me, you can do so too. Thank you.”

Yao Le left the room for a short period to compose himself. When he returned, he stated that he would not be accepting Aaron’s apology as it should not be offered after the incident was revealed to the public. Yao Le said, “No matter how you look at this incident, filming an intimate video of a minor is illegal. The [law] hasn’t changed. Hopefully, Mr. Yan will respond directly to these points and would not disrupt the focus.”

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. He is really unbelievable. He crashes the conference, take attention of victim, stage a fake apology and wore white shirt/make up free etc…I bet he went because he is worry victim will spill more details and he wants to stop it from happening. He wants to take back control of the narrative of this scandal… it is not the first time he is doing so…
    I really hope this scandal will finally bring him down.

  2. The audacity.. how can anyone still support this guy? It’s one thing to apologize for past mistakes, but his actions continue to show he’s not truly sorry. You don’t just show up to someone else’s press conference and not even let them say their piece first. It’s so disrespectful and just media play for him. He seriously has issues and should seek help.

  3. I wonder why the victim seem to be so afraid of him. I wonder if any gangers or threats maybe involved.

    1. I don’t think it’s necessary scared, could be disgust too, or that he doesn’t want to give him satisfaction of accepting the apology. I also think it’s a very inconsiderate move to crash his interview where it should for him to say his piece.

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