Gillian Chung Releases New Song Featuring Angela Chang

Twins member Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) is preparing for her comeback as a solo artiste. Her solo EP Wholly Love <完整愛>, Gillian’s third solo EP and fourth overall album release, is expected to hit online and offline music stores on June 19, 2014. Promotions for the Mandarin-language EP began in April, when Gillian released her first comeback single, “A Lifetime” <一輩子>.

On May 27, Gillian released her title single “Wholly Love” <完整愛>, a duet with good friend, Angela Chang (張韶涵). With Gillian’s career based in Hong Kong and Angela’s based in Taiwan, it is rare for the two friends to come together to make a song together. Upon hearing that Gillian was planning to release a new album, Angela immediately took the time off her busy schedule to record a new song with Gillian, her friend of over ten years.

The song is written and produced by Taiwanese songwriter Michael Lin (林邁可). Its lyrics, helmed by Wesbou Wu (吳易緯), speaks about overcoming hardships and chasing life with a close friend. The mid-tempo duet has a soft rock beat, which highlights the contrasts between Gillian’s softer vocals and Angela’s stronger voice.

To promote her EP, which is slated for a June 19 release, Gillian will embark on an autograph signing tour in Guizhou and Zunyi from June 6 to 7.

“Wholly Love” MV

[vsw id=”vOKke5yLuGM” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”325″ autoplay=”no”]


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  1. From the song you can tell the difference of how good Angel sings or how horrible Gillian is. LOL

  2. Err….Ah Gil’s voice is so different now. I don’t know how I feel about this since I’m so used to her original voice back in Twins days .

    I think ah Gil is the type of girl that looks good with less makeup.

  3. Anyone know why she changed the 3rd character in her name?

    1. It was reported that she wanted better luck in her career and love life. Gil actually changed her name 3 times already! Maybe it’s not so much about her luck, maybe she should focus on making better choices and working harder at what she does. 3 name changes is quite crazy…

      1. Thanks for the info!

        I’m not a Chinese expert, but I saw the ‘童’ next to the 3 marks and I know that ‘童’ can mean child/virgin…so I thought it was another stunt to salvage her ‘innocent’ reputation. (But further research showed that 潼 means ‘high, lofty’).

        To be honest, I would respect her more if she owned up to what happened rather than play the blame/innocence card.

      2. “To be honest, I would respect her more if she owned up to what happened rather than play the blame/innocence card.”

        Yup, it isn’t easy for her. She woke up one morning and found out she’s in porn.

  4. The video is horrible, worse than Gillian’s voice. And the other girl, her voice is better, but squeaky, and to be totally superficial (in line with the HK mentality), she’s not as pretty as Gillian, so I can understand why they need to collaborate. One is pretty but her voice sucks (and she is still carrying the burden of the horrible scandal on her shoulders, one she can never completely be rid of), the other is not as pretty but her voice is better. The perfect duo.

    1. Angela is a much more well known and respected singer so it’s definitely Gil who needs to collaborate with her not the other way around. Gil’s voice is very boring and flat…Angela’s voice actually adds life to the song.

  5. Still scarred from the scandal with edison

    1. Yup, got to give Gillian credit for playing low in order to re-evaluate and get her life back on track. Unlike the b.i.tch, Cecelia, she’s cheap and was so lucky that Nick knocked her up twice. No wonder Nick divorced her, Edison hit it first. Cecelia, one hole many can use.LOL! 😀

      1. Actually Gillian didn’t lay low at first. She gave an interview which I feel destroyed her credibility and exposed her as a hypocrite. Cecilia on the other hand did lay low and then gave an interview which saved her credibility. You got it wrong in sequence.

        And cecilia married nic. The dison thing was before her marriage. So how is she cheap? Let’s not forget Gillian posed for Edison and that gif image of them having some fun together.

      2. Gillian was portrayed as the goody innocent girl-next-door type of girl,, so yea, the scandal totally ruined her image. Cecilia has always been a party person, so people don’t even care.

      3. Right on, bud! Yup, she looks the part. As for Ceciliaha, need anyone say more, LOL! 😀

  6. Gillian hasn’t improved at all these past few years -_-.

  7. Oh my it’s either Angela is a really good singer or Gil is an extremely horrible singer! Their vocal ranges and singing skills are mountains sounds like it’s Angela who is featuring Gil because her vocals stand out and she is singing all the main/high verses.

    1. Still filming movies and releasing music on her own. Twins haven’t released any work together for awhile now…

  8. Gil looks amazing! She is more beautiful then ever.

    1. Absolutely Agree! It hard to believe she is 33.

      Her last album sold well so hopefully her new EP have the same result.

  9. Angella actually look more confident and natural pretty than Gillian. But give the girl a break, her private life made public than force to address to please.

  10. hi there

    1. can this individual actually perform LIVE?
    2. come on, get real!

  11. Putting all past history aside and not clouding my judgment, I prefer Gillian’s voice than Angela. Angela’s voice is a bit husky and being a song you sing with a partner, her voice’s doesn’t match/ blend well. Sometime a bit high pitch too.

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