Barbie Hsu Describes First Marriage as Life “In Prison”

Barbie Hsu’s (徐熙媛) whirlwind marriage to ex-boyfriend DJ Koo is infuriating her ex-husband Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲). Pushed to the threshold by his retaliatory actions, Barbie  complained that his controlling nature made her 10-year marriage feel like life in prison.

Wang Xiaofei Shows Destructive Side After Divorce

When Dee Hsu (徐熙娣) spoke about Barbie’s new marriage in a talk show, Xiaofei lashed out and called his former sister-in-law a “clown,” then immediately unfollowed her on social media. With his mood souring, he allegedly got into a fight with someone over his new rumored girlfriend Zhang Ying Ying (張穎穎) and ended up with a bloody head.

On the day that Barbie and DJ Koo registered their marriage, Xiaofei had asked an employee to remove all the furniture in Barbie’s home in Taipei. The items were moved to the garage of Xiaofei’s S Hotel. The businessman acted out angrily after reading in the news that DJ Koo would be isolating in the apartment after completing his mandatory quarantine in the hotel. Clearly, Xiaofei did not want DJ Koo’s transition in Taiwan to be an easy one!

Barbie Complains About Ex-Husband’s Controlling Side

Xiaofei’s actions angered Barbie, who took to her private social media circle to complain about him. It is said that he was already cheating while married to Barbie, which prompted her to divorce him.

According to leaked screencaps of Barbie’s chat conversations, she complained of Xiaofei’s  controlling side. She felt as if she were in prison, and had completely lost freedom. He complained about her excessive weight gain and did not allow her to eat meals. Whenever he returned drunk, he tossed things everywhere and still required Barbie to clean up despite there being helpers at home.

Adding to the problems, Xiaofei was rarely in Taiwan due to his businesses and spent little time with his family. Xiaofei spoiled his daughter, but was very strict with his son, which made the little boy dislike him.

Sources:, HK01

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Wang Xiaofei Erupts Over Barbie Hsu’s New Marriage

Three Months After Divorce, Barbie Hsu is Married Again!

The Real Reason Behind Barbie Hsu’s Divorce

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  1. Life in prison,yeah, I totally agree. Life in prison, for her
    ex husband.

    1. Yeah, I kind of agree with you………Hard to have any respect or faith in the words of a woman who gets re-married 3 months after a divorce…………And over an online reconnection………..That is really a joke!

  2. More dirty laundry will be exposed… Both are divorced, give it a rest. Don’t upset both your kids.

    1. @Hohliu wow, what is going on in Taiwan? Joe Cheng was just caught trying to hold the hand of a male that was with him. The male did not wamt to publicly hold hands, so Joe threw his backpack angryly to the ground. The rest of the group then linked hands to save Joe from scandal. This is happening too often with him. Either stop this behaviour, or admit what the world (except the delusional fans) has concluded. All the hot news from Taiwan nowadays, LOL.

  3. I find her statement really funny, like, sort of ironic? She’s supposed to be the controlling one from what I understand of her, but it looks like the roles switched lol.

    But her ex does seem rather petulant and defensive when I watched his previous interviews on KangXiLaiLe. He even displays some of that in his recent spazzes. So who knows.

  4. Ah wasn’t Barbie who was like “I knew I would marry him after 10 days of dating?!” Toxic attracts toxic. Get over yourselves. And you just went into the second marriage just as quickly!

  5. I don’t know why everyone is giving her **** for marrying an old flame after 3 month of re-connection. Who are we to judge her? Are we the readers expect her to be staying single for the rest of her life like her ex-husband? As far as I know, Asian divorced woman/ single mother get frown by society on for who they date, who they marry, if the kid(s) didn’t do well, and a slew of other things, why is it the woman fault for finding her happiness after a divorce?
    People are toxic when it come to her. I’m her fan but I root for her because I know society are not kind to her, even all of the comments under this article and every articles about her. Good god.

    1. You are her fan so you will worship and put her on a pedestal. Even her own mother is exasperated by her. Barbie makes spur of the moment, reckless decisions without thinking about how they affect the lives of others, especially now that her young children are in the frame. It is not just her anymore. No one never said they do not want her to find happiness, but it is how she set about this marriage. No one here has ever blamed the women. In fact, they have given tremendous support to the women, unless the women are in the wrong. We are just calling it out here as it is. Do not let your idolatry cause you to make wild accusations. Choose rational thinking and common sense over angry ranting. There is only one person here who crucifies the women even if they are pure and blameless as an angel. . Calm down, please.

    2. I like her as an actress, always acted very well, or at least likeable/suit the role in my POV. However, her personal life is a mess. I don’t think I care about how she’s swiftly married from one guy to the next. However, this article reasoning of how he’s controlling her is kinda laughable. “Complaining about her excessive weight gain, and do not let her eat meals”: well, it was true she was quite heavy, to her, he’s being mean, but for him, it could be for her benefits. So this is pretty much her words against his. And again, it’s just how sensitive you are to this subject that the other person might become a non-supporter. The drunk bit, it’s not controlling. It’s alcohol abused, and side effects of alcohol abused, not really controlling lol. Spoiling one child while being strict with another isn’t controlling either >_> it could be favouritism, or one child needed to be more firm. Also depend which child come first, which child knows what to do with the parents. If Barbie always being soft to the boy, the dad might feel the need to be tougher on the boy. Again, we don’t know. But all in all, these “complains” are silly, or at least the way it’s written in this article is silly.

      Anyway, I’m with other here. She should just not talk/complain/or say anything regarding him. He’s already looked bad in the public eyes, why lower herself to his position. I also don’t trust she’s being controlled by him lol. She stayed with him for face, not because he controlled/abused her. It’s when she has no more face to save and she knew it’s a lost cause and everyone already laughing behind her back that she wanted a divorce. Regarding the new marriage, well, we will have to wait and see. It might last another 10yrs like this one, but after that, it might also fall apart, who knows.

      And yes, idk about you, but everyone has been seeing her as the controlling type, ever since she was young and first dated Vic Chou. So that’s why it’s hard to believe her story, coupling with like I mentioned above, her accounts of his controlling is laughable.

    3. I meant to say I’m not her fan. I only watched 1 series of her and that’s all.
      My point is that why is everyone so work up over the fact that she marry after 3 months of re-connect with an old flames. Almost everyone posts are about that facts. It’s her personal life, who are we to judge why she did them, only her kids can judge her for being a crappy mother but she’s entitle to finding her happiness in life. Is she suppose to put her life on hold for her kids and only get marry when they turn 18?
      That was the whole point of my comment.

      1. You miss the whole point. No one said Barbie should wait til the kids are 18. You are getting worked up and making pointless comments. All we are saying is Barbie’s husband should have spent time with the kids, get to bond with them. Create a family bond as he is now their stepfather. Biild a relationship of trust and care as the children are at a vulnerable and impressionable age. That is one of the reasons her mom is mad at her. Stop attacking membets here with senseless drama. You obviously can’t see this rash marriage can affect the children. Could it have hurt her to wait for six momths or so to give the children and her family time to get to know her new husband? Wait!, they would be 18 in six months or so!!, lol.

  6. That’s why I tend to not believe in shotgun marriages. Maybe some may work, but most marriages like this won’t. She only got to know her ex-husband for couple of months and already rushed into marriage, what did she expect. 3 months is not enough time to get to know someone. Now she’s doing the same again with her second marriage… Oh well, hope it works out.

  7. i am just sitting back with my popcorn ready to watch more of this drama to unfold. it’d be interesting to see what else get exposed

  8. It wasn’t mentioned in this article , according to a YT clip, she messaged this last year in March/ Apr.
    Curious about this “insider”, is it a fake source or did a close source disclose this without her knowing or did she agree to this leaking. If she agrees to the action then what can she achieve by doing this besides airing dirty laundry in public without any consideration for her children. Maybe she is preparing for the long haul of fighting for her children custody by exposing her ex spouse’s problematic parenting skills (maybe he has changed his mind and wanted to take the kids)?

  9. Barbie is like the Jada Smith of Taiwan. She enjoys demasculatibg her men. There is another Taiwan woman worse than Barbie. She has her husband and her client reduced to ballsless boys (although the client is packing,lol) who are deathly afraid of her.

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