Nana Ouyang’s Family Wants to Buy 12 New Homes

Turning 20 years old on June 15, Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜) recently announced that she has signed with Sony Music Entertainment, and will be releasing a new EP. In addition to a new music release, Nana also celebrated her two-decade milestone by purchasing a new residential unit in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, spending over 11.9 million yuan (approximately 50 million New Taiwan dollars) for the home.

But Nana isn’t the only member of her family who is making big purchases. Her mother, former actress Fu Chuen (傅娟), was recently seen shopping for new homes in the Xinyi District of Taipei, Taiwan. Along with a friend, Fu Chuen met up with an agent from Horng Juu Real Estate, and asked for homes that had a starting price of at least NT$50 million.

A source said Fu Chuen and her friend were received as VIP members at Horng Juu. It was reported that Fu Chuen was looking to purchase a total of 12 new residential units, two for the Ouyang family, and 10 others for family and friends. Fu Chuen was particularly interested in purchasing two 60 (approximately 2,134 square feet) unit homes for the Ouyang family, which would cost around NT$110 million in total.

Expressing their interest in the homes, Fu Chuen and her friend met up with real estate executives, but negotiations eventually fell through. The pair left the building without making any purchases.

According to Nana’s older sister Nini Ouyang (歐陽妮妮), their parents are seasoned real estate experts. Nini and her two younger sisters were brought up to understand that land is a prerequisite of wealth. By owning real property, they have a hedge against inflation. It is of no surprise to see Fu Chuen being so interested in purchasing new homes for her and her relatives.

The Ouyang family have historically lived with their other relatives—the three Ouyang sisters grew up living together one one home, while their parents lived next door. Nini said their uncle and aunt also lived close by in the same district.


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  1. “Historically lived with other relatives” , I thought they all squished in with aunts and uncles. But nooooo the siblings had their own home and parents another home??? Poor them, that was so not enough space!

    1. @ice006 Lol, ikr?! It’s probably translated incorrectly. Probably meant, historically lived near by relatives. Like “choon ouc” or village house where everyone is in one subdivision.

      Curious now why the negotiation fell through. That sounds like a big loss to the selling office if they indeed want to buy 12 flats. Unless they demanded something ridiculous like buy 10 get 2 free lol.

  2. You smartie lol I went and read the original article. It actually says her relatives lived nearby.

    For the negotiation, they wanted 80k off each house but the house selling office wanted to give them 60k off (per house), as this is X12 units, it would be quite a substantial difference

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