Isabella Leong’s Son Turns 10

In April 2009, when Isabella Leong (梁洛施) was only 21 years old, she gave birth to her eldest son Ethan, her first child with businessman Richard Li (李澤楷). Now, Ethan has turned 10 years old.

It really felt like it was just yesterday when Isabella announced her sudden hiatus and pregnancy with the businessman, who was 22 years her senior. Although the couple never officially married, they stayed together for four years. After Ethan, Isabella and Richard welcomed their younger sons, twins, in June 2010.

And although the couple are no longer together, they make an effort to stay together for the sake of their kids.

“And just like that, ten years has past,” wrote Isabella on Weibo last Friday. “I specifically chose this photo to share with everyone. At the time, Ethan was still only a couple months old. His grandmother held him, while I was by his side. At the time, Ethan resembled me a lot, and also his father. He has turned ten years old this year, and I can no longer pick him up like I used to. My mother would always joke to me that he’ll soon turn 18 years old, get a girlfriend, and won’t care about me anymore. Cherish the time with your son now, haha! The past 10 years hasn’t been easy. I am thankful for my mother’s selfless love. She didn’t understand a word of English, but she was still willing to move to Canada to take care of my children. Ethan, happy birthday. Your mother’s only wish is for you to live comfortably, peacefully, and healthily grow. That is enough!”

According to reports, Isabella would bring her sons back to Hong Kong every year to see their grandfather, the business magnate Li Ka-shing (李嘉誠). Last year, when Isabella made her decision to permanently return to Hong Kong, Li Ka-shing allegedly enrolled his grandchildren to “Hong Kong’s most expensive school.” As one of the heirs to the Li business empire, great things may come for Ethan.


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  1. i actually feel pretty awful for her kids. imagine the kids growing up and having the world know their mother was a gold-digger. and papa is still a perverted old man. can’t be very proud of that notion.

    1. @coralie Kids will be kids. I doubt they will feel anything like that for their mother no matter what they did. It also depends on the individual’s situation. Had a friend who lives in LA and dad cheats/known of a 2nd family and was not around but what did he do right? MONEY – hahaha lol….They were never short of money growing up. Older kid dislikes the dad but younger one all he cares about is he has money and has a few apts to his name before he hits 18. Set for life, why would they care how their parents got together or if the family felt apart long ago. Reality!! Lol…

      1. @wm2017 i guess that’s true to an extent. i think kids are more susceptible to what people think of them than people give them credit for. but hey, if they have money when they’re older, no skin off their backs.

    2. @coralie kids will be kids. No matter what they will love their mothers coz she is the one that took care of them unless she doesn’t and have been living apart from them which she has not.

  2. ”Li Ka-shing allegedly enrolled his grandchildren to “Hong Kong’s most expensive school.”
    although the parents didn’t get married, at least the boys will have a good education.

    1. @cutie777 Richard Li is 2nd son of “the richest” man in Hong Kong — Mr. Li Ka-Shing. He is not to be mistaken with Martin Lee (Cathy Tsui’s husband) whose Chinese name is Lee Ka-Shing. He is the younger son of Mr. Lee Shau Kee — the 2nd richest man in Hong Kong. Haha confusing eh? Do some Google work and you should understand the relationships.

      At first thought, I believed that Richard Li should be richer than Martin Lee because Richard Li has his own corporation whereas Martin Lee is just working for his father’s company. This Forbes ranking confirms that I was right. Richard Li is #21 on the list but Martin Lee is not even in top 50.

      1. @1piscesish thanks for the information but you’re right I was confused somehow I think it’s because Martin and Richard father has the same exact name in Chinese it would make more sense if Richard Chinese name named after his father like how the western people name their kids after their family some say junior or senior you see what I mean?

      2. @cutie777 no problem. yeah, I think the naming your kids after yourself is a western thing. chinese people might reuse a certain character in the chinese name to commemorate a family member/special someone but not use the exact same name.

      3. @1piscesish 100% a western thing. lol… Can’t imagine or know of any Asians naming their kids Jrs. lol….We like different names period. haha….

  3. II’d wonder if Li Ka shing passed what will happen if not all his kids will inherit his wealth or business properly cause i remember when i was young 鄧兆尊 dad’s passed away and there was a dispute for his fortunes and it was brought to court

    1. @sherla1019 Pretty sure it will be less messy for the Li family. Being the richest man in Hong Kong, he must have all his wills prepared. He only has two sons, so less complicated. His older son Victor Li will probably inherit more as he works for him? Richard Li already makes billions with his own company. He also has a number of grandchildren so they will get something too. I also think he will be donating a big portion of his wealth when he passes.

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