Liu Shishi Gets Blamed for Low Drama Output

Marrying Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) six years ago after meeting on the set of Scarlet Heart <步步驚心>, Cecilia Liu Shishi (劉詩詩) has cut down on filming after becoming a mother, especially since the two continue to enjoy high popularity and endorsement fees as a celebrity power couple.

In the end of July, Liu Shishi’s work studio recently posted about the actress’ upcoming August schedule which comprised mostly of upcoming brand engagements and magazine shoots.

In addition, a Weibo tabloid account recently spilled about Liu Shishi being spotted shopping at a mall on her day off. Visiting a salon there with her assistant, she was given the VIP treatment from several employees, before being chaperoned by a male staff to her chauffer later.

Fans Leave Belligerent Comments

Growing tired of waiting for Liu Shishi’s next drama to no avail, fans took to spamming her studio account with belligerent comments revealing their displeasure at her lengthy screen absence.

Calling her leave from work “really exaggerated,” a fan summed up Liu Shishi’s lack of dramatic output by commenting that the actress has all but appeared in merely “two dramas in addition to a film cameo of just under a minute in over four years and four months” since wrapping up Lost Love in Time <醉玲珑> in March 2017.

Others said, “No one seems to be making a fuss, yet as an actress who went a year without work, are [you] going to be filming dramas this year?” Another warned that her recent lack of dramatic appearances is exactly “how an actress’ exposure levels fade.” Yet another fan pleaded, “No one will wait for a [celebrity] indefinitely–please treasure those who are still here.”

Source: China Press

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  1. If you have money, easy income, a good life (good husband, cute babies), who the H want to work and stress in their lives lol. Get real, fans. Also LSS has never been a competitive type like YM or ZLY, she always so mellow, I would say congrats to her (also her acting put me to sleep, despite being so beautiful lol)

    1. @LittleFish I could not agree with you more. She’s talented but not as ambitious like YM and ZLY. Also, LSS married someone 16 years her senior and her husband has a more calm lifestyle for that reason. YM and ZLY married people in their age bracket. These so-called fans say they “love” LSS but they are not letting her live her life how she wants so is that really a fan and a fan that loves her?

      1. Yes. Exactly! These crazy fans are so bossy and demanding. If she makes good money and satisfies with her choices – her family is happy then it’s none of their business.

  2. Didn’t she have a baby? Perhaps she would like to spend time with her child before it’s too late to get to know her child? I assume she’s a more hands on mother than most celebrities who prefer to have nannies to look after them.

    1. Well, I noticed many of those fans really support working women and less so the full time mums..even if those women put their kids second/ third /last place in their lives. The fan still take the top actresses as role models…. I am glad Liu Shishi has her priorities in the right place.

      1. She is wealthy enough and has a good husband so why not relax a bit and spend time with her son? She never seemed that competitive anyways so maybe she can come back to acting sometime when she is ready. It is not like she needs to work.

  3. Lmao isn’t it ridiculous these days that so called fans or netizens spamming an artist’s social accounts constitutes a news article? When did the audience ever determine what projects or dramas an actor takes on? She can literally retire and live her best life.

  4. It’s her life, her choice. Why should she keep working to please her fans when she prefers to prioritize her family over a career? She is financially comfortable enough to do that. These fans need to get a life.

  5. It’s her life, her choice. Why should she keep working to please her fans when she prefers to prioritize her family over a career? She is financially comfortable enough to do that. These fans need to get a life.
    Can understand the waiting agony as I wait for publishing news of authors whom I really but if they choose not to release a novel for whatever unknown reason, I can only wish them well and continue to wait. Just because these fans don’t enjoy the waiting do not excuse that kind of behavior.

  6. It won’t bither me if Liu Shi Shi retires frim acting totally and be a contented full time lady of leisure, wife and mother. I’ve never been impressed by her actung, too stiff expression….. you see one and you’d seen all!

  7. I don’t think the fans are crazy or overboard in this case. They miss her and want to see her new work, so, they voice their opinion on her studio’s social media account, which is a platform her studio use to communicate with her fans. Their comments are not even that harsh.

    Brand engagements and magazine shoots cannot replace drama and movie. An actress I like has retired completely from e-biz and I miss seeing her own screen.

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