Nana Ouyang and Arthur Chen’s Matching Outfits Reveal Dating Relationship

Fans seem to have taken a break on Nana Ouyang’s (欧阳娜娜) dating rumors with TFBoysRoy Wang (王源), and now believe the 19-year-old star is dating Arthur Chen (陈飞宇) instead. The two stars are topping Chinese search engines and social media, especially of them in matching clothes.

Many fans initially believed that it was only a coincidence that Arthur wore his green jacket almost two years ago, while Nana wore it this month. However, a netizen disproved such coincidence by noting that Nana and Arthur’s holes on the jacket were different than the original details in the design.

More supportive “evidence” arose with the recent photo of them at the airport together. Arthur seems to be holding onto Nana’s instrument while she was wearing the matching green jacket. Another netizen also revealed a video of them during this time, and one frame showed Arthur attentively grabbing Nana by the arm after seeing a car coming towards them as they crossed the road. The intimate gesture indicated that the pair was very familiar with each other.

It was leaked that Arthur actually bought his plane flight for September 5, but because of a date with Nana at Sanlitun, he changed his flight to the next day so he could travel with Nana together.

To further cement the dating rumurs between the two, netizens brought up photos where they wore the same styled necklaces, clothing, and similar key rings on their Instagram. Nana and Arthur are believed to have been dating since early this year. Many wonder when they will officially announce themselves as a couple.

Source: QQ

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