Barbie Hsu Hits Back at Ex-Mother-in-Law’s Accusations

While Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) and her ex-husband Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲) are in court to settle their alimony, Wang Xiaofei and his mother Zhang Lan (張蘭) are airing their grievances online. However, as the mudslinging continues, Barbie could not stay quiet and issue her own side of the story.

In the latest rant, Wang Xiaofei claimed that it is unfair that he is paying the electricity bill for Barbie and current husband’s DJ Koo. Meanwhile, Zhang Lan accused Barbie of stealing Wang Xiaofei’s property and criticized Barbie for sending her lawyer letter for speaking to her grandson.

In response to the accusation, Barbie released the bank account details on her social media page and refuted Zhang Lan’s claim that the properties were owned by her ex-husband.  Barbie wrote, “Both houses were purchased with a loan. Wang Xiaofei picked them. I took care of the bill.” In the statement, it is revealed that she paid $200 million New Taiwan Dollars for the mortgage and house insurance.

Barbie also released an IOU showing that she lent her ex-husband $26 million Hong Kong dollars to invest in hotels. While the loan was supposed to be repaid in 2018, Barbie claimed that it was not the case, “So far only $5 million HKD has been repaid. Marrying into a ‘wealthy family’ was a loss. It must be easy to eat soft rice.”

Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Lan Respond

Shortly after, Zhang Lan responded on live broadcast, “Let’s get the lawyers to talk.”

Meanwhile, Wang Xiaofei turned defensive and called Barbie a liar. Wang Xiaofei claimed that during the divorce talks, they agreed to stop payments on the loan. Accusing Barbie of backtracking on their agreement, Wang Xiaofei declared that he was willing to pay his loan and the lawyer can testify for him.

Wang Xiaofei later added, “Let’s look at the divorce agreement and what we give you every month. When you said you will take good care of the children, I left my credit card with you. As a result, you spend millions of dollars on purchases every month. I wonder why you were buying so much. At that time, we opened this bank account because we put your name under the property. I can search through my WeChat history with your mom for the remittance receipt.”


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  1. So Ugly…Gosh, must they air such dirty laundry out? I really hate those men that need their mothers to speak for them.

    1. Similar sentiments. But what irks me more are the moms who feel they have the right to intervene the son and dil’s affairs. Still wonder why she doesn’t intervene when it comes to her daughter and sil…. Talk about reclaiming her position/power

  2. The irony how he and his mother started to go public then now saying let the lawyers handle it when she spoke up.

    1. I really think he abd his mother, Barbie and her mother need to give it a rest. They need to get on with their lives. Between Wang Xiaofei and Barbie Hsu, he is still the lesser of two evils. The dirty laundry will soon be airing from their current relationships. Both are very childish and need to grow up. Their current relationships:….., Those Too Shall Pass

      1. @Renren All parties should decide if they want to settle behind close doors or fight it all out publicly. I do agree that none of them seem innocent here, including the dowagers from both sides and their current partners.

  3. @BearBear
    You are right. They should decide how to settle this childish, but mean battle and do it as quickly as possible. What I don’t understand is, if BS thought her ex husband is eating soft rice, why did she marry him then….. she is being vicious.
    Never attack a man’s salary, how much money he makes, his pants, the size of that pants, or how he wears that pants, if you get my drift, lol. He seems nean and petty as well. Accusing her of this and that. They need to just grow up, put this to rest and keep quiet. At this point, their actions and words are in bad taste.

    1. He was implying she’s some money-grubbing golddigger. I think it’s fair for her to call him a soft rice king. Fair game

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