Three Months After Divorce, Barbie Hsu is Married Again!

Officially divorced for three months, 45-year-old Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) reenters the world of the married again! She has registered her marriage with her old flame, 52-year-old South Korean musician DJ Koo. Both said they will cherish the present and hope for everyone’s blessings on their marriage.

DJ Koo made the announcement in both Korean and Chinese as he wrote, “We both wish to carry on our destined love from 20 years ago with great devotion and love. When I first heard of her divorce news, I went to find her number which fortunately, did not change over the last two decades. We were finally able to reconnect, and because so much time was wasted between us, I decided to put it to an end and proposed marriage. Barbie agreed, so once we fully register our marriage, we will be living together. I hope for everyone’s support and blessings, thank you.”

Following suit, Barbie reposted DJ Koo’s announcement and commented, “Life is uncertain, so I wish to cherish all the happiness there is in the present. I am thankful for everything that has led me step by step to where I am now.”

Previously, the couple had dated for one year after meeting at Tarcy Su‘s (蘇慧倫) concert. Due to the difficulties of a long-distance relationship and both were focusing on developing their careers further, they had decided to split up at the time.

Longing to See Barbie

Getting in touch with Barbie again after her divorce, DJ Koo immediately knew he did not want to lose her again. In an interview with TV Daily, he shared his feelings on successfully tying the knot for the first time at the age of 52. “It took a lot of courage to call her again–I was worried she wouldn’t pick up, but she happily answered it.”

He continued that the call immediately brought back all the memories he shared with her 20 years ago. It was such a magical feeling, and while he wanted to see her physically, he could not enter Taiwan unless he has a family member residing there. With such restrictions, DJ Koo felt even more desperate and bravely asked Barbie, “How about we become a family, so we can meet?”

Barbie readily agreed, so everything smoothly unfolded and there was no need to overthink anything because they already know each other so well.

DJ Koo also revealed that he already completed the marriage registration in South Korea, and is preparing to fly to Taiwan to meet Barbie. Eager to build a family together, DJ Koo expressed his happiness and excitement for their future.

Source: World Journal

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  1. She agreed to the marriage based on their past romance…and they did not even meet in person due to pandemic… But they registered their marriage online… goodness, I hope for their sake, this is a correct decision..

    1. Oh my @Hohliu is this true? I am really struggling believing that is even possible. I think that she led separate life from her hubby for a long time. Her ex was really bad news, cheating on her with non-sense wannabes all the time. She must have had affair with this guy but don’t want to admit it. I just can’t believe she married him over the zoom new level of digital transformation in our lives.

      1. @Dee I dont know if they had a affair but Marriage Registration conducted online is what he said… I really hope for the sake of her children, this decision she made so hastily will not result badly. So, she will now move to SK to live? I read DJ is a mummy’s boy. She seem to attract Mummy’s boys. Her ex was one too.

    2. Makes me wonder if they were having a relationship all this time. Why would a woman who just had a nasty, highly publicized divorce marry so quickly. Ink is not even dry yet on the divorce papers. She seems to do things recklessly with a spur of the moment flair.
      Also Jerry Jan got married a couple of months ago. I know you all hate me, don’t care, but I said recently there will be surprise announcements of marriages and relationships and also some breakups.
      Some people knew of Jerry’s marriage. Also a physically stunning BL Taiwanse couple just broke up. They are telling the social media world in their own coded way. Who has common sense should be able to follow.

  2. He looks really familiar to me…for those old enough and watched Korean game show Dangyunhaji/Xman back then – was he a guest on the show frequently?

    1. @Coralie He did cameo in Dream High and Kill Me, Heal Me… But it was so many years ago… I dont remember seeing him in X-man…

  3. She married her ex spouse after one or two months of meeting him and now remarries her ex boyfriend after two months of virtual reconnection…….
    They were said to have forced to break up 24 years ago after his agency found out about them so the good memories of being in love would have properly stayed and became more special with time like how we looked back at our past more fondly on certain memories.
    However, I wonder if they have considered the practicality of entering a marriage at this juncture.
    Have her children met their step father and can they get along? Where are they going to live in future? If she plans to live in SK, is her ex spouse willing to let their children move? Or is he migrates or are they going to spend their marriage apart and make attempts to visiting each other in this pandemic?
    Then there’s the parents issue. Her mother was reported to be angry as she was only told about the marriage after without knowing anything. As for his mother, uncertain of her reaction but there is report on a tv program clip on some matchmaking where he told her that he dined with a female who has been married before and she didn’t seem to agree with the choice.
    Anyway, she has more guts in admitting her love life than her ex spouse who was said to have cheated on her and still denying his new relationship despite photos.
    It’s interesting to note that SK allows marriage registration without both parties physically present or have I misunderstood?

    1. @BearBear Since pandemic, some Country have allowed online marriage registrations. But it is still a very hasty decision. She must feel like the main actress in a drama… except this is real. She will likely have to relocate to SK with her kids. Fortunately her kids are still young…

      Barbie did say previously due to her age, she does not want to give birth…. But DJ’s mum have said many a times, she wants grandkids…I wonder how Barbie will deal with this issue.

      1. @prettysup1 thanks for pointing out. She does have a history of actions that most would have viewed as impulsive. From a different perspective, her guts is admirable.

      2. @Hohliu I see, so pandemic has been favourable in this context.
        Yes, I wonder about the family members’ expectations and more. Thought after her first MIL, she would think twice to be involved in another marriage with another MIL who may have views about her joining the family. Although marriage is said to be between two people, in reality it’s really about two families most of the time. Besides, she has young children to be concerned this time.

    2. All valid points which rational people will consider before tying the knot a second time (especially before the ink is dry on the one that just ended).
      However, if she’s the kind who does things on her whim and fancy, doubt she’d care what others think (including own mum or children).

  4. Good for her! Life is too short and if this brings her happiness, that’s awesome. I don’t really know much about her, but she is definitely gutsy and I kinda admire that.

  5. Oh wow, I am rooting for her this time. I know a couple of people who experienced a second chance romance like this and have lasted, especially with age. Their relationship appears way more genuine and heartfelt than whatever she had with her ex. It may seem a bit rash to get married after reconnecting for such a short period but with the ongoing pandemic, the outset of a war, and them being in their middle years, they’ve got more to gain than lose. Really wish them the best.

    1. I’m with you on rooting for her. Considering the circumstance on why they had to break up 20 years ago, I feel like they may be holding a torch for each other all of these years. May be her decision may come off as impulsive but it could be that she follow her intuition more than other people.
      With the whole mentality of woman with kids and re-marry in Asian culture, I personally think it’s very opened minded of him to marry her for her.

    2. While this is true and one should not let go of the opportunity for happiness, it would be fine if she only has her own life to consider i.e. no children involved.
      If they were really meant to be together after the decades of separation, giving her children some time to get to know her new beau before getting re-married would not have harmed their relationship.
      Anyway, read from another news outlet that her 2 children were informed before the marriage and agree or are happy with her decision. For their sake, hope that everything turns out well eventually as I doubt their biological father has been a good one if they were able to embrace the news of getting a new father happily otherwise.

  6. Not wanting to sound like a pessimist, but these two were apart for 20 years!……….And after reconnecting over social media and etc. for over 3 months, decides to get married?…………A guy that is still single at 52 must have some serious problems/issues and a woman getting re-married 3 months after a divorce is totally insane and crazy!

  7. I don’t know anything about this dj..what languages does he speak? Can he speak Chinese or can Barbie speak Korean? How do they communicate? English?

  8. Did she marry him just so he can come to Taiwan and they can physically see each other? I think Taiwan has some restrictions for who can come in right now due to COVID. This still seems like a very rash decision, but Barbie has always been an impulsive one… But it is her life, and she should live it with no regrets I guess.

    1. Yes, if you read the article, it did say Taiwan only allow foreigners with family members residing there to enter. So I guess the formal marriage is to allow that, otherwise they can just continue dating with no strings attached.

  9. All these sudden Taiwanese marriages and breakups, and relationships. Barbie, Jerry Jan, C&J, and Lin Yu is seeing a woman who recently got divorced.

    The Mainland actor from the BL series Addicted Xu Weizhou got married too. He married a woman. I just hope his delusional followers who were afsmant that he and his costar, Huang Jinyu were a long time couple don’t hurt themselves.

    1. Hope it is happily ever after for her (plus kids)

      Given her propensity for such shockers … perhaps some of it could be her mom’s damn controlling?

  10. Ahhhhj first love, reunion of lost love. How romantic. And then comes the nitty gritty details like how to relocate? Children how? Etc etc.

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