Nicky Wu Bans Comments About Cecilia Liu

After tying the knot in 2016, Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) and Cecilia Liu Shishi (劉詩詩) continuously faced divorce rumors. Facing the most recent divorce rumors, the couple did not publicly respond to the news. Instead, they were spotted vacationing with their son recently, which  indirectly squashed the discord rumors.

Fans noticed they were blocked from leaving messages on Nicky’s social media platforms that include the words “Cecilia Liu,” “divorce,” or “cheating.” Fans were shocked and interpreted it as a sign the keywords bothered Nicky heavily.

An influential Chinese reporter, Liu Dachui (劉大錘), analyzed the family photo and deduced it was not deliberately taken and published to deny separation rumors. Instead, it was likely taken while the family was out and about as per usual. “I’m pretty certain they do not have any marital problems,” he deduced. When asked why he thought Nicky’s social media comments page was banned from mentioning Cecilia’s name, Liu Dachui believed it was to prevent the rumors from being further fabricated.

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  1. People need to mind their own business more instead of sticking their nose into others…

  2. What a smart idea…his page should be about him, not gossip, but his work. Why bring family business into it.

  3. lol i HIGHLY doubt nicky wu have the time to be banning words on his socials, it’s likely his company who manages his accounts doing it.

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