Aaron Yan Admits to Secretly Taping Underage Lover

Ex-Fahrenheit member, Aaron Yan (炎亞綸), was accused by his former lover of filming their sex video, which was eventually leaked online. Male influencer, Yao Le (耀樂), said he was only 16 years old when he gave his first time to Aaron in 2018 and was filmed unknowingly against his wishes. Breaking his silence, Aaron issued a lengthy apology for hurting him in the past.

In his long post, Aaron wrote:

“Yao Le, thank you for speaking out and allowing me to face this ticking time bomb. I’m not proud of my past, and I know that I’ve been lacking on the relationship front. It’s because I’m someone who allows relationships take over my sanity – I lose myself when I’m in love.

“I did cherish the time Yao Le and I spent together. It’s not easy studying in Taipei, so I helped him find a place to live and paid for his rent – this was something I did. Because I had to leave often for work, we would have very little time together and I would pay for his flight to visit me. Our relationship was like any other couple.

“Naturally, there would be arguments and hurtful words – no human is perfect in a relationship and this is especially true for those who love twisting things while in love. I lacked communication and I neglected a lot of things – I didn’t have the ability nor the wisdom to properly break up with him.

“I want to thank Yao Le for not breaking contact with me despite my immaturity. We stayed in contact and gave each other support. The last time we chatted was in September 2022 when you asked me to help promote an event you were attending. As a friend, of course I agreed.

“Back in 2018, a lot of private images of me were also leaked but I wasn’t the one who leaked the videos. After investigation, it was probably leaked when I took my phone in for repair. That’s why I tried my best at that time to get a lawyer involved to take down those videos.

“The clips and photos were like ticking time bombs set out to torture me. During moments of solitude, I realize that I had many problems and terrible qualities – that’s why I was determined to become a better person. Even though these scars will follow me for life, I will not run away.

“I’m willing to face the scandal again after so many years because this is part of who I am.

“Even though I have to face a lot of interviews in the future, I’ll continue moving forward with a newfound gratitude and I’ll strive to accomplish my goals. I’m sincerely apologetic and I want to be honest with myself from now on. I don’t want to disappointment myself or disappoint those who love and cherish me. This is the me right now.

“If you’re willing to listen, I’m willing to apologize to you in person and I’m willing to stay by your side during these painful moments – I’ll try my best to make it up to you.”

-Aaron Yan

Source: [1]

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  1. 16yo, is that legal?
    Even if it is, him in his 30s going after a 16yo. I always think it’s not the same if both are of an older age, 30 dating 40s as compared to a teen dating someone much older.

    1. Not by Taiwan law, I think. but this should bring Aaron down, hard to say as Taiwanese are very forgiving … I wonder how much damage will really be done?

    2. I also believe that the age is not illegal in Taiwan. I saw other news that Aaron appeared in person at Yao Le’s press conference and denied anything non-consensual between them. He claimed they were in a in a relationship and that the guy agreed to the filming. I think this is the first truly big gay scandal in Taiwan, isn’t it? I’m not sure if Aaron can survive it to be honest.

      1. I saw him in a Press conference today saying they were both in love, he bow to Yao Le to apology for the leaked video. Aaron looked “sincere” and Yao Le covered his face with his face down. He did not response to Aaron’s monologue… I did not watch the video for long as it was so uncomfortable. Aaron was wearing a white shirt… like a scene of a drama, so fake..

      2. @hohliu @Dee his sudden appearance in the press conference seemed more like manipulation than sincere apology.
        Even if they were consensual, one of them was underage.

    3. @BearBear no doubt about that, Yao Le was a kid, the age difference and celebrity halo effect is enormous at that age. Poor kid! I am not supporting Aaron at all was just updating article. I agree the whole press conference crashing felt so fake. He is preparing for the police investigation, hence the drama.

  2. In 2018, Aaron was 32 and Yao Le was 16. JUST LET THAT SINK IN FOR ONE MOMENT.
    Aaron, there was no need for you to say you paid for his rent nor paid for his flights.
    Instead of saying it was a communication problem or no one is perfect, how about you say these words:
    “I was selfish, abusive, and manipulative and I sincerely apologize for that.”

    1. Exactly. All info about the rental payment seemed like a tactic to influence netizens’ thoughts on this.
      He didn’t seem sincere in the press conference. The sudden appearance and then taking over the victim’s mic made made look likr he was doing it more for the press.
      Heard that the police is said to investigate.

  3. Crappy apology especially by recounting all the “favors” he did. No, that’s a control tactic.. All I hear is “I am an abuser, abuser, abuser”. And the age difference? That’s a pedophile.

      1. First of all, that was not an apology from Aaron Yan to Yao Le. That was an itinerary of all the things he did for the boy at that time. It was not even sincere, as far as I know. He simply could have said, ” I’m sorry that our personal, intimate moments were leaked. I wish I could take back the pain and embarrassment this has caused you”, that was all. What does his niceties have to do with the hell the young man experienced…
        I used to go to bat for Aaron when the other Fahrenheit members ridiculed him because he is gay. I stood in support of him when they ostracized him and basically blacklisted him. Now he turns around and became a selfish, entitled user.
        After his first scandal a few years ago, his career became brighter and he was everywhere in Taiwanese entertainment. Hosting countless shows, dramas, making music and representing top brands.
        This time, he does not stand much of a chance bouncing back too far from this.
        I don’t know if you all noticed but Aaron seems to be becoming the gay version of Kris Wu.

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