Netizens Unearth Dilraba and Johnny Huang’s “Dating Evidence”

Unearthing new evidence of the two celebrities’ underground romance, netizens suspect Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) and Johnny Huang Jingyu (黃景瑜) of having stayed in the same hotel!

Amid longtime romantic rumors between the two, the popular actress was even said to have been secretly wed and was with child at one point when she was out of sight for months. However, Dilraba’s management agency simply kept silent all along even when rumors went into overdrive, prompting anger from her fan club which announced that they were temporarily halting operations.

Same Hotel Lights to Blame?
Recently, netizens discovered that the lighting decor in a selfie taken by the Xinjiang beauty looked the same as that in one of the actor’s videos, though some commented that it might simply be because the lights belonged to the same hotel in Hengdian.

Drawing connections across time, they also spotted the same background walls in a recent video of Dilraba’s and one of Johnny’s videos posted last December, with some netizens exclaiming, “It’s too much of a coincidence!”

Revealing Their Respective Types
As both celebrities did not deny the romance even amid the crazily swirling rumors, netizens took to saying that their non-response was a silent admission.

As Dilraba had once revealed that her ideal type would be “muscular, and speaks Spanish”, and Johnny had mentioned that he prefers girls who are “leggy types, European face, above 170cm”, netizens remarked that the two are basically naming each other!

In addition, the same Chinese paparazzo who mentioned idol Cai Xukun’s (蔡徐坤) recent abortion scandal, had also made the revelation that Dilraba and Johnny were still dating as of the start of this year, and that the respective flights they boarded for their vacation in Europe also allowed them to meet, increasing the attention on their romance.

Source: WorldJournal

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