Isabella Leong Doesn’t Regret Having Richard Li’s Children

Only 30 years old, Isabella Leong (梁洛施) always gave the impression that she is older than she is due to her life experiences. In a recent interview, the actress shared the hardship of being a single mom of three. Regardless of suffering in her childhood and failed relationship with billionaire Richard Li (李澤楷), she still believes in real love.

Isabella entered the industry at the age of 12 as a model for Emperor Entertainment Group. At the age of 16, she released her own music album. At the age of 19, she met Hong Kong businessman Li Ka Shing‘s (李嘉誠) son, Richard Li. Though the pair stayed together for four years and Isabella gave birth to three sons, she never married into the wealthy family. The couple eventually separated in 2011.

Still Believes in Love

In an interview with Kevin Tsai (蔡康永) on his show, U Can U BiBi <奇葩說5>, Isabella shared her perspective on love and said she never regretted having Richard’s children before marriage. Isabella said, “I believe that when you love someone, you have to love them at the fullest!”

When the host discussed the topic of infidelity, another guest stated that they could tolerate it, while Isabella immediately answered, “You don’t need this kind of man!” Though she said it as a joke, it is evident that Isabella believes in a trustworthy and honest relationship.

Could her single parenting views be influenced by her own childhood? Her father, Luis Nolasco da Silva, died of drug overdose when she was only six months old, which left her and her mother to fend for themselves. Since her father’s prestigious family did not accept her and her mother, Isabella could only depend on her mother and her older half sister. Eventually, she even took on her mother’s surname.

From a very young age, Isabella became very independent and assisted with family living expenses. She and her mother were kicked out by the landlord when they did not have enough money for rent. From her tough childhood experiences, Isabella has always been more mature than her real age.

Makes Film Comeback

Although Isabella disappeared from the public eye in recent years, she continues to love acting and agreed to film Pang Ho Cheung‘s (彭浩翔) new comedy, Miss Misbehavior <恭喜八婆>, in which she plays a boss from hell. Filming for the movie has started and it won’t be long before viewers can see Isabella on the big screen once again.

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  1. So that explains it. Poor, tough childhood. Lacking money and an father figure. She has banked big money and continues to do so but gave up the most important years of her life in order to do so…

    1. @jimmyszeto Or one could say she used her most important years of her life very effectively. She got all the money most people could never dream of. She still has the looks and only 30 years old so she did very well for herself.

      1. @mike
        Isabella could have worked hard for a few more years during her youth before thinking about striking it rich and marrying into rich family. Now she is still youngish but tied down and will never reach great heights in the entertainment industry. I say ‘tied down’ but there will be a team of mothers, chauffeurs, assistants and bodyguards so she can still do whatever she wants. I meant tied down mentally…

  2. I don’t see what is wrong with her rich life. I don’t see many ex actress or poor became rich due to having kids for the rich guy and restart their career again. #empowerment

    She went through hardship that some have never gone through, let the woman be. The hardship and the richness now can help her family make her no regret. You want an overdose father, death, dirt poor that have no house, eat garbage, then get rich, have 3 sons, raise the kids, then get people saying you don’t work hard or that your life is set? How you know she isn’t having hardship? How you know her? I don’t get it, instead of bringing her up, you pushing her down… And please don’t say “I didn’t mean it like that” or “you reading too much into it.” Your message speak louder than word.

    I’m curious about her acting skill in this new movie *think*

    1. @ashtenmorgan that is so true what you said. No one went thru what she went thru as a child. Without a father & rejected by the paternal family & have to drop out of school to support her mum & family at the age of 12. Seriously you can’t blame her for wanting to get away from this poverty & hardship. People might scorn her with hateful comments but atleast she got a better life for herself now & do not need to worry about when the next pay check is coming.

    2. @ashtenmorgan
      I kind of agree with you but you know many others have gone through just as much as her if not more. However, they chose to work hard and work their way up to success instead of hitching a rich guy, have his kids and hope for a lifetime meal ticket. I can tell you my parents did not teach me like that. They always taught me to work my way up as it is good to build your own career and make your own money or you’d just be labeled as a gold digger which can be shameful. Also if you depend on your spouse or others to support you then that is not a good thing too. You can get divorced or what if they died as life is unpredictable.

      1. @hetieshou
        Isabella,instead of being respected and famous for being a good actress/singer if she worked hard, she is now known as just a young deliberate gold digger. Being a hard working celebrity can also earn enough to support a luxurious lifestyle. Maybe not enough to buy boats and houses worldwide but enough to buy brands and high quality meals. Maybe they enjoy that high class status and enjoy other women looking in envy but i’m sure the thrill of that disappears after a while. Also the fun of eating at home every meal with piles of abalone also disappears. Due to the high status, even going out for a meal or socialise with a middle class friend is forbidden. Isabella is a winner because she now has trunks of cash and also freedom but it would be unfair to other actresses if she was given a ticket right back into a lead movie role. I’m glad this hasn’t happened. There are many girls in China and Hong Kong who grow up dreaming with the mentality of marrying into a rich family. Some don’t even have the looks nor even focus on education but are hoping for a miracle. Even if they could marry a useless 3rd generation guy with no ambition they will still accept. This mentality comes from poor childhood environment, education from parents and bad celebrity role models….

      2. @jimmyszeto
        Those were my thoughts too. I think many just dream too much about hitching a rich guy, having his kids and then getting set for life. That is too ideal and kind of unrealistic since marrying into a rich family is a big pain with many problems that come with all that supposed status and wealth. It is always better to make your own money rather spend others money.

    3. @ashtenmorgan Alot of people have a hard life. Some are not able to choose their path of life due to their personal situations. She was able to choose her path and is now set for life and that’s what we are all discussing. Meanwhile other people may be forced into a life they cannot escape from or take control. She knew what she was getting into and obviously succeeded and now set for life so of course she does not have any regrets.

    4. @ashtenmorgan Isabella had very though life since her childhood. Who wants to be poor or life in hardship? Once an opportunity presented itself, of course she’s going to take it. And now she’s set for life. Good for her and her family. You have a choice, you can take it or leave it. The choice she took will cause tongues to wag, that’s unavoidable.

      I have distant uncle in late 60s who live together with a young pretty girl in beginning of 20. She is even younger than his three children. He bought her big house and car, they have maid at home, he also give her monthly shopping allowance outside of house allowance. Since my uncle is retired, he took her holidaying abroad monthly. They just returned from South Korea and will be going to Hongkong this November. The girl came from poor family and endured many hardship too. That won’t change the fact that she’s labeled gold digger and other names.

  3. She doesn’t seem mixed and of course she’s not regret because she’s hitting a jackpot. I am wonder too about the kids is Richard not keeping the kids? Or she let him see the kids sometimes?

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