Sean Xiao Rumored to Be Getting Kicked Out of “Joy of Life 2”

Chinese historical fiction television series Qing Yu Nian <庆余年>, also known as Joy of Life, has just announced a second season, and as one of China’s most critically successful television series of 2019, fans have become as devoted to the cast as they are to the story.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, filming for the second season has been pushed back to the end of the year. While it is more or less confirmed that the original cast will be returning, the long delay and hiatus in filming is also making room for the writers and producers to consider a reshuffling of characters.

Xiao Zhan (肖战), also known as Sean Xiao, is best known for starring in The Untamed <陈情令>, and while he had little screen time in Joy of Life, his popularity after starring in The Untamed pretty much makes Sean a guarantee for Joy of Life 2.

But Sean was nowhere to be seen in a recent promotional appearance made by the Joy of Life cast for the variety show Trump Card <王牌对王牌>. Led by Zhang Ruoyun (张若昀), their appearances on the show were taken as confirmations that the original cast members will be returning for season two.

There is speculation that Sean’s fandom scandal, which had caused a rift not only in Sean’s own fandom but had also caused him to lose several endorsement jobs, may be a reason to why Sean could potentially be out of the sequel.

But all of this has been hearsay, and nothing is confirmed.


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  1. It wouldnt be suitable that he resumes a small part again anyway. Hopefully, he will be offered other better roles and this stupid scandal doesnt really destroy his career.

      1. @msxie0714 Its such an irrational movement. What do they have to gain by doing something like this?

        Wouldnt his own diehard fans support help to counter this?

        Oh, just read about the scandal properly and it is his own fans causing it. Unbelievable.

      2. @hohliu His fans (including big fans and many small fans) were angry at a dammei fanfiction posted in a platform called AO3. They said that that fanfiction making him girlish and dammei fanfiction harms his image so they reported the platform AO3. It leads to the prohibition to access in AO3 on 27 Feb. On the same day, Billibi platform which is a platform for fanvid deleted a lot of dammei fan MVs, too which were believed as a result of the above report action.

        That made the AO3 users angry and they reunite into a group called 227 to act against Xiao Zhan as retaliation. They request Xiao Zhan to say sorry on behalf of his fans in person but he didn’t so it makes them angrier. Although the 227 hashtags have been deleted and limited quite a lot, after 1 month, the 227 team seems stay strong. On the other hand, his fans don’t seem to understand. They still keep behave quite crazy and ignorant such as attacking the AO3 user that tried to suicide; cyber bulling some AO3 users, etc. It doesn’t seem that his fans understand how they harm their own idol.

        Moreover, Xiao Zhan is famous from a dammei adaption and up to now, it is still his best product. It is ironic that his fans hate dammei enough to report AO3.

      3. @alluka

        there’s evidence that the group of irrational fans were infiltrated by paid antis posing as fans to sabotage XZ’s entire fandom that would take away his support.

      4. @msxie0714 Can you show me those evidence because from what I have seen so far, it was said by his big fan (the one who started the whole thing) that his studio standing behind the report. Actually, I find it is very hard to believe that paid anti can become a big fan with more than 10k fans following as so.

      5. @alluka I see….Do you think he should have apology on behalf of those fans of him? His management company likely told him to keep quiet.

      6. @hohliu Also a little puzzled why he’s not responding (or his management has told him not to) Maybe they think its best for it all to blow over when they get a life and are bored of it.

  2. I hope the reason XZ is not included in the season #2 not because of the scandal. It’s not a good idea to do that anyway. He is talented and I think he will come back stronger. True fans will always support him.

  3. Honestly, he was the weakest actor in Joy of life so if he is really out for Joy of life 2, it doesn’t matter. It isn’t a dent to such a good cast in a good series. Watching him together with good acting artists in few episodes of Joy of life was a pain. Lucky that his role was rather small.

    1. @alluka
      there are screenshots of conversations among the 227s on weibo and other platforms about tactics on sabotaging XZ’s career. If you can read Chinese, go to and search 227

    2. @alluka
      he portrayed the part well as a character who had been held captive and tortured for some time. those bashing him must’ve expected a lively but unfitting WuWeixian type personality or were the usual haters dissing for the sake of it.

      1. @msxie0714 I have read the novel before its adaption was released so I’m pretty sure to you that he acted not well for the character. Even the character Wu Wei Xian, he acts cute and eye-catching in that series but overall, he didn’t act out the Wu Wei Xian in the novel. However, at least it is acceptable than in Joy of life where he provided a wooden acting.

        For 227, I’ve read many things from the beginning, before a lot of topics were deleted of which I believe there is a hand under it. Now most of topics kept are unfair to 227, to be honest. His fans did the report for sure, can’t put the blame on the antis or 227. I have seen how his fans behave on the forums, very crazy. Look at how they cursed the 227 and their idols, it is just cruel. Very cruel. For example, there are fans (big fan even) called Wang Yi Bo a dog that should be died in a motor crash. Or Yang Zi a sl*t to dare to kiss Xiao Zhan.

        Out of all, I still think he should stand out. Nobody ever wish he can control all of his fans, but at least say something to make the victims better. Until now, his fans don’t feel wrong at all because they think their idol is supporting them.

        P/S: I have read a story about Xiao Zhan in Thailand. A hotel waitress who is a CP fan gave him (on behalf of the hotel) a pilow with his cat’s image. He liked it and posted it on weibo. Then the waitress showed it to other fans and make his only fans angry because she is a CP fan. They reported her to her hotel, saying that she gave the gift to Xiao Zhan without permission from the hotel. As a result, the girl is fired. Xiao Zhan kept silence on that, deleted the picture of the pilow on his weibo and said to his fans “Sleep well, I’m here” as a supporting message. But he did nothing for the poor girl whose only fault was a CP fan. It is to say that Xiao Zhan is kinda blind in supporting all his fans do because he is afraid to lose them. That is why his fans are crazy.

      2. @alluka re: the pillow incident: I mean, try to see it from his POV, what is he supposed to do? His fans helped make him. Maybe he also got pressure from his management team to cater to them at the time. Even though he shot to huge popularity last year, he’s a relatively new idol, with very little power, surrounded by a shitty management team and nutcase fans, he’s pretty much stuck between a rock and a hard place.

        I do agree though that at this point, he should definitely step out and say something on his own behalf. Not to apologize but just to clear the air, at least let people know where he stands. Or that he’s still alive. I have never seen an idol just disappear like this. Is he being held hostage or something? It’s so weird. If the scandal is indeed affecting his livelihood, his income in such a negative way, and there’s no exaggeration of the impact, then it really is in his best interest to say something now. I mean, what could it hurt anymore if things are still this bad?

      3. @alluka, you really sound like you think Xiao Zhan owes you so much. His fans did those things, so what? Is this so new? Which idol’s fans would not go crazy when others provoke them?

        If A03 is clean enough, when fans report, only the fanfic will get deleted but the entire site went down, so that means A03 itself has problems. Before the incident even happened, A03 was already having issues prior to that.

        Nobody knows for sure if the fans are real, or fake fans paid by competitors. You are just too sure they got to be his fans without any valid proof. If they really are his fans, it is still just the fans fault. It doesn’t matter if he say anything or not. If he says something, what is it gonna be? Just repetitive things you said? And after saying something, what he said will only get judged.

        About the waitress there is only one side of the story. He never talked about what happened so nobody knows the truth. He is so rich it will not be surprising if he gave her money in secret, maybe they learned their lessons and both learned to shut up and not make public moves again. If the hotel fires her that means she did bended the rules, it’s kind of his fault she got find out, but it’s also possible he isn’t aware of the rules she’s supposed to follow. Maybe he doesn’t speak Thai and had no idea what happened. The story could be anything.

        I thought only Chinese fans on Weibo are crazy. Are the Thai fans also crazy participants on Weibo? They sound just as crazy, are they fluent in Chinese and can type in Chinese? How believable is it, that ALL Xiao Zhan’s fans worldwide are disgusting? C-fans and T-fans are that horrible, maybe Korea and the U.S. are all next. Sounds really trusting?

      4. @yoyo Hi, I don’t say he owes me anything.

        AO3 is only prohibited to access in China, in other places of the world, it is safe and works normally. So why you say of that? AO3 is only a platform and it has disclaimers. Everyone who read the fanfic will have to see the disclaimer first.

        Talking back about the fanfiction that caused to the report. It has been posted only on AO3, not on weibo or any other platform. It has the disclaimer and tag for 18+ and trap. Basically, the author has done all the disclaimer and prevent about the content. It is very normal on fanfic world for long ago. It isn’t that Xiao Zhan is the only one that have been put into a fanfic with different character to himself. Basically, it is nothing different to a role play. Moreover, the author even doesn’t use his real name but a similar nick name to his character.

        The fans went to AO3, read the disclaimer and reported. It is hard to say that it is the fault of the author because she didn’t invite anyone amongst the fans to read or to promote it on weibo or else where. Someone in 227 once said, the fans of Xiao Zhan were behaved like this: “They broke the door of a house, seeing a nude girl in that house behind the door and report her.”

        For the Thai case, if the fans don’t report her, would she have been fired? And may you let me know what can be her fault? He knew it because he deleted the pictures on his weibo and support his fans on that.

        I’m not sure if there was only China fans or Thai fans join that incident, it is only to say that his fans need to have a lesson to behave better in the future. It is also a lesson to other fandoms who may do the same. It is my opinion.

      5. @alluka please do not sow misinformation.

        1. The novel was given an M rating, which is Not R18. Only E (explicit) rating gives ‘adult only’ warning if you’re not logged in.
        2. The novel was clearly tagged 王一博/肖战, thus I think his identity is pretty clear. In fact, this was tagged twice. Along with underage and a ‘no warning apply’ tag. A total of 4 tags and M rating. Whether this was enough, idk. People usually tag more especially when their fics are of sensitive topics.
        3. The fic was advertized on weibo by the author him/herself along with fanarts of the fic. That is how the xfs found out about it in the first place. To say that the author didn’t advertize on wb is incorrect. Personally, I found the fanarts very well drawn and tbh I have no opinion on whether the initial supposed reporting by xfs was right or wrong.

        Below are my general comments on this matter and not directed at anyone other than ppl wanting the truth. Having way too much time at home due to lockdown in my country, I took an interest on this topic.
        1. There is no direct cause/effect evidence that the ‘reports’ by xfs actually caused Ao3 to be walled or any platforms’ demise. There’s correlation and timing of course, but equally probable is that these platforms were ‘cleaned’ as part of the March ‘government internet cleaning event.’ That xfs did report the ff in some form is legit. That the govt cleaning event was scheduled at that time is also legit.

        2. I don’t use weibo or twitter except to confirm the finger pointing/news from both sides. Mainly news on weibo cos my Chinese is poor lol. 227 spammed Twitter with ‘RIP she was a good girl’ etc msgs along with the fanart of the fic = fact on the #weloveyouxiaozhan tag. Some even tried to excuse it as a mistake with #weloveyoukobe. Which is lame cos a quick search of other similar tags eg #weloveyoujob – an actual deceased person did not turn up these Twitter msgs.

        Was there harassment of 227 by xzf? Maybe? But some say that these were fake xzf. I’d put this in the I can’t confirm or deny basket as per point 1. I did come across a handful of English comments wishing bad things on 227 in response to news of their harassment of xz, which is Not ok!
        3. That xz faction caused the shutdown of 227 topic on wb. This is, as per point 1 above conjecture. So no proof! I have seen proof that some seemingly pro-xz articles and wb comments disappeared from wb. One such person said he removed it due to harassment. Whether by 227’s hands, also no proof.

        On the topic of this article, I can only express sadness. I hope that everyone on JoL come back simply cos I like continuity. Whether xz’s acting was appropriate or not for the role is subjective. I was looking forward to xz’s appearance on ace vs ace cos I love the show and wanted to see how he interact with the reg cast. Especially after that teaser at the beginning of the year. To the 227 who claimed moral superiority. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Even if ao3 was ultimately walled due to a portion of xz’s fans, we, the majority, did not deserve your retaliation. My ‘Ace vs ace xz appearance’ was ‘walled’ by your actions! < see what I did there?

      6. @msxie0714 what are you on about? My poor girl’s comment was regarding to the thai girl that got fired =_= you need to stop being so defensive about your idol. So far, I’m sorry but you guys (his fans on this site, apart from 1 fan who seems to be quite levelheaded) haven’t gained any positive from me yet.

        (And yes, I do get the context about your comment after reading @ssz1’s comment, but hey, clumping every negative comment about your idol as antifans really gain fan for your idol!)

        @ccsoj 1 – alluka has been on Jaynestars for as long as I remember. Unlike you, who couldn’t even come up with a legit username >_> 2 – unlike alluka’s comment, who give enough evidence to believe its validity (the fact that XZ deleted his post regarding her) versus your “I think”, “I don’t remember” (which are all very subjective), of course I will trust his comment more than yours. 3 – if you have read my comments on other articles about XZ, I had said many times the dude need to speak up if he wants these misinformation to stop, yet he hasn’t. Whatever he’s doing, obviously not working. And while I actually do take things with a grain of salt, his not doing anything does not gain any positive opinions from me. So back to my comment, he’s not winning anyone’s heart here.

      7. @littlefish The reason why I said “i think” was bI don’t want to be so arrogant as to say, I read this thing online and I’m sure it’s DEFINITELY accurate. Anyone can say anything nowadays. I say “i remember” because those are my version of events from my recollection. I was there when it happened. Unlike ppl who are 100% sure something happened despite not even being there at the time and getting info off a second hand source that was written during the controversy designed to bring more hate to him (fact). I do remember very well that xz was getting harassed both by antis and probably by some of his crazy fans too over the photo. At the time, there was literally no talk of anyone getting fired or xz supporting any fanwars. But as I said, I’m not gonna pretend I knew everything about the incident since I wasn’t even directly involved, just a bystander. I saw a post recently that had evidence that the girl wasn’t fired, so I don’t know why you automatically take it as fact that she was. The only reason I was unsure about the evidence was because I take everything posted by internet users with a grain of salt, whether it’s positive or negative. It’s a fact that back then, most people I knew thought he was just fed up with being harassed, the only reason I said “i think” is because no one knows what’s going on in his mind except him. Personally I believe the evidence that I saw.

        You can choose what you want to believe though.It’s also a fact that 227 have created fake rumours about him. His studio already gave a statement that directly mentioned his fans attacking others and apologised for it. In the past he also told fans to be rational and to live their lives well before following him. That wasn’t enough for some people, but instead of criticising him and then moving one, they lead a month long hate campaign, spread rumours he was dead, made homophobic insults and edits of him, said they would’ve been happy if he died, etc. And anyone who made a single commetn in his favour got mass-attacked. Maybe a month ago I would’ve thought it would be a good idea to speak up in a more personal way, but now he doesn’t owe anything to people who have been creating cyber violence towards him.

        I’m not sure why you think he should be the one responsible for stopping /other people/ creating misinformation about him but ok. If you think what he’s doing if not working, it’s better just to speak for yourself. Some people will continue to hate on him, but others have spoken up for him too. Not everyone feels the same way about idol responsibility for fans. It’s your freedom not to like him and I’m not asking you to either. but I just needed to clarify my pervious statements since you seemed to find them so unreliable just because I erred on the side of caution and you don’t like my username. And tbh, if you dislike him so much, maybe you’d feel better if you stopped following all his articles? Soz for the wall of text lol

      8. @ccsoj now that’s a better argument. “Take it as fact” – I trusted alluka, however, if someone comes along, gave a sound argument and said he got it wrong, I can trust that, too. However, I’m not sure I will really take it as fact. I will not looking down on XZ based on this thai girl and her pillow because it seems it’s a not sure kinda story – is the best I can say after reading both side. You guys have about the same merit as one another at this point.

        And this is why XZ can stop the misinformation, if he is officially release a statement about the thai girl, about his involvement/acknowledging about the fans with AO3 (whether AO3 was headed to a hole, it doesn’t matter), will make a passerby like me and many know where he stands, and in a sense, some truths, because if you can’t trust an actor after they speak candid words, you can’t trust anything. And wall of text is ok as long as it’s not hate text 🙂

      9. @littlefish To be honest, alluka didn’t give proof either. It’s still he said, she said in this page. Not just because I’m XZ fan, but I also saw the screenshots on Weibo debunking the 227 allegations. I will dig the links if you wish.

        If the website choose to post XZ news, well his fans are gonna come and defend him. So what if they are new users, are there any rules in terms of choosing username. If how long you have been on this site represents your clout… well well, should I start bragging about myself on Jaynestars? LMAO.

      10. @sehseh it’s true his fans can come to defend him, however, alluka has been here for a while, and he has always been a reasonably level headed person (he used to talk a lot back then). Giving his account of the sources that he read, I don’t need him or you to cite me the source because it’s not a school essay lol! Now it’s like an old neighbor vs a new neighbor, old neighbours I know for years will have more merits than some random pop out of nowhere for a cause. Especially when one is and will always be having a bias that’s why they are here, talking to protect their idols. Is it wrong? No, but they can’t expect me to just take their words when they give me no concrete reason to believe their words when they don’t provide sounded argument.

        And you are right, everyone here did a she said/he said, but it’s how one presents their arguments, if the fans just attack anyone who have a negative pov, then you can see what they are. I’m just a passerby, not a fan or antifans but these days, crazy fans (I’m sorry but if you guys always have to sort people into fan or antifans, I get to sort you guys into crazy antifans or crazy fans lol) just go and attack anyone without just sit down and give opposed valid argument instead of going: oh you can not trust that antifans. On the same argument that I should not trust the antifans, I should not trust the crazy fan 🙂

        Uhm, maybe my other sites also doesn’t like XZ, but it doesn’t do positive article about him either. Article after article, it just said he still hasn’t said a thing. Now I only read his news because of what happen and because I didn’t know what happened, and as a passerby, I’m curious.

        Also alluka has been here longer than you, so no, you can’t brag lol! Also sorry for the wall of text

      11. @littlefish, you were too quick to judge he did bad things when there was no proof, it made you sound like an anti-fan. But if you are claiming you are not an anti, meaning you just didn’t notice the huge flaws of all those rumors. Admitting yourself wrong shouldn’t hurt too much? Slandering a person and hurt their reputation without evidence isn’t showing an opinion, but commiting a crime. Continuing to call people crazy fans when they are revealing the truth is also wrong.

        The story of the waitress getting fired was such a big fat lie.
        First, the story isn’t true.
        Second, if it’s true, he was a client in the hotel and was happy when receiving a gift so he showed it off, not knowing the waitress violated a policy. She could have kept quiet to herself, but she boasted when he made the post. Since she made everyone know it was her gift, it could been anyone who reported her, there are too many people who know what she did. What proof does she have to say it was fans reporting her? Even if it was fans who reported her, she DID do something wrong in the first place, if she was clean, would she be fired? If anyone thinks fans are annoying for making reports, just don’t be so bias to think violating rules isn’t annoying too. She was wrong in the first place, and second place.

        Worst of all, the story isn’t true that’s why 227 lies are so fat. Pretend if it’s a true story, it’s still not his fault in the fake story, but antis are saying it better be his fault in it.
        And the story was totally made up, and it still better be his fault too. Wow, just wow!

      12. @yoyo lol did I struck your nerves? 1 – again you said it isn’t true, who are you to make me believe you? (Repeatedly said it isn’t true doesn’t make the story true, I’m sorry xD) 2 – yes, anyone can report her, however, a commoner would not care unless he or she has a vendetta against her, and since she’s basically a nobody, it’s highly unlikely. However, XZ’s crazy fans have been known to be crazy, and reporting and destroy a CP fan is a common thing the single fans do. So the high probable one is more believable. 3 – as I mentioned I’m a passerby, I’m allowed to change my PoV based on the information I get. Do I need to fact check? No, because I’m not his fans or antifans to bother, after reading comments for a while, I would know what information is out there. I would then hear ppl argument to see which info is misinformed and which is right. You are basically jumping up and down wanting ppl to apologise to your idol when they form an opinion yet said idol doesn’t bother to set the record straight 🙂

        Back to my other statements where I said I also read his news on other site, latest article mentioned there’s a rumour of a depressed artist with a nickname X, however as much as the article is like hope the artist get better so the fans aren’t worried. Said article also basically said the dude didn’t say anything to the public. In this article‘a comment section, one person claimed he did address the issue with AO3, just no one public it, yet articles after articles, it keeps saying he didn’t.

        “ If anyone thinks fans are annoying for making reports, just don’t be so bias to think violating rules isn’t annoying too. She was wrong in the first place, and second place” – 2 wrongs don’t make a right. What happened between her and XZ should be between her and XZ, not the fans’ business. Idk about you but say my best friend thinks I’ve been harassed by 1 person gives me 1 gift when I was oversea, and while assuring her I’m not being harassed, and she then go ahead without my permission and report such person to their workplace, I would rethink about her being my friend/acquaintance. Who do you think is in the wrong here? Stop trying to give fans excuses, the fans didn’t even bother admitted they were wrong even once and you want ppl to say sorry if they form a wrong opinion on you guys when evidences prove the contrary?

      13. @littlefish Of course it angers me when there is no proof.

        “Do I need to fact check? No”
        This sentence, you just claimed you want a rumor to spread without proof.

        This story isn’t about you so it doesn’t struck your nerve, but if somebody made up an untrue story like this about you at your workplace or area around you (unless you don’t work or lives in a cave), how would you feel? Worst is, in the fake story, you did not even do anything wrong inside the fake story.
        When it involves you, you think that’s right?

        You keep calling the fans crazy fans here, so revealing the truth is wrong? Spreading unreliable news is right? Fans and anybody has the right to be angry over this because antis are making up lies to harm somebody. Antis have the right to be angry when they started a fire?

        Ok, it’s only a fake story so I don’t care. What you think you will do in the situation doesn’t mean it’s what XZ have not done, he could do anything in private nobody knows.
        And what I think I will do does mean it’s what XZ had done, he could done the same things in private.
        This is just going to be me. If my so call acquaintance gave me a present. Even when she doesn’t know who reported her, she dares to point out that it was my fans who reported her so it will involve me in it (she should try her best to message me). Just go to the post and say, “It’s me, I gave you the present, please message me bc something happened” Just like that, easy! If I were him, I will be very clear that it isn’t my fault and I have no guilt. This person violated work policy, she knows I knew nothing, if she dares to think she’s innocent, I’m much more innocent. But she attempts to make me look guilty in front of the whole world, she also tries to involve me and my fans in it altogether, only for her own sake. I have no guilt when I did nothing wrong, but I will be kind enough and absolutely send her money only because I understand she got into a desperate situation. I’m not helping out of guilt (there is none) but I will help out of kindness. If I’m not kind enough, I still don’t owe her anyway. What have she gotten me only? Problems that I don’t know if it was created intentional or accidental, but being kind, of course I will help her because there is a so-call very low probable that this was an accident. Accidents can absolutely happen under purposely violating policy. No matter how low the probable, I’ll have the bigger mind. 🙂

      14. @littlefish Sure, everyone have right to pick side and believe what they are inclined to believe.

        Off topic, how do you know that alluka has been longer than I am? LOL. Even if she/he is here since inception, it just make us equally old fogey.
        p.s. Maybe you did some sleuthing from my comments, let just say I had to re-register in 2015.

      15. @sehseh true, however, alluka did a lot of commenting, and so overtime, you do know his POV. Lol click on the name, and then keep scrolling xD in the same time period, alluka is more active than you are, so that’s why he’s more visible to me.

        “Sure, everyone have right to pick side and believe what they are inclined to believe” – that’s right, and as not a fan or an antifan (I love how we must be one or another, what happen to in between -.-), I get to be fluid lol.

      16. @littlefish
        1. He’s not my idol lol. I am a fan because I enjoy some of his work, but I am not gonna claim him as mine.
        2. I never claimed that every action carried out against xz was carried out by antifans. You might want to go back and read what I wrote. I merely stated what I saw when I investigated rather than take people’s words and interpretation at face value.

      17. @ssz1 I don’t have anything against you or what you said. I tagged you because I wanted to make sure you know your comment gave me a better understanding lol. My comment was to the other 2 users if it wasn’t clear

      18. @littlefish Maybe you should stop blindly believing everything an obvious anti says without any proof….

        From what I read, the girl wasn’t actually fired and it was just something people made up during the ao3 controversy to get xz more hate. I remember when the cat pillow incident actually, I don’t remember anything about the employee getting fired, I feel like it would’ve been a much bigger issue at the time if she had been but it wasn’t that well known. But I could be wrong, who knows. I just remember xz got hated on because people were accusing him of favouritism towards cp fans (since he usually doesn’t accept fan gifts now but he accepted the pillow). Anyway, he deleted the picture and posted one with a black background and after that everyone stopped fighting. At the time, I interpreted it as that he just wanted people to stop harassing him over it (because he /was/ being harassed) and that was what other people thought too. I don’t remember him posting any words with it. No one at the time said he was supporting anyone, because tbh it just sounds illogical, it only got twisted that way after the ao3 incident. In fact, it seemed more like he was upset, since he pretty much stopped being active on social media after that. Idk it was so long ago now and so much stuff has been made up since then.

        There’s so much misinformation being spread around that you should take everything with a grain of salt rather than just instantly believing it and then hating on him. Especially if it’s coming from someone who’s clearly lying about 227 not sending him abuse, hate comments, death threats and making up death rumours about him.

      19. @alluka

        the 227cyberbullies are counterparts to the crazy segment of xzfs…maybe worse by posting death notices to XZ and his parents, besides fabricating and distorting facts. Why call XZfs cruel when you’re no different? You all need to focus on something productive and constructive while the world is undergoing a crisis.

      20. @msxie0714 Sorry to say but I have never see any posting death notices to XZ and his parents as the fans always say. And whenever I ask for an evidence, they say just find on internet.

        In 227 hashtags, all I can see was the wish of him to be flop and lose the advertisements. They want to boycott him to give his fans a lesson to behave better. It is what they are doing. What did they do? They only marked 1 star to his dramas (main cast only, the supporting roles such as Joy of life was a mistake because XZ put it as his main series so they thought he was in main cast. After knowing differently, they stop rated it 1 star); ask for invoices from the brands that XZ is doing endorsement to make the brands feel uneasy with XZ (asking for invoice is their legal right, as they have purchased in reality); reporting wrong activities of the brands that XZ is endorsing (such as Buds beer who had XZ in an advertisement with gambling). I find they are quite police. They didn’t even bash him or call him by bad names.

        On the other hand, I saw his fans cursed a 227 user who committed suicide as “go die”, “why don’t you die”, “die now”. Cruel? I can’t be at that level. I have some artists I hate or dislike but I never wish them bad things like that.

      21. @alluka actually shortly after the incident broke, there were fake accts flooding Twitter with really negative posts about Xiao Zhan and even his parents, saying he’s dead or they’re dead, horrible crap like that. They were obviously fake accts since they had no followers and the anti-XZ tweet would be the only thing they ever tweeted (and some of them obviously were not native English speakers).They were trying to make the hashtag RIPXiaoZhan trend on Twitter. I reported some of them myself cuz they really crossed the line wishing death on him.

        Yes some of his fans are unreasonable, especially when they attack others, but those horrible anti-XZ ppl do exist as well and their actions should be condemed as well.

      22. @msxie0714 It’s kinda funny how this person keeps calling 227 “they” as if they’re not one of them despite knowing a whole lot about about them apparently. No one else would call that group of cyberbullies “polite” or be shameless enough to deny all the insults and abuse, death threats, including homophobic comments and disgusting rumours they started about him. Even the suicide thing was revealed to just be made up by 227, and some ao3 users have said that 227 created rumours that they’d died just because they stopped writing. I don’t think anyone should be harassing anyone, but it’s really laughable that 227 are portraying themselves as some kind of pure angels fighting for justice when they’re no better than the worst portion of xfx as you said, even worse since they’ve literally been instigating cyber violence for more than a month now and their level is much more extreme. We shouldn’t even bother replying to that person as it just gives them a platform to spout out more and more lies which more gullible people belive.

      23. @ccsoj

        It’s totally rediculous and beyond comprehension how these 227 cyberbullies depict themselves as innocent victims while engaging in this prolonged campaign of cyberviolence. They remind me of the segment of HK rioters who complained about police brutality while they torched and trashed people and property.

      24. @alluka Well, I have to say Wang Yi Bo definitely come down hard on crazy fans that cross the lines…. But Sean really seem more powerless.

      25. @hohliu that’s what I mean. There are many actors and actresses who have crazy fans, and you’ve seen how many deal with them publicly, and that helps stabilise the situation and remove the artist from the crazy fans. Yet he didn’t do anything!

  4. I wish all those 227s and all the paid antis just leave Xiao Zhan alone, if a group of his fans did something, then please go after them. Xiao Zhan has been a good role model for others, the 2.4 mil fans each have their own mind, and XZ has no control over them. The things that has been said and accused XZ of around the web are just horrific. It has been well more than a month of cyberbullying, people still try to destroy him, including some in this forum, I’m just speechless of how ruthless these people are.

    1. @forest2012 I don’t understand the whole concept of the paid antis…can you explain? Who pays them? Management team of other actors who aren’t as famous? I mean, even if Xiao Zhan’s not famous someone else will always take his place…what’s the point of paying people to bring down a celebrity like that?

      And really, why him? Did the same thing happen to Zhu Yilong and Bai Yu when they got popular because of a BL-based drama?

      1. @dalebaines Resources are limited. With so many artistes fighting over endorsement/deals of ads out there, some will resort to paid articles/postings on social media to take down competitors. It’s very obvious when you see accounts bearing the same message/post are being posted at the same time. These are all paid accounts, and many of the comments are bots (replies that didn’t make sense lol).
        Not just negative views, sometimes they incite fanwars by posting comparison polls where the questions are biased toward a certain celebrity, or manipulated comments by bots. It’s really, really obvious.

      2. @sehseh I’ve seen the antis at work but I guess I’m mostly baffled by their existence. Cuz even if there was no Xiao Zhan there will always be another idol so it’s like, why waste energy like that? If it’s the management teams paying ppl to be antis, why not spend that energy boosting their actors own talent and popularity by finding them good projects that will make them famous? And the attack on XZ seems particularly vicious…he seems like a decent dude overall…so like, why him specifically? All of it seems weirdly unrpoductive and feels like they’re being malicious just for the sake of being malicious.

      3. @dalebaines No it’s just not targeted at XiaoZhan per se, a lot of Chinese artistes suffered from this too. It’s just that XiaoZhan was really really popular since The Untamed and he have gotten a lot of endorsement deals since then. If he kept of getting all the $$$, means less for the other artistes in the same target pool with him. Advertisers/brand usually pick whoever the hottest at the moment. So management agencies are competiting to push their artistes and bring down competitors at the same time, this is their lobbying skills, even if the latter part is unethical.

      4. @sehseh That’s a shame. But thank you for explaining all of it to me! Feels like this is something unique to the Chinese entertainment industry unless other entertainment industries have kept stuff like this under the table better.

  5. There are some commenters here on this website clearly just out to attack or destroy Xiao Zhan. You know who you are people. They also appeared in his previous articles here. Shame on you. What did he do to you? If you don’t like him then you don’t have to watch his works. Why do you have to be so mean? Don’t bother to reply to those people. Again, he is NOT responsible for others’ actions.

  6. I support XZ. Why does he need to be penalized for actions of a portion of his overzealous fans and anti-fans? Also, that 18SX fanfic didn’t write him as feminine, it was actually an autistic, cross-dressing prostitute. You can write your own damn porn fanfiction without using artiste name/image, no? And the audacity to promote the links (porn content) on Weibo. It’s CCP policy, their citizens have to deal with whatever moral policy they want to implement.
    Also, AO3 is not hosted in China, they cannot take the website down, but only ban access same as FB, Instagram… which can be solved with VPN.

    1. @sehseh
      It’s really funny how some people here have the audacity to make so much lies.

      “Break into the door, saw naked woman and reported her”

      WTF? The truth was totally the opposite. More like it was

      “Lured fan into the room, stripped off their idol naked and won’t allow them to make a report”

      Nobody can prove 100% the fans made the report, but if the fans made the report, they already did the right thing. But fans still get attacked as the evil group. When it was the 227 group that was the mastermind behind it all.

      He’s not suing anybody because those rumors are way too many to count. These false accusations here are vicious enough for him to pursue legal actions. Maybe he’s staying quiet now so he can gather all the proof, once he got enough, boom! Surprised!

  7. WOW! In conclusion, 227 are far worse than Xiao Zhan’s crazy fans.

    Spreading false rumors one after another. Some people here should be embarrassed, spreading LIES more than 3 times already. Nothing they say from now on is going to be trustworthy.

    I won’t be surprised if 227 disguised themselves as crazy fans, reported all those platforms, and then pretended to be some innocent 227 who get cursed at. Everything could be created by them from start to finish.

    1. @yoyo

      These ‘innocent’ 227s are sneaky, manipulative and just evil. Some of them are unsuccessfully using bogeyman (China government) scare tactics to silence non-Chinese international fans from supporting XZ. They continue to smear his true fans in China hoping to manipulate public opinion against them. Weakening his entire fanbase and isolation of XZ is their goal in their twisted vision of justice.

      1. @msxie0714 Haha they try that? Their government shut down those platforms, they were crying big and loud against what their government did to them and they still have the face to use their government against others? They are mess up!
        Sounds like they actually don’t care about the platform, what they care is smearing Xiao Zhan, the platform is only the tool they are using to smear him. Don’t fall for it.

  8. After this experience, Xiao Zhan might prefer not to be so famous…. It is just too much headache and pressure

  9. Not sure why people are fighting too much. He does not feel he needs to clarify then whoever support him just need to respect his decision. At the end of the day, it is his career and earning.

    I do not watch Mainland shows as they are too lengthy to follow but as I understand China has many raising stars so any young artists can be easily replaces.

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