Taiwanese Host Mickey Huang Harms Himself After Harassment Scandal

The #MeToo has taken the Taiwanese entertainment industry by storm this week, with several celebrities admitting their dark pasts of inflicting sexual harassment. Taiwanese host Mickey Huang (黃子佼) apologized for his past actions, and was consumed with guilt. He attempted to cut himself and was hospitalized yesterday.

On June 19, a netizen revealed that she was forcibly kissed by a veteran male celebrity while sharing a ride, and was lured to take nude photos in a hotel under the guise of an artistic photo exhibit. Even when she cried and urged him to stop, he kept taking the photos. The incident occurred when she was only 17 years old approximately a decade ago. Although she did not directly name the celebrity involved, hints pointed to Mickey Huang, who later admitted to the accusations.

Mickey said he made many mistakes when he was young, and those actions cannot be undone despite his charitable efforts and hard work afterward. He was shaken by how he should face everyone over his mistakes. Over the years,  he tried his best to change himself, and claimed to have never done anything to hurt Summer Meng (孟耿如) during their 9-year marriage.

Uploading three video clips, Mickey revealed that his scarred childhood had led to his distorted perspective in youth. His mother had cheated in marriage, and a young Mickey witnessed his “mother and lover make love in the hotel bed, which shocked me to the core.” In the second clip, Mickey revealed the dirty secrets of other Taiwanese celebrities, including allegations against sisters Barbie Hsu  (徐熙媛) and Dee Hsu (徐熙娣) for using banned drugs.

In the third clip, Mickey’s thoughts sounded scattered while showing signs of suicidal thoughts. With heavy eyebags and a forlorn demeanor, he asked everyone to take care of his wife and daughter, and lamented that he could not be the good father he wanted to be. He soon erased the three clips and went missing temporarily as his family looked for him urgently.

Consumed with regret, Mickey resorted to harming himself. His teacher, Chang Hsiao Yen (張小燕), revealed that his wife later found Mickey had cut himself in the leg while trying to harm himself. Mickey reeked heavily of alcohol when he was transported to the hospital for treatment. Speaking with the press, his wife Summer Meng vouched that Mickey is a good husband and father during their marriage, and the couple will face the consequences together. Mickey’s condition is currently stable and has already returned home.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. It is reported that he has already been discharged from medical facility.
    Not mentioned in the article but he told the victim that she was pretty even when she was in tears as he continued to take pics of her in that state.
    There are more dirty secrets he had spilled, not just his ex girlfriend, Dee, her sister, her current husband and her friends to unnamed celebrities.

    1. He definitely spill some juicy news… they said he will be sued but will he, really?

      1. @hohliu Jacky Wu repeatedly said he would, or rather he said his company would and that the company decision has nothing to do with him (so fake). He was so sarcastic about it.
        People are waiting for the S sisters’ actions, especially since the younger had successfully sued News Weekly years ago for infringement of privacy when photos were published on their party and suggesting that substances were used.

    1. @m0m0
      In a recent post, I told you all to get the popcorn and be ready for a cup of tea. With the #metoo movement sweeping Taiwan, a lot more will come out. Not just se*ual assault, but verbal, physical and emotional abuse as well. There is so much I know but will not say anything. , for now. I will say this though, Aaron is the gay version of Kris Wu. I believe more young boys will come forward. It only takes one person to open Pandoras box.

      1. Drug use among celebrities is so common. There are more who do it than don’t.

    2. I also want to say that a lot of these celebs are into a lot of drugs, heavy drugs. I saw a little cut recently of a Taiwanese actor and his manager at an event, and the manager was stoned out. She definitely had some weed or something. I heard she introduced him to certain things too. He forgot to wash his face one time and the evidence was there. She introduced him to many things about her,lol.
      Get ready for many tea breaks. Nook the popcorn too.

      1. @Renren talking about drugs, a certain Taiwanese artist who attended a recent Mainland event was speculated to have taken that when he walked in an unusual manner to the event.
        I have reserved a seat and ordered my popcorns, hope we don’t have to wait too long to watch the full show.

      2. @Renren @BearBear Btw, do you both know if Drugs using are as common in China as in Taiwan? With the new strict guidelines by GOV, I expect amny artiste have gone underground. But I do wonder if supply is easy to find in China?

      3. BTW, the Taiwanese artist went to do drug tests to show his innocence against the speculations. What could be a better way than being proven medically.

    1. Yeah and also trying to divert attention from his own wrongdoings by spilling the beans about other people. Finally leaving his poor wife to face the reporters alone to answer for his trash.

  2. @BearBear
    The taiwanese law system is a little less laxed than the systems in Hong Kong and Mainland China. If the Aaron Yan situation had happened in Mainland, he would be in jail, or out on bail. The other three would be fighting for their careers, or what is left of said careers. Aaron is finished, that much is a fact.
    The Hsu sisters are known in the circle to be messing with things. So many of them mess with things, but no matter how secretive they are about it, body actions and the eyes don’t lie. I can name a lot of them who indulge in things, but not now. Onseveral occasions, I have been in the same space as a baby face BL actor and his agent and you can tell you were in the presence of the Most High, LOL. Several of his interviews were screaming that he is higher than a kite. Yes, there is a lot more to come, so get your popcorn, and prepare to wash it down with a cup of tea, LOL.

  3. What I am saying is, no surprise about the drug scandals. Unless it is a huge contrast to image, I prefer other types expose more.

    1. @m0m0
      I wa t to know when an idol who ruled the drama world will be exposed as being married to a man who looks somewhat like a woman, and who is the idols husband. Also, when an angle, a humble and kind actor who the fans adore will be exposed for using a man for many years, sponging off the man though he makes more money than the man. Goes over get money food and loving and then leaves, doesn’t even spend the night, and slaps the guy around and insults him to the point where he drinks his sorrows away. Mr Victor recently stole a woman’s husband, and is the most insulting bigot on earth. Then there is the siblings who host drug parties and berate their staff and family and take immense pleasure in seeing others hurt.

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