Aaron Yan Looks to Spiritual Guidance to Make a Comeback

In June, former Fahrenheit member Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) was accused of being a predator by Tik Toker Raku (耀樂), who claimed to be forced at 16 years old into having sexual relations with Aaron. Raku claimed Aaron secretly filmed their bed video without his consent and allowing it to circulate on the Internet. Although Aaron’s home was searched by police to aid the investigation, the star was allowed to post bail.

For four months, Aaron stayed out of the limelight and has visited different temples to ask for spiritual advice on how to make a comeback. Aaron’s friend also introduced him to two numerology masters who offered two options for name changes, Wu Luo Jia (吳珞嘉) and Wu Bing Ru (吳秉儒), to turn his luck around. Aaron hopes the name change will solve his problems and change his personality.

It is also said Aaron has been continuously reaching out to Raku wanting to apologize face-to-face after the star crashed ex-lover’s press conference. However, Raku is unwilling to have any contact or communication with Aaron.

Immediately after the scandal broke out, all of Aaron’s endorsements and variety shows quickly cut ties and his Top Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Taiwan award was rescinded. Aaron only made a low-profile appearance at a Hungry Ghost Festival event. This month, a video of Aaron singing at a friend’s birthday party circulated leaked. While temporarily out of work, he did not seem to be affected by the scandal and looked to be in good spirits.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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