Isabella Leong and Her Children Are Excluded from Li Ka Shing’s Will

Isabella Leong (梁洛施) is most remembered for her four-years relationship with the businessman and the mogul Li Ka Shing’s (李嘉誠) second son, Richard Li (李澤楷). Isabella and Richard gave birth to three children, but the couple separated before getting married. Never having been accepted by the Li family,  Isabella and her children reportedly will not be receiving any of Li Ka Shing’s inheritance.

According to Hong Kong’s media, Li Ka Shing’s $300 billion Hong Kong dollar assets will be split between his eldest son Victor Li and second son Richard, while the remainder will reside in a family trust. While Victor’s family was also named as the beneficiary, Isabella’s children are left out of the inheritance and they will not be receiving a single cent.

Many Hong Kong netizens expressed their pity that Isabella was treated so harshly. Other netizens suggested that Isabella would not have to worry about her standard of living because Richard was rumored to have gifted Isabella $100 million HKD for each of their children.

Despite the situation, Isabella revealed that she never regretted having children with someone she loved. Instead, Isabella is living her life on her own terms and returned to acting in 2020’s film Love After Love <第一爐香>. As the single mother keeps a low profile on her private life, she would not share pictures of her children and would only post tidbits of her daily life.

Source: World Journal

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  1. A very reliable little bird told me that the twin boys are not Richard Li’s. That is why Isabella’s banished from the Li family. The twin boys’ names have never been exposed. Only the eldest one whose name was given by Li KaShing belongs to Richard. Isabella was really stupid! The whole incident was not exposed to save Richard from embarrassment.

    1. @afan202 that’s some really big word on the street if true. but somehow I doubt it. she’s gonna let her twin boys call someone who isn’t their father, daddy? And same for LKS. he won’t accept being labeled a father for kids that aren’t his.

      1. @Coralie,so far there has never been a photo of the twins with Richards. Does anyone know the twins’ names? We all know the eldest is named Ethan, but what about his younger brothers? Nothing.LKS has 2 sons, Victor and Richard, both are his and he has never acknowledged the twins as grandsons. This is not my speculation, I got it from a family member.

      2. @afan202 hmm possible. but rich ppl are all about that privacy, so it’s also possible she didn’t want to disclose their names to the public anymore, esp with an impending breakup. Hard to say.

    2. Really? Word on the street is Isabella was a surrogate and a beard – Richard is in a long term relationship with Louis Koo.

      1. @Cee WHAT?? The first time ever I heard that. Sad and hurtful for both men if just baseless cruel rumours. Where did you hear that?

      2. Totally serious. I have been told this by multiple people. Not insiders. They’d just read it from somewhere. Could be the same source but it’s interesting so many people know about this rumour.

  2. Unless she was tricked into birthing with empty promises of marriage or just forced to have children, there isn’t a need to be feel so sorry. Wasn’t there previous articles on how she and the children are financially provided for?
    There have been speculations of LKS’s heir – the grownup granddaughter who has been very low profile until now and another speculation where the same granddaughter will take over until her own younger brother is old enough.

  3. Victor has 3 daughters and a son. There are 2 other girls still in college and they will work in the company when they graduate. The company is big enough to accommodate all of Victor’s children.

  4. Why is Li Ka Shing called the late tycoon. He has not passed yet. The old reptile is still alive and kicking.

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