Nicky Wu Only Has Eyes for Liu Shishi

Often regarded as the golden couple in Chinese entertainment, Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) and Cecilia Liu Shishi (劉詩詩) expanded their family with their son’s arrival in 2019. Since getting married, Nicky only has eyes for Shishi and is a loving husband. In a recent episode of Chinese reality show Star Chaser <追星星的人>, Nicky revealed that he has plans to reduce his filming to spend more time with his 2-year-old son.

In stark contrast to other male celebrities in the industry who have been caught cheating on their wives, Nicky has had zero rumors since marrying Shishi. His devotion to Shishi is obvious, as he generously gifted her millions in stock shares in his production company, Strawbear Entertainment Group, which got listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in January.

Unlike a lot of celebrity couples, Nicky and Shishi remain very low-profile after getting married. Frequently seen spending their family days at the park, they do not flaunt glitzy and glamorous lifestyles that many celebrities choose.

Whatever displeasures and complaints fans had about Shisi marrying Nicky, whose first marriage to actress Ma Yashu (馬雅舒) ended in divorce in 2009, have certainly disappeared over the years as well.

Reducing his appearances in dramas, Nicky is opting to filming more variety programs which can be completed in a shorter amount of time. Participating in family-related program Wonderful Little Forest <奇妙小森林>, Nicky was extremely patient with the children.

Although many people are happy Nicky is choosing to spend more time with his son, some fans are disappointed that he is slowly stepping away from the limelight. With his acting abilities, it is a shame if Nicky only took part in variety shows in the future.

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