Angelababy Remains Blacklisted and Refuses to Apologize for Attending Crazy Horse Show?

Angelababy made headlines after getting blacklisted for attending BLACKPINK’s Lisa Crazy Horse show in September of this year. To date, Angelababy remains banned from Chinese social media networks including Weibo, Douyin and Baidu, while also being removed from all of her endorsed projects.

According to media reports, a recording of a conversation between Angelababy’s fan and Angelababy’s alleged staff was leaked to the internet and went viral. In the recording, the fan kept petering the staff to ask, “Are you working at her studio? Did you go to the Crazy Horse Show? What don’t you come out to clarify?”

Angelababy’s alleged staff responded, “The state can’t control it. It’s only a temporary (blacklist). Now we can only wait and remain silent” Due to the staff’s nonchalant and often evasive responses, many netizens are questioning the identity of the alleged staff.

Adding to Angelababy’s woes, an anonymous source leaked that the Chinese officials gave Angelababy and Chinese artiste Jenny Chang (張嘉倪) an opportunity to apologize to the public after the being exposed to attending to Lisa’s risqué show. However, the two public figures refused the offer and are now ultimately blacklisted.

As Angelababy’s troubles build, netizens notice that the artiste’s agent has not updated their Weibo since the Crazy Horse Show and the team has stopped working. Many netizens suspect that Angelababy’s agent is abandoning ship and is looking to work with other artistes. It is feared that even if Angelababy can make a comeback, the artiste may not return to her former glory.

Source: World Journal

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  1. I really hope the 2 artiste have good friends giving them support… I really feel for them.

  2. The disgust I have towards the netizens cannot be put into words: they are so dangerous that they will allow you to come out and clarify and apologize for going to a concert during your spare time. Am I going to get beheaded if I walk past a Lisa poster and was not aware and someone snapped a picture of me. Get over yourselves netizens!

  3. Agreed,like really who are these so called netizens? they’re not any better as they hide behind their screens to begin with. Saw the IG posts of Lisa and it’s nothing too crazy either sheesh.

  4. I really hope they don’t cave in and apologise…. THEY JUST WENT FOR A SHOW !!!
    They are not the ones performing. It’s just a show. Lisa was not even naked dang ! And even if she was who the hell are they to judge ?? These netizens are out of their minds ! Have they no life ?? It’s just pathetic !

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