Divorce Battle between Leehom Wang and Lee Jinglei Continues

After weeks of silence from Leehom Wang (王力宏) and Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾), many thought the couple has finally reached a consensus to stop airing their marriage dispute on the internet. However, the peaceful period did not last long after a netizen snooped through the couple’s divorce proceeding, and prompted Jinglei and Leehom to issue another statement.

After allegedly releasing records of the couple’s divorce proceedings, the netizen claimed that Jinglei did not submit any new evidence since last year while Leehom had already submitted 11 documents. At a time when public opinions are divided, the leaks damaged Jinglei’s credibility and implied that Jinglei did not have sufficient evidence to support her position.

Jinglei Hit Back

Jinglei responded back to the netizen’s accusation and questioned the source of the leak. She revealed that the proceedings are private and would have been impossible for a “netizen” to uncover. Jinglei further questioned the intention of the netizen and accused them of trying to confuse the public and media.

In Jinglei’s statement, she alleged that “Mr. Wang ignored their agreement, froze our account and real estate property that could be used and disposed of according to the agreement, cut off our financial resources and filed the lawsuit in New York. In addition to pushing the burden of legal fee on me, Mr. Wang was reluctant to pay even the most basic child support and appealed to the New York court to make us pay for his legal fees.”

Once again, Jinglei called on Wang Leehom to “abide by the agreement, take responsibility on your promises, let go, end the matter as soon as possible, stop making the same mistake again and stop hurting others and yourself.”

Leehom’s Response

Leehom’s lawyer also issues a statement, “The divorce has triggered a trial by the media and irrational online bullying. No matter who was attacked, they are still the children’s father or mother. It is regrettable for the children. I hope that all dispute will be handle by justice. We will hand over all evidence to the court and fully respect the law.”

The statement continued, “The US court ordered both sides to stop publicly attacking each other in the interest of the children. It is regrettable that false accusations and statements are being spread again.

Sources: World Journal

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Did his lawyers just confirm she’s been ordered by the US court to stop saying anything that could be considered an attack on him? How convenient that there is a “netizen leak” at this time… How convenient that BY2 group’s studio also issued a statement not too long ago..

    1. It was obvious that JLJ is under PR attack, Weibo and Sina were just popping posts and articles against her last two days. From BY2 silence it was clear JLJ was gagged by court’s order . Now he can sue her unfortunately but still I am happy she is not folding. She is truly smart and composed. Gotta love her!

      1. @Dee WLH clearly have a very powerful lawyer…. I sincerely hope LJL has a very powerful lawyer too….She really needs one.

  2. Both are equally selfish, self centred and egoistic at the expense of their children. It shows there’s no love between them since day 1

    1. I agree and they are both selfish scums that just want to bring each other down and attack each other. They don’t care for their kids at all. Yup, there was no love since the beginning. I found their marriage off since the day they announced their relationship.

  3. It is utterly disgusting if the leak really came from his side in the disguise of “netizen”. Again, if it is true, at least she has the guts to do it all by herself while he continues to play the innocent victim by cowardly hiding in the background and leaking all info to his benefits.

    1. It must have been his side. My father was a lawyer and once you submit documents in NY court, especially in sensitive case, names are hidden and you only have number of the case given to the lawyers. It is impossible to ‘leak’ anything unless lawyer leaks, specially in case of public figures, that even goes through extra special anonymous route. It is his side leak either purposeful or their computers got hacked. There is no other way. Even judge would not know whose case it is when they receive the docs, all until hearing.

  4. Scumbag!! It’s so obvious that while she is under the Court’s gag order a “netizen” appeared and leaked what was in the Court documents that appeared to be totally in his favor for now. So she can’t defend herself?? Good job WLH!! You think the public is so easily taken in?? Get ready to be clobbered by the Court in the final battle.

  5. Man, I used to like WLH but this divorce showed he’s such a coward and a scum. What happened to his promise of taking care of his family?Hope LJL will fight to the end.

  6. what a scum. no matter what he does, he will never be able salvage his perfect image. chronic cheater, scrooge, and power abuser.

  7. Crystal clear that she married to a scumbag & coward. If she doesn’t fight back, he will continue to do more harm, damage and takes everything of her. He left her with no choice. Shame on him to treat his ex-wife and mother of his children this way.

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