Dee Hsu Criticized for “Lack of Table Manners”

Sharing photos of her daughters dining at home on social media, Taiwanese host Dee Hsu (徐熙娣) was criticized by writer and social commentator Li Ao’s (李敖) eldest daughter, Hedy Lee (李文)!

Compares Dee’s Dining Etiquette to Wang Xiaofei
On her social media page, Hedy Li harshly chastised Dee Hsu by listing out the “12 rule-breaking behaviors” captured in the photo and described her dining behaviors as being “disgusting”, blaming her for imparting the wrong values to her daughters.

The 58-year-old even brought up Dee Hsu’s ex brother-in-law, Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲). According to media reports, Hedy had commented that she “dared not imagine” how Dee would behave outdoors given her lack of etiquette at home, and hashtagged “I believe my old Beijing neighbour Wang Xiaofei would not share the same dining etiquette as Dee, (as) Beijingers are very particular about this,”

The 12 etiquette mistakes committed by Dee, which were highlighted by Hedy in yellow circles, allegedly include:
·Placing one’s feet on sitting chairs, instead of sitting upright
·Leaning one’s knees against the table, which according to her causes “indigestion”
·Using one’s mobile phone during mealtimes
·Not using table napkins, which should be used even when dining at home
·Placing used cutlery haphazardly on the dining table like at the night market
·Not using a shared fork or spoon for dishes
·Placing the soup ladle on the pot lid
·Sticking chopsticks, spoons and cutlery into bowls

She went on to add more cautionary pointers including “no posting vulgar gestures on social media and not showing your underage kids your behaviors”, “no fiddling with the hair, face or body while eating, not shaking your legs, not using toothpicks, and not taking off your shoes”. She also brought up how table mats if present at the dining area should be utilized by everyone, and finally no to place cutlery on the mats as they will be hard to clean, on top of it looking unsightly.

Extrapolates Lack of Table Manners to Taiwanese Youth
Attracting mixed responses, some netizens defended the celebrity host by saying that the host simply wanted to showcase the relaxed dining scenario at home, saying that it would be tiring to live so stringently. Shooting back, Hedy reiterated that good dining etiquette should be inculcated from young. Extrapolating the trend to Taiwanese society in general, she later commented on the decline of etiquette among Taiwanese youth.

Source: WorldJournal, Yahoo! News

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  1. Table manners and stuff like that are for other people. When at home, I think you can do whatever the heck you want, as it’s your home and your space. Dee Hsu is replicating her home lifestyle and I see nothing wrong with that.

    People doth judge way too much. They want their 5 min of fame

    1. Her knee is near her mouth. Maybe she has common sense with etiquette when eating in public but her kids may not be able to change that habit…

      1. What’s wrong with having a knee close to her mouth? It’s not like her foot is near her mouth.

        As for kids, I’m sure the parents tell them when they’re out in public what’s acceptable and what’s not.

  2. Since is her home I have no comment on others. But the putting up feet on sitting chairs during meals is a no no even though at home. Esp when doing in front of your kids

  3. Lol… this family is clearly very lay back and relaxed. We are not strict in our family but we definitely do have have that many defined rules. To each its own. As long as her kids behaves when they are outdoors and when they start working… nothing to be fussy about.

  4. The only thing I can’t stand when it comes to manners is putting feet up on the table (food touches the table that doesn’t need to be dirtied by others’ feet.) Or car console (dangerous.)

    Other than that, everything is a-okay in my household. Whatever makes us comfortable.

    1. I dislike those that put feet on public seats as they rest their legs… Gosh, I remember seeing people do that…very annoying.

      1. @Hohliu oh yeah, definitely don’t do that on public seats! I hate that too. I also hate when people wear their shoes indoors (not mainstream in Asian households, but absolutely common in the U.S.)

        At home, though, they can do whatever they want!

      2. @shoes wearing shoes indoors are common in UK too… I never understood why?? They dont even change to indoor slippers.
        Sometimes when I have tradesman coming to my home, they cannot take their shoes off due to health and safety reasons, I will give them shoe covers.

    2. When at home, I agree a person, or a family should be able to feel free and relaxed to enjoy a meal. However, what I see here is appalling. Dee Hsu runs a tight calendar, and quality family time can be rare for any celebrity. Her daughter’s feet pulled up at the table is so rude and unsightly at the table. She is also on her cell phone at dinner. Dee obviously allows that. Parents should tell the kids, no matter how old they are, no cell phone usage during meals. That should be a time for family bonding while sharing a meal. Dee herself is not setting a decent example at the table either. There is a lot left to be desired by her table manners too. Being comfortable in your own home at dinner does not mean behaving lije uncouth, barbaric swine with no table manners. I make no apologies cause that is what I see here.

  5. I can see how some people think it is okay at home because of relax environment. I can agree to disagree. As for myself, it doesn’t look nice to put legs up when dinning even if at home. I think even if one doesn’t care, they should still tell their offsprings that it isn’t exact proper etiquette. To me, it looks absolutely disgusting although some people are completely okay. As long as those aren’t my kids, I am okay so whatever. I just won’t let my own do that.

  6. Regarding the 12 etiquette mistakes, I agree with the first three. However
    -they are using napkins. One can see the white cloth wipes or white paper napkins on the table.
    -I don’t see any cutlery placed haphazardly
    -Soup ladle is placed on top of pot instead of on the table so the ladle won’t soil the table. This is at their own home.
    -when at home, there’s no need to use a serving spoons for some families
    -Placing chopsticks in bowls also will not soil the table.
    I think Hedy herself needs to learn some table etiquette herself.

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