Barbie and Dee Hsu Respond to Drug Use Allegations

The Taiwanese entertainment industry is in an uproar since Mickey Huang (黃子佼) was accused of forcibly kissing a 17-year-old girl and taking topless photos of her. He filmed a video admitting to this, while also deciding to expose other celebrities’ controversial behaviors. Mickey felt traumatized that the celebrities he mentioned could continue living unaffected by all their wrongdoings.

In his original video clip which was later deleted, Mickey accused Dee Hsu (徐熙娣), Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) and her husband DJ Koo for drug use and stated that he was forced into using them by the couple. He claimed that 21 years ago, Dee hosted a drug party at her home. Paparazzi had taken pictures catching them in the act, but the story was never publicly exposed.

After a period of silence, Dee and Barbie made an announcement at the same time on Facebook. “We feel regret for the false accusations that Mr. Mickey Huang made in a moment of emotional instability and before he succumbed to self harm. Regarding allegations that Next Magazine had taken pictures of a drug party, this is false as Dee was not in attendance. In 2004, the court had already ruled that Next Magazine had lost the lawsuit and restored Dee’s innocence through the legal process. In 2009, DJ Koo had sued the South Korean media and had held a press conference to clarify that he does not use drugs. Please do not continue to accuse him of using drugs just because his work is often in night clubs.”

Dee’s team emphasized  that she has a heart condition and cannot use or be in contact with drugs. Taking into consideration the many years of friendship with Mickey and the fact that he is currently in the hospital, she will reserve the right to legal recourse against all false accusations.

Her message ended with asking Mickey to take care of his health, “Your wife and children are still young. Life still has many things to look forward to. Please put your family first and get well soon.”

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  1. I bet Barbie’s ex will jump to confirm her drug use if she is still doing so…

    1. That Taiwanese paparazzi has stepped in to share what he knows. Her ex spouse and ex in law had in the past mentioned either one of the sisters’ use. Wonder how this continues to develop or will it be another tabloid news of the month without any outcome.

      1. I just hope the paparazzi guy is not paid out or threatened to recant his story. These celebrities are getting away with too much. It is time they pay the piper. These Hsu sisters are a piece of work, I will tell you that. What is wrong with the Taiwanese celebrity women named Hsu? The real women and the want to be a woman one who want you to believe they are wonderful entertainment royalty, when nothing could be further from the truth.

  2. No smoke if there’s no fire…

    There are way too many of these allegations for there to not be an ounce of truth. I can absolutely see Dee doing drugs.

    Barbie, on the other hand, might not be part of the drugs camp only cus she’s a health nut. She wouldn’t do things that could jeopardize her health. Although, her younger self is a different story

    1. I am just thinking if the drug taking was something they may have used previously but not anymore… I dont think we know ever know the truth. As the law will not be forcing them to do drug test… the more advanced test and check as far as 6mth or more using hair follicles. But both are unlikely going to be prosecuted.

  3. Interesting…. there are so many celebs who want the world to think they are so Health conscious. However, they smoke Marijuana like crazy for its health benefits. They indulge habitually in other drugs too. Often, they love prescription drugs like codeine, morphine propofol and others. You see, when they get their highs off these, they don’t have the coke addict look, and can still function to perform their job. Marijuana is a big one for them. Scoring recreational drugs coke is done underground and is very expensive. They usually stay away from crystal meth, as the tell-tale effects are way too obvious on someone on TV and in the public eye a lot. So much that the fans don’t know.

    1. I definitely believe Mickey. The celebs keep each other’s secrets as a show of industry support. They go to the same parties and other occasions that have a lot of questionable activities happening which they all eagerly partake in. Yes, they do know a lot about each others vices, and devices, lol.
      There is a lot the fans don’t know.

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