Leehom Wang Performs in Las Vegas

Making his official comeback at “ONE Leehom Wang 2023 Live (一個王力宏)” concert in Las Vegas on January 28, the Taiwanese-American singer thanked fans for staying by him and admits to having “taken the wrong path”.

“The Past Year Wasn’t Easy”
Following his widely publicized divorce scandal with ex-wife Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾), the 46-year-old artiste laid low for a year after becoming the talk of town – in a saga that allegedly involved emotional abuse, infidelity and even hiring of prostitutes.

Kickstarting his concert in the concert, Leehom got the mood up with his classic hit “You Are Not Here” <你不在>, after which he offered a rare glimpse into his emotions over the past year. “Is everyone here? I have thought about whether we will meet, if I returned to this stage, because we always have moments in life when we trip up, sometimes it’s a light stumble, other times we fall harder, the past one year must have been a challenging one for many of us,”

Thanks Fans for Standing By Him

Commenting on his own circumstance, he continued in a choking voice, “Like for me, the past year had not been easy. But if life can be changed, (whether it is) fortune or misfortune, I will humbly accept (them),”

Thanking his fans, he said, “Sometimes every path we face is incorrect, but we work hard to make things right, thank you for being here, as I take the first step.”

Leaving the stage to interact with concert attendees, the singer belted out many of his classic hits and went down on knees midway on stage, rousing the mood to an all-time high. From videos taken by netizens, a queue had formed even before the concert began. According to reports, close to 5,000 fans turned up; Leehom’s classmates in the States as well as his own family also turned up in full force to support him, including both his parents, his two brothers and their respective families.

Source: HK.On.CC

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  1. Oh man oh man I don’t know how to put this but my friends went and said “I love Leehom.” My response was: You mean you appreciate his talent as an artist but you cannot love him as a cheating and gaslighting human right? And the room went completely quiet for 1 minute and one friend said: “No, I actually think he’s an amazing person.” I don’t know if I want to keep these friends.

    1. I agree with you. Their point of view is so much different from you. I wouldn’t have gone there even the ticket was free and with front seat.

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