Barbie Hsu Angers Her Mother With Sudden Marriage

Once Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) falls in love, she jumps in headfirst. Appearing calm on the exterior, she has a very impulsive personality. Three months after divorcing businessman Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲), Barbie decided to marry ex-boyfriend, Korean musician Koo Jun Yup (also known as DJ Koo) whom she dated 20 years ago. Last week, Barbie and DJ Koo registered their marriage online in South Korea, but she only told her mother and younger sister Dee Hsu (徐熙娣) last night!

Although Barbie’s mother was extremely angry, she was unable to do anything as the marriage was already registered. This was not the first time Barbie has acted impulsively. Her family is well aware of her personality, and can only accept this as an unchangeable fact.

Barbie’s decision to get married quickly was influenced by the pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine. She realized that life is too short, and wants to do what would make her happy. “I am grateful for the happiness that I experience in the moment. I am thankful for everything that has allowed me to arrive where I am today,” she wrote on social media.

She was very honest with her two children about getting married again, and had discussed her decision with them beforehand. “They were very calm and know that their father will always be Wang Xiaofei, and nothing can change this fact. My children will always be my top priority.”

DJ Koo stated that he will bring Barbie over to live with him in South Korea. However, Barbie’s children are currently attending school in Taiwan and she does not want to be separate from them, so she will discuss living arrangements with DJ Koo when he arrives in Taiwan. Barbie expressed that she will not be holding another wedding, and will not be having more children.

Source: World Journal

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  1. This is unbelievable to me. I wonder, or I hope they have interacted more than what was stated, which was online before deciding to marry. She truly is a very impulsive person otherwise.

    As a mother, I would have thought through very carefully how this would impact my children before registering a second marriage. This woman’s thought process is bizarre. From an outsider’s POV, she appears too impulsive and very much ruled by the heart. But who knows, we may only have half the story. I wish them all well.

    1. Realistically, this is not destined to be a forever marriage. He doesn’t earn much as a street vendor to support her high-end lifestyle, having been financially and emotionally dependent on his mother since the end of his music career in 2006. Barbie only knows basic Korean and his Chinese is no better. Communication problems, a traditional MIL and other factors spell a short life of bliss.

      1. @msxie0714 Sorry, you lost me here…Street Vendor? I thought he is a very sought after DJ? But he does seem to be staying with his mum…I may be mistaken. I am just curious…No offense intended.

      2. According to a Taiwanese reporter who did some research on DJ, he has been a street vendor selling clothes after terminating his music career. He also got into some trouble for drug possession.

  2. In this era, For many marriage, could just be a piece of paper…but for others, marriage is a oath. Since both adults have decided to take this route…they will have to deal with their consequence. Who knows, it may be a Forever happy ever after for this pair…Time will tell.

  3. I noticed some members are commenting that it is good for her for living her life. I agree she should fall in love and be happy, but not under such circumstances. Did she have time to reconnect properly with this man, did he spend time with her young children to bond with them, did she see him around her young kids, to see if they like him, he likes them, to see how they click? Itis not just Barbie and her husband involve here, but the welfare and family security of these vulnerable young children are of utmost importance here. Barbie and her new husband might have been kept apart by unfortunate circumstances, but is it the right thing to marry a man she hardly knew/knows with these little children involved? That is the most important aspect of this marriage. As fans, it is important to want and support Barbie’s love life and happiness. I just hope her children’s well being is not sacrificed for it. I also still think it is an impulsive move.

  4. I think the rush to register the marriage is because Taiwan currently only allows foreigners with family residing there to enter it due to COVID-19 situation. But still….

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