Leehom Wang’s Ex-Wife Shares Divorce Experience in Podcast

Wang Leehom’s (王力宏) ex-wife Jinglei Lee (李靚蕾) recently announced that she will be releasing her own podcast. Besides sharing her divorce and custody trials experience, Jinglei will also discuss human nature, education, childcare, societal and feminine issues. She encouraged everyone to not brush aside their emotions, as they should learn to cope and release them through different methods.

As Jinglei’s court hearings are taking place both in the United States and Taiwan, she has been feeling exhausted preparing for the hearings while simultaneously working and taking care of her children. Due to the time difference with the American court hearings, she finds herself staying up until 3 or 4 a.m. in Taiwan to dial in and then rushing to make breakfast.

One morning, Jinglei received a letter announcing that she had won her case in the United States. “I really needed a good cry. It felt like my soul had already escaped to the washroom to cry as loud as I could. I really needed that space to release my emotions.” However, she was so busy she could not find a solitary moment to actually cry. “From this, I realized that emotions can be soothed or delayed with time.”

Reflecting on her divorce experience, Jinglei imparted her listeners with three pieces of advice, “Accept things that we cannot change with a calm heart. Be brave to change what we can, and use knowledge to differentiate what we can or cannot change.”

Reacting to Jinglei’s podcast, Leehom’s lawyer responded on his behalf, “The law is based on facts, not feelings. The United States’ trial that Ms. Lee refers to was moved to Taiwan due to jurisdiction reasons, so there was never a ruling that she had won. In regards to her one-sided story that she had won the case, I have no comment. I hope Ms. Lee can continue to abide by the Taiwan court’s ruling so the enforcement procedure can move forward smoothly.”

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am quite open to listen to her podcast, the direction of the narrative of her podcast interest me. I do believe she has lots of good advise to share with fellow victims in similar position as her, her advice and her experience could be very helpful as support to those victims. However, if her narrative is just to spit venom onto Wang Leehom, then it is very unattractive. I hope she does not take that route.

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