New MVs: Linda Chung, Angela Zhang, and Michael

“New MVs” is a new weekly feature at in which the hottest new music videos from Hong Kong, mainland China, and Taiwan will be profiled and reviewed for their entertainment value and the songs for their vocal power.

This week, new MVs featuring songs from Hong Kong’s Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Taiwan’s Angela Chang (張韶涵), and Malaysia’s Michael (光良) are highlighted.

Linda Chung’s “You Are My Other Half” <你是我的一半>

Linda Chung’s new song, “You Are My Other Half,” is part of her fourth album, Love Love Love, which was released on November 13.  Linda’s voice has matured, allowing her to convey more emotion in the love ballad which speaks about a destined love, in which happiness can only be complete when the love is fulfilled. The MV puts Linda’s good acting skills to advantage, as she stars as a caring nurse in love with a gangster. More perfect would have been Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) in the role, who was Linda’s first casting choice after the popular pairing in Witness Insecurity <護花危情>.

[vsw id=”6s8T7TV0foY” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


Angela Chang’s “Keep Walking in the Rain” <淋雨一直走>

Angela Chang’s sugary voice perfectly matches the uplifting lyrics of “Keep Walking in the Rain,” which speaks about following one’s dreams and not afraid of getting hurt. The sunny MV aptly shows Angela walking through the most beautiful sights in Italy, where the MVs from her well-received album, Visible Wings <有形的翅膀>, were filmed.

[vsw id=”WTcodZDH-Oc” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


Michael’s “Our Story” <我們的故事>

Malaysian native and “Prince of Love Songs,” Michael, will steal your heart with his new song, “Our Story,” which urges cherishing love and forgiveness, as lovers’ quarrels are to be expected in any relationship. The MV plays to a cliched hospital scenario in which love may be on the brink of being lost, but “Our Story” is sure to be a crowd pleaser thanks to Michael’s buttery voice.

[vsw id=”6FGQR2mvVzE” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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  1. Let us know what you think about our “New MVs” feature! More music features to come!

    Comment on the latest featured songs by Linda, Angela, and Michael!

    1. I love it! Escpecially cause I like to know what the lyrics in the songs are about. My chinese is horrible, but I like chinese songs, so it’s good that you summarize what the songs are about for people like me! Thanks! Keep it up!

      1. I really appreciate this new feature 🙂
        Thank you Jayne and the team!

  2. Thank you very much for the New MVs feature Jayne. I like Linda’s MV the most 🙂

    1. She totally ignore nurse code of using gloves :S? And hk don’t have ambulance :p? Or a cab -.-? Idk, the mv is just a bit wrong, like there might be connection, but hardly anything for a major love that would affect or make u remember forever? Also, he’s like a kid to her, so I couldn’t feel the romance or love vibe :S

  3. I like Michael’s MV the most as I love his voice. Linda and Angela songs were good too.

  4. love everything in this pic of Linda except the Tat’. I wondered how many young girls that listens to her songs who admire her talents will consider to go to the tat shop and get the same thing. Claimed Christian Linda Chung are you changing that nice pure innocent unique image slowly. Hope not.

    1. LOL are you serious? That ‘tat’ isn’t even real. Even if it was real the tatoo says “love”, oooh such a bad girl. LOL

    2. Ballpoint tattoos I supposed, can be naturally faded away or washed off. A drawn one is much safer than d real tattoo.

  5. <3 Angela Zhang, her song is amazing, and it definitely has change a lot. Moreover, I hope she go back to acting as well 🙁 Miss Dolphin Bay and that song, it was amazing.

    1. Yea, like her mv the most, suited very well, and the sunny feeling make you like song, the other two is ok, Linda is slight better than michael

      1. Yea, and I think TVB should consider having contest/audition more seriously like KPOP and Xfactor etc… to promote singing/acting. Some Asian people do have skills out here, and due to them not being winner of “pageant/miss hk etc..” they do not have a chance 🙁

        @little fishy watch Linda MV and tune out the music lol watch her stitching :/ I would feel so painful if she is my nurse :O

      2. They have The Voice and ppl are complaining that Txb is using and pushing The Voice band too much. I tend to disagree.

      3. IMO then asian music nowdays is not about the voice anymore, but more the performance and look. We can take M to M in Korea as an example, they have such amazing voices but they are definitely not promoted. While other groups that maybe only 1 or 2 can sing get heavily promoted.

  6. Listened to the whole new album of Linda and can’t help to sigh. After 4 albums, her voice doesn’t have much improvement, still weak and can hear many faults in it, especially in a little upbeat songs (she doesn’t really have fast songs). Maybe Linda should consider of being a full time actress.

    1. I’m not a big fan of Linda’s voice either. But i once heard LF covered Jacky Cheung’s song “In Love with you” Where he sang once with Charlene Choi and another time with Linda, Linda sang that song really ok, and she was much better than Charlene Choi.

      1. Ah Sa is a better performer than Linda while Linda’s voice and English is better than Ah Sa. However, Linda’s voice still has a lot of faults that you can hear from her studio singing. When she sings live (I heard her live singing once), the faults are even more obvious.

      2. Jupp. IMO then Linda’s voice still need more practice, she need to work harder on her singing techique.

      3. But she has 4 albums already and I don’t see the improvement I want to see in her, that’s why I feel that she should come back to her acting career and learn to sing more.

    2. I don’t think you will spend money buying Linda’s album. So, where did you get to listen to the whole album? You downloaded the whole album from the net?

  7. Each mv has it’s own specialty n equally good, yep I like an mv attached with some sorta film clip but I’m not familiar with Michael n Angela though.

    I pick Linda’s mv, reminds me of WI so so much n wat an unnecessary tragic ending :& How I wish dat mv guy was Bosco instead but then I’ll cry even more!

    I prefer her rendition of 月亮代表我的心 it’s super cool, a “make over” with her own personal touch, I think but I like it!

  8. TVB – when are you going to figure out that not all your actors can act AND sing? (let along either lol)

  9. Linda’s MV doesn’t make sense. If you find someone that severely injured, you call the police, not try to walk him to the hospital, dropping him and therefore worsening his wounds. Also, nurses can stitch? Whoa.

    1. Lol, she did such a bad job that he was crying in pain, and the wound does look like it needed another stitch xD

  10. I like Angela’s most. Even though there’s no story to the MV, the scenes were very nice. She’s a pretty girl who CAN sing.

    As for Linda’s song, it’s just her typical love ballad. Didn’t notice much improvement on the singing. Okay, I might sound picky, but I always notice her slight accent when pronouncing some words, and it bothers me. The MV is okay.

    Guang Liang is Guang Liang. I just find him and his singing a bit plain. MV is okay.

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