Richard Li’s New Flame is 23-Year-Old Miss Hong Kong Runner-up

After splitting with Isabella Leong (梁洛施), 49-year-old Hong Kong billionaire Richard Li (李澤楷) has dated several women. His latest flame appears to be 23-year-old Karmen Kwok (郭嘉文), the second runner-up in Miss Hong Kong 2015.

Despite the large age gap, Richard and Karmen were seen going on dates since February. Although not many people recognized Karmen as she wore a face mask on her Valentine’s Day date with Richard, her identity was confirmed when recent photos of the couple openly going on dates surfaced.

Coming from a small and humble family, Karmen graduated from City University of Hong Kong with a business degree. Shortly after her graduation, Karmen decided to venture off into the entertainment industry and applied for the 2015 Miss Hong Kong pageant competition. With her sweet looks, Karmen won the second runner-up title and hosted several variety shows and starred in TVB’s mini series, ICAC Investigators 2016 <廉政行動2016>.

Although she maintained a rather simple lifestyle previously, Karmen started arriving at TVB studios with a chauffeur and posted extravagant photos of her on yachts after dating Richard.

While Karmen has yet to respond to the dating rumors, Richard continued to be discrete about his personal life. He said, “Work has been very busy, I don’t want to talk about my personal life right now. Thank you for your concern.”


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    1. @hannah nothing unusual…26 years difference. this young chick has a degree compared to the mother of his 3 young boys. it’s a win-win for both – he gets a young chick while she gets to enjoy life. Papa Li may like her.

  1. This man has no morals or scruples. His idea of dating a woman is attracting her with his money and then controlling her when they start a relationship
    He has sown his wild oaks with women around his age and women somewhat younger. Now Mr. Like has decided he wants them even younger. Maybe she has visions of money and fame floating in her head, who knows. They will both get what they want. All his money does not make h a man of class or with morals. His actions leaves a lot to be desired and he is to wrong in many situations to be right. Having money does not make a man right, or a good person. Richard Like is in that category.

  2. What can I say other then the fact that he’s loaded with money so won’t have any issue getting a girl.. and I’m sure he knows that…

    as for the girl… good luck.. get pregnant by him and she’ll be set for life… as for marriage? urgh.. liked I said.. good luck..

  3. this relationship and many more similar to this strangely reminds me of the scene in the first episode of “Lucifer” when the devil himself compels the lovely 20-something year old bride marrying an old rich geezer, to speak the truth about how she feels marrying this man. her first response was, “I really don’t want to sleep with him tonight.” lol.

    this is pretty much how i think all the women who marry (much) older men feel when they arrive at the altar.

    are you disgusted, sympathetic, pitying or amused?

    i am all of the above.

    1. @coralie Right, I feel the same way, to answer your question. It’s pretty gross that these girls are now younger than me (I’m 24). I mean, I know this older guy-younger girl type of relationship will always exists, but it becomes odder as I get older.

      All I can say is good luck to her. Doubt she’ll get a marriage out of it, but maybe a lot of money. sigh. Look at what he did to Isabella. Got 3 son out of her though. This is more of a business exchange than anything really.

  4. to be fair he dated a SG lawyer too (my alma mater), now a partner in a reputable law firm

    for the younger and younger girls preferred what can we say?
    they are WILLING parties. maybe they’re even flattered HE chose them or
    that they can claim they once upon a time date Li Ka Shing’s son (like it enhances their own worth)

    WE may be disgusted, repelled whatever but each person’s priorities are so different. Same way I cldn’t see how money could over-ride netizens here oooh and aaahing over the fact some official wife gets a yacht for a bday pressie (never questioning or turning a blind eye as to whether husband is cheating outside, or is never home except for baby factory-production and photo ops … or that living in such high-profile families is hell in daily household/societal politics)

      1. @coralie LOL, I may well be .. but strangely pple are not repelled by such things. Like this is what a girl should be aiming for and are actually envious = like “LUCKY” girl! 😛

      2. @coralie cathy tsui is very lucky…at least age difference with her hubby isn’t a lot. mother of 4, 2 girls 2 boys…she is set for life.

        I remember this actress…doesn’t need to work very hard now that she has a billionaire boyfriend.

    1. @m0m0 only 23 years old. enjoy life while she can. if smart enough, take precautions not to get pregnant or else get dumped and left to look after the kids.

    2. @m0m0 my father was old enough to be my mothers father……they had a very long and happy marriage. Who are you to judge ?

  5. Lol. Maybe that’s why he don’t want to get married so he can get with a lots youngster. This day so many youngsters go after the money no matter if you’re old or ugly as long they have lots of gold for them to dig. I wonder who’s more richer? Cathy Tsui husband or him? Both last name is Li.

  6. No money no honey. Loaded with money gets the youngest chicks. Based on his reply, he doesn’t seems to care for her at all. More like a sleeping partner. He will moves on to younger one soon.

    1. @dramadrama coming from a humble family, she will enjoy the luxuries from a billionaire bf…since she knows it’s only temporary, she is flaunting it.

  7. Honestly, I don’t see any issues with it. Both are willing parties. Hey, this is how the real world works. Money makes the world go round. That’s the ugly truth, but it’s been like that since the beginning of time.

    If she’s ok with wrinkly, old balls, and he’s ok that she’s just in it for the money, then more power to them.

      1. @anon honestly i believe most users on this forum know that this is how the world run. With money come certain previligaes and power. That doesn’t mean we feel its how we like it to be. Haters is a strong word you used earlier. We just want to say what we want because its not like they care what we think! 😉 liked i mention in my first post, good luck to her.

      2. @happybi Great comment, freedom of speech. Like you, I too would like to believe that most of us know how the real world works, and it isn’t pretty work in a lot of cases. Richard Li gets a younger woman as arm candy and she gets some money, material things, a luxurious life, a rise in her fame and hopefully a good roll in the sack cause she is not getting a ring on it. I just laugh when bloggers use the word haters. I have seen family and friends be brutally honest with loved ones. Some have even called the cops or the paramedics to collect these loved ones. Does that mean they are haters?. It simply means they love them, care about them and want what is best for them. As soon as anyone dare to touch the precious idols with words that do not flatter, fans are quick to bellow like an ox, “HATERS!” These people do not hate your idols, they are just being brutally honest. The idolaters, or die hard fans do not even like their idols, they like the image they have created of these celebrities. I would say that the person/s who dare to be honest care more about the idols than the idols’ fans, who choose to bury their hehes in the sand. The truth is not always pretty, but it is the truth.

    1. @theyenman

      Think about it this way. There are plenty of abusive relationships out there where one party abuses and the other party accepts the abuse, maybe due to love, money, etc. And I’m not talking about the BDSM communities. In this case, it looks like both parties are willing parties and the relationship is equal right?

      Sure the abused victim might feel it’s fine. One or two more bruises in exchange for whatever, they’ll take it. But it’s really not okay.

      It’s not hating. Just seeing the situation for what it is. Something stupid and even somewhat evil in my opinion

  8. I don’t want to criticize (and i think going to xD), but as I am very close to her age, I can’t really imagine how you could date someone that old. He’s almost old enough to be her father! >.<' 26 years. I understand that age is just a number, but what could they talk about?
    I think one way would work is that the girl is super mature and the man is super childish. ^^ Or probably, this is just a fling to them, not a real permanent relationship they are looking for. Each searching for their own benefits.

    1. @mi88 super rich 老牛 wants to enjoy a young girl…give her all the luxuries she hasn’t enjoyed before in her life…chauffeur, yacht etc which is no big deal to him but everything to the 23 year old.

      when there is a 26 year difference, I wonder what kind of interests would they share.

  9. Old rich goat gets young tart? In HK? What a shock! LOL!!

    At least this old goat knows the “rules of engagement”, unlike the other old fart Aaron Kwok who refused to pay to play.

  10. Old rich geezers taking advantage of someone’s youth and prized beauty by buying it with money. Tale as old as time.

    Nevermind that hes going to die way earlier than her for sure. Nevermind that he’s deceiving himself that she really loves him. Nevermind that she really doesn’t and only loves him for his money. Pitiful and pathetic to accept that, imo. But sad for those girls who fall into these old geezers traps only to find that these grandpas have no intention to leave large swathes of dough on them. Only to play. Because they have money.

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