Barbie Hsu Officially Announces Her Divorce

After five months of rumors surrounding the status of her marriage, Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) officially announced her divorce from businessman Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲), ending their 10-year marriage.

When contacted by the press, Barbie was unwilling to talk about her feelings in detail, and only stated, “I hope that Xiao Fei will always lead a happier life than me.”

The couple will share custody of their children. Barbie said, “Xiaofei really loves the children. For now, they will stay with me in Taiwan. When they grow older and can make their own decision, we are open to them living with either parent.”

In June, Barbie first announced her divorce intentions on social media, although Xiaofei said he was “unaware” of why. It was speculated that Xiaofei’s controversial political views may have played a role.

Although family members had initially wanted the pair to reconcile, Xiaofei has apparently already moved on and is currently dating a wealthy woman in her thirties from Beijing.

Barbie’s sister Dee Hsu did not want to comment on the divorce, and asked the media to direct all questions to the couple instead. As Dee’s talk show will be airing soon, Barbie is likely to make a return to the entertainment industry to support her sister.

Source: World Journal

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  1. I gather that Barbie is an extremely difficult woman to live with. Plus, I have been hearing things through the grapevine. Barbie’s divorce is not the only one. There will be more to come. Relationships will be revealed, things will be revealed that will shock netizens, but not me. There will be happy news too, for the BL world, but sad news as well. So much to come. But the ones I want exposed the most is four Taiwanese hypocrites, Several Thai swindlers and one particular Hong Kong parasite. So much to be revealed in the months and years ahead.

      1. @conan2209, I almost forgot him. Go ahead and believe it. Every word is true The s dirty old man has been an embarrassment for the longest time. Sad thing is, he thinks there is nothing wrong with what he is doing.
        However, the other one I am talking about has a private agenda so diabolical that it will kill faithful worshippers if his deeds ever become public. He is not what his public persona portrays.

      1. @BearBear, this whole thing, I can write a Taiwanese drama about these four. Two are fairly significant, the other two not so much. One married, but robbing the cradle and hubby can’t do a thing about it, cause if you think Barbie Hsu is a control freak and a horrible person, she makes BH looks like an angel. She controls the baby she is sleeping with. She promised her s mother she will look after er him. Boy is she looking after him. He in turn uses the fans, doesn’t care about them and makes mean fun about them. Talks about how fat and ugly some are. He pretends to be so sweet, innocent and naive but is scr**ING everything from both genders. He is also close to *mommy’s husband. He dabbles in illegal substances too, and has done witchcraft to .

      2. I meant to say he has dabbled with the dark side to become famous. Funny thing is, he is not even that famous. He is so, so.

  2. English? Way to perpetuate a stereotype against a fellow Asian. Lol.

    I am really not a die-hard fan of any particular actor or actress. They are simply humans with flaws. As long as it isn’t illegal, abusive, or hurting others, whoever they have relationships with isn’t my business.

    1. I agree with you to a point. I must say though, when a man or woman is married and sleeping with someone young enough to be thei child, and that child is close to the spouse, then yes, that is immoral. When that woman controls every aspect of these mens lives including their devices passwords, Taiwan, we have a problem. When she has her husband tagged, and the young man cannot go to the washroom without her being there, we also have a prob. When she schemes to hurt someone he cares about and keep him away from that person, humiliating, and cutting doen that person, blacklisting thohsands of supporters who speak up for his frhend, that is hurting others, and his friend, that is beyond hurtful. The pretty boy who got hurt is no angel himself, he mahes fun of fans, especially the fat ones, the ones who he considers ugly and he says the most horrible things about thrm. Actually both the boys do. Then there is the ” girlfriend ” of the guy who got seperated from, and humiliated by the cradle snatcher . He has done all kinds of devious, lying things to hang on to a relationship that is so fake. He even uses suicide threats to hang on. Theses are nothing compared to all the things I know about them. Infact, these are the nice things. Open your eyes people, open your eyes. They are people with fame and money and that is all.

  3. Well, it was a good run while it lasted. Many celebrity marriages have dissolved sooner and for less. So for a union that was sealed in about a month, I think they did pretty well. Barbie is known to be ruthless with herself/self-discipline, so I had no doubts that should anyone cross her bottom line, she will not hesitate to remove them from her life.

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