Isabella Leong Revisits Hometown Macau

Taking a hiatus from the limelight after getting together with businessman Richard Li (李澤楷), and later caring for their 3 sons born out of wedlock, 34-year-old Isabella Leong (梁洛施) made her showbiz comeback with 2020’s Love After Love. Since then, she has been sharing more of her daily snippets and filming updates on social media, to her recent return to her hometown of Macau!

Finding Joy in Buddhism and Art

In a recent photo showing her posing against the backdrop of Macau Tower, the mother of 3 was casually attired in a white long-sleeved tee, jeans and shades, looking radiant and svelte as she did years ago.

Born and bred in Macau, the actress’s father Luis Alberto Macques from the famed HN Business Group had businesses across diverse realms from alcoholic beverages and aviation to building and construction. Sadly, Isabella’s father passed away soon after she was born and it was said that the family did not acknowledge Isabella and her mother, who had to work hard to bring her up. Isabella started modeling since 12 to help lighten the load and was later signed on by Emperor Entertainment Group, with a brilliant future ahead of her, after her lead role in 2007’s Isabella <伊莎貝拉> garnered her the Best Newcomer at Golden Bauhinia Awards and Best Actress at the 27th Edition of Fantasporto.

Grandmother Expresses Wish for Isabella to Reunite
In 2008, news of Isabella and Richard Li’s romance spilled, and she birthed 3 sons for him though they were not officially married. Although the two eventually broke up in 2011 and she and her sons was reportedly excluded from Li Ka Shing (李嘉誠)‘s inheritance, Isabella allegedly received HKD500 million in separation fees in addition to being gifted a luxury Shek O mansion of over 20,000 feet, which had taken 8 years to build.

While Isabella seldom brought up matters related to her father, her paternal grandmother had publicly sought for her in a 2013 social media post. Located in Portugal, her grandmother Terry Macques Nolasco had written “Dearest Isabella, It has been a long time since we have had any news from you. We your family are very concerned but did not want to trouble you,” Expressing her wish to reunite, she shared in a media interview about her desire to get in touch with her granddaughter, though she added that she would leave it to Isabella to decide if she would initiate contact. However, there has been no news of the pair having reconnected through these years.

Source: ChinaPress, Instagram  

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  1. Must they bring up that she had kids out of wedlock every single time? Who doesn’t know she’s a single mother of 3? Geebus

    1. “kids out of wedlock” , I dont remember when I ever use such description. And there are lots of single mums in my Country who have never been married. Definitely not PC and quite insulting for the kids…

  2. It is the 21st century and one must get married to have kids. First insult.
    She has 500 Million HKD and a 20K feet mansion, if I were her grandmother who first didn’t acknowledge her, I would try to reconnect would her now too. Second insult.
    Leave the woman alone. Statistically, it requires half a million US to raise a kid until 18 due to all the time and effort you put in. Let’s not count college, your youth, and when they get married and you pay for the expenses. The father did nothing to raise the kids. He is paying for her time. That’s 3 boys 18 years each. That is 54 years of her youth, so, if you ask me, 500 Million HKD sounds about right. And, yes, I am aware the baby daddy having money was part of the attraction. Very aware, but my point stands.

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