Song Weilong’s Romantic Rumors Anger Angelababy’s Fans

Actress Angelababy and Song Weilong’s (宋威龍) pairing in new drama Everlasting Longing <相思令> had been an anticipated one, but news of Song Weilong’s romantic developments with its supporting actress, Chen Qianyu (陳仟鈺) turned some fans red with anger!

With his star rising after the success of Go Ahead <以家人之名> alongside Tan Songyun (譚松韻), the upcoming drama’s trailer featuring 24-year-old Song Weilong and 34-year-old Angelababy was praised as the two brought the romance to life despite their age gap, sans glaring-style acting Angelababy was known for. She also showed a glimpse of action fighting, which jacked up fan excitement.

Budding Romance Captures Attention

On June 14, Song Weilong was spotted by paparazzi returning to a residence together with Everlasting Longing’s supporting actress Chen Qianyu for two consecutive days. He even sweetly fetched her to go on a shopping trip after, sparking speculation of the two’s romance.

Besides having secured a place in Shanghai Theatre Academy with top grades, Chen Qianyu’s father is also the director of Shanghai Pictures, which raised speculation that her intervention why Song Weilong was able to resume filming after a period of absence, amid his lawsuit against ex-boss Yu Zheng (于正).

Fuming Fans Engaged in War of Words

While Song Weilong’s fans are ecstatic that they can finally see him back in action onscreen and have given the real-life couple their blessings, Angelababy’s fuming fans criticized the two for “revealing” their romance at an inappropriate juncture, hence “spoiling” the make-believe onscreen pairing.

Embroiled in an online war of words, Song Weilong and Chen Qianyu’s fans shot back by defending their idols, and argued that personal and professional lives should not intersect in the first place!

Drama Synopsis

Adapted from Taiwanese novelist Xi Quan’s (席絹) work, the story centers on Jun Qiluo (Angelababy), the eldest daughter of a merchant family. Once she accompanies her father on a business trip but is abducted by Xuan Lie (Song Weilong) to Beixuan at the age of 20. From mutually harboring mutual suspicions to going through life-and-death scenarios, their romantic entanglements is complicated by their disparate social statuses and values, and their tortuous romance is one of the drama’s key draws.



Source: Upmedia

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  1. Honestly, CQY isn’t attractive, it looks like her father is some sort of powerful guy so SWL is just using her. It also looks bad on her, not minding being used by him and only getting to be actress because of a good background. The plot of this story is also horrible! Falling in love with your kidnapper. ABB looks youthful but this dude is way too young. This is so messed up. I don’t think ABB has fans. Her fans don’t defend her from others calling her bad actress. Her fans also don’t complain about her starring in horrible plot and young guys. But they complain about the dating in real life??… I think SWL and CQY got caught dating and didn’t want to see comments about him using her background so they thought of borrowing ABB into this.

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