Isabella Leong Reveals Why She Broke Up With Richard Li

When she was 20 years old, actress Isabella Leong’s (梁洛施) life changed after meeting billionaire Richard Li (李澤楷). Despite their 21-year age gap, the couple had three sons together before their shocking split. Opening up for the first time, Isabella revealed the reason for their separation on talk show A Date with Luyu <魯豫有約>.

Isabella met Asia’s richest man Li Ka Shing’s (李嘉誠) second son, Richard Li, while filming The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor in 2007. Isabella gave birth to three sons and paused her filming career. The pair split in 2011 and she gained custody of their sons. Although Isabella returned to the film industry, she maintained a low profile in her private life.

In recent years, Richard dated Karmen Kwok (郭嘉文), Miss Hong Kong 2015 second runner-up pageant. However, they reportedly broke up and tabloids claimed he was back together with Isabella.

Not responding to these rumors, Isabella only shared she and Richard get along well as parents of their children. Although she previously dreamed of marriage, she understood she cannot force it. Isabella also revealed the reason why she and Richard did not get married, “He was too popular with women, which I found hard to accept. I wanted to live confidently. Looking back, I have no regrets. If I were to choose again, I would still make the same decision.”

There were many naysayers about her involvement with Richard, but Isabella was too deeply in love. Spending a long time recovering from their relationship, she is finally ready to date again. She is also not worried about restarting her career as she is passionate about acting.

Although she is 35 years old, Isabella remains as youthful and classy as her debut days. Netizens wondered, “Since she did not regret their relationship, why did Richard not propose? He didn’t even give her any status after giving birth to their children. He and his family are terrible at handling relationships.” However, many felt that Isabella is a “winner of life” as she has “money, sons, and no husband.” A netizen said, “I wouldn’t regret it either because I became rich after breaking up.”

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  1. She made the right decision in breaking up…Well Done!! She can find a man who love and respect her as she will equally when she is ready.

      1. Interesting! in your eyes world is binary reduced to two options 1) rich man (I guess ugly and unattractive) cheating on their young and attractive wives and 2) poor good looking young guys mooching of well to do women, i guess older than them. Most interesting! what world do I live in as it does not belong to any of these binary options, not even remotely.

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      3. @Hohliu Thank you always like seeing your messages. Yes last 2 months were absolutely crazy. I am not involved so much in awards myself but we are pushing for new projects and going to some of them is indeed useful but tiring.

  2. She really has no need to come out with any more words about the past thing with Richard……..She was all in it for the money, and certainly not his looks………..She got the money and freedom she wanted, and he had his fun with an attractive younger woman……….Simple as that……..Let’s just leave it there.

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