Cai Xukun Caught in Abortion Scandal

After winning 2017’s Idol Producer <偶像練習生>, Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤), was one of the biggest young idols in China and made regular appearances in variety show Keep Running <奔跑吧>. Entangled in a two-year court battle with his former company over contract disputes, Cai Xukun finally won his case. Trouble is again brewing, as the 24-year-old is accused of demanding an ex-lover to get an abortion.

Today, a blogger on Weibo exposed that Cai Xukun slept with a woman known as “Miss C” in 2021. After finding out that Miss C was pregnant, Cai Xukun’s mother stepped in and tried to resolve the issue by demanding her get an abortion.

Allegedly, Cai Xukun’s mother was worried that Miss C was fabricating the pregnancy and had hidden cameras installed at Miss C’s house to monitor her. The media caught wind that Cai Xukun’s mother originally promised to pay Miss C a 500,000 Chinese yuan compensation fee for the abortion, but the amount was eventually reduced to CNY 200,000.

In the voice recording that was leaked, Cai Xukun’s mother was heard instructing a staff member, “I don’t think she would  be willing to go [get an abortion] this easily…. [When she does get the abortion], whether it costs CNY 100,000 or CNY 200,000, we should pay the money on the day of and just withdraw the whole sum at once. We don’t have to pay her the entire amount in one shot. There’s very little trust when it comes to issues like these.”

Although the voice recording was released today, many netizens already caught whiff of the abortion rumors in August 2021. There were online rumors that Cai Xukun slept with one of his fans and originally offered CNY 500,000 for the abortion. Although the pregnant fan denied the amount, the story was kept fairly quiet for two years until the recent turn of events where the paparazzi managed to obtain the voice recording of Cai Xukun’s mother.

When reached for comment, Cai Xukun curtly said, “I’m not aware,” on the phone before hanging up. Neither Cai Xukun or his mother have directly addressed the allegations.

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  1. If any of this is true, he can say goodbye to his career… But who leaked the recording… someone in the office dislike him.

    Saying this, Is there a victim here? the unborn baby is the victim but not the female. The female willing slept with him. HE did not wear protection, she got pregnant. He paid her to keep quiet and she got a abortion. She clearly wants to move on with her life and not be named then shamed by public. She accepted the payment to keep quiet. He is a mummy’s boy, just like Sun Yang’s mother, Kris Wu’s mother … with such mothers, no wonder their son thinks they can get away with anything. Their mum will clean their backs.

    Will he be cancelled for his actions, for his cowardliness, I dont know. But in the eyes of the law, I dont think he committed a crime. Unless paying the female money to keep quiet is a crime. But morally, he has set a bad example to fellow youngsters … He could be cancelled on that bases.

    That will be interesting to see… I for one will not miss him. I never understood why he was so popular. To each its own…

    1. Miss C herself leaked the recording, I think. She was livestreaming yesterday.

      Never like him though I don’t hate him.

    2. This will take toll on his career, but I cannot wonder how this type of celebrity would age? Most of them lack in talent and rely heavily on heartthrob status. Is it better to go with a bang on height of the career over small irrelevant thing like this or fiddle away facing worse lawsuits and bigger problems coming? They all live rock star life styles whatever they say publicly, lawsuits are lurking all the time in the background and there is always ‘butter on their heads’. I wonder if someone (not claiming this is the case) has orchestrated grand exit in this way. Just wondering. If I was big star and know something bad is coming for me I would go with a big bang over small irrelevant thing like this and bank on it.

      1. There are many celebs who have to deal with schemes from competitors from all sides… He clearly exposed his weakness for them to expose…

      2. On a different topic, based on your experienced: Do you think these recent Taiwan MeToo scandals released involved PRC’s involvement in the background? Someone is fuelling this in Taiwan thus more and more are revealed?

      3. @Hohliu About the Taiwanese MeToo, let me put it like this: there has to be goodwill from multiple parties for it to happen. The same goes for the original MeToo movement. For years, Weinstein was reported to the police and exposed, but everything was cut at the root until one day when he finally lost support and multiple conditions were met. Then someone, who knew moment is ripe , organised several wronged parties to be willing to start the wave. To certain extent the same happened in Taiwan, If it was one case it would fiddle away, it had to be more and it had to be shocking enough to gain attention and visibility but not overboard to get out of control. These things, unfortunately, are a reality not only in celebrity adjacent lives. The entertainment is full of people who will do a lot for five seconds of fame. A lot happens behind closed doors, often willingly, often misused, often manipulated. I am not convinced this will change a lot, to be honest. Unfortunately, it will probably only change the form. I do not have access to the information on who pushed it, as it needs a push no doubt. A better question, for me, is why it was stopped. I have not seen much after Aaron’s case. Somehow the wave died too soon, and it felt controlled. There is so much more that needs to get out. Imagine what those that might have been exposed, and still are not, are now willing to do. My thoughts are going in that direction, who is controlling it and what can be gained after it somehow fiddled away.

    3. @Hohliu
      I just wish these celebs and their parents realize that they are not above the law. I will elaborate on this later, but Cai Xukun’s career might be put on blast for this. To force a woman to get rid of an innocent life is just heartless. His mother is a cold, heartless woman to do and say what she did. How does she live with herself.
      A little off topic now. The police is now involved in the Aaron Yan case. The fact that his victim was 16, and was penatrated and filmed without his permission is considered a crime, even in liberal Taiwan.

      1. Aaron got away with other deeds…now he has to answer to this. I bet he is pissing in his pants!!!! I really wonder if he will land in jail? No wonder he ran to gate crash his victim’s Press conference. I hope we get more juicy news soon on Aaron’s downfall, he deserved to fall flat on his face…

        Going back to Cai Xukun’s case. I agree this Mother-son are morally corrupt… I am unsure if the female was forced to abort the baby. She might have want to do so herself… This article is not clear on this matter. But if she was not threatened to abort the baby then there is no crime there. But if she was forced then a crime is committed. Very important to have facts before we know if Cai Xukun will be prosecuted by law. I wonder if we will see more of this case? Maybe be hashed up. What do you think?

        Btw, I have a thought, do you think these recent Taiwan MeToo scandals released involved PRC’s involvement in the background? Someone is fuelling this in Taiwan thus more and more are revealed?

      2. @Renren let me share unpopular opinion but what the girl was thinking as well. If you decide to sleep with anyone without protection there are high chances you will get pregnant. Not excusing him or his mother, but what did she expect from one night stand? To merry her? to accept child and pay for it? It is 21st century for god’s sake we do know how human bodies work. Should I mention pregnancy pills, dat after pills, injections etc. She is lucky she did not contracted something nasty, celebrities are high risk people, they do get around like a lot. To be honest he might be facing the fake pregnancies on weekly bases, for money, as that is happening as well, a lot. I don’t have much sympathy in this case, and I am ready to be hated for this statement.

  2. I wasn’t a fan of his, but actually thought he was decent in YwY 2: His dancing/singing combo here was shexiiii, but maybe it’s just the song that is good lol.

    But anyways if the rumors are true, the dude has done this twice already. Man, learn to use protection.

    1. lol…his manager should always pack afew packs on the side everyday. Who knows when he needs one.

    2. @Coralie Btw, I have a thought, do you think these recent Taiwan MeToo scandals released involved PRC’s involvement in the background? Someone is fuelling this in Taiwan thus more and more are revealed?

      1. @Hohliu I haven’t put 1 and 1 together to associate this with PRC’s involvement, but it seems unlikely? Given that if this movement gains traction, the next country to be impacted may just be China. And we all know they have a much bigger pool of victims than Taiwan.

    3. @Hohliu
      That question you asked me is a rather loaded question. All I know is that Aaron has done a whole lot more and more young men just might come out of the woodwork to speak out against him.
      There are also people who are fed up with the way these celebrities get away with so much, and then paint a pictorial image that they are so generous, humble and kind, haha, thoughtful, caring and sweet. When all this time they are beating their lover, or lovers, cheating, using their so called lover, breaking up marriages, talking unkindly about fans, unsulting blacks, and sleeping with old people and doing drugs. I could go on and on. That is just a small sample, just a taste. I know a guy who speaks about a lot of things and he can’t be lying, cause I have been present and saw a lot of things that he referenced. I know about a lot of the things he mentioned, and yes, there are some super evil celebrities and managers in Taiwan, and a lot of the managers are sleeping with the celebs.
      My best advice to give to anyone who decides to go on Instagram and weibo etc, have irrefutable proof to blow these piranhas out of the water if they decide to sue.
      All I can tell you is a lot more is coming, and it is about time.

  3. I thought he was kinda cute in YWY and can dance. However, I don’t think he’s all that talented. Everything was hyped up so that was why I saw him. There were better trainees

  4. Don’t think the female was forced into abortion however there was police involved earlier but the case is already closed when the female reported that she was being followed (turned out to the be PI hired by the mother). The female chose not to press on. They also illegally installed CCTV outside the female’s residence.
    He hasn’t lost his endorsements yet so it may be a sign that he will survive this through netizens have been demanding brands to cut partnerships with him.
    The conversation between the female and his mother shows another unreasonable mother.
    I have no idea why he’s popular? What song did he sing? Famous drama he acted in? Seems like he only took part in that variety prog with AB.

    1. There have been negative news of him on his daily behaviour but not this.
      It’s either he is such or his competitors are out to get him.

      1. @BearBear
        I have to ask myself the same thing. I have seen competition go all out to disgrace and destroy the other person or persons before, nothing new. So much jealousy and animosity in showbiz.

  5. @Dee
    Very well said, everything you wrote. I agree with your comment and a few more 100%. No one put a gun to their heads and told them not to use protection. Pregnancies will happen when protection is not used at all. Heck it happens even in cases when protection is used. I wonder if she wanted to snare him by not using any. Well, if that was her intention, it backfired, big time. Cai Xukun needs to learn he is not immune to getting someone pregnant just because he is a celebrity. He clearly believes he can jump on every woman’s kitty cat and not get scratched, lol.
    My problem is that they both should stay away from intimacy if they are not willing, or able to educate themselves about what happens when two people have unprotected push-push.
    If the ex was forced by him and his mother to get an abortion, then they both committed a crime. If she agreed to the abortion without being coerced into it, then this situation should be dismissed.
    If CX’s mother did say these things, she is a nasty piece of work.
    Celebrities and their handlers, parents and lawyers can put people in very powerless situations, and it makes me wonder if that is the case here.
    What do you think?

    1. @Renren Oh, I’m fully with you on this. Anyone not using protection is reckless, not to say something harsher. He is a special level of ‘reckless’ and not only that. These young stars are actually in a bubble of their own. During the early teenage period, they shoot to stardom of unthinkable size, to be honest. Their mothers enjoy a dominant role as they take command. Sure, someone has to take care of the kids and some of them do a decent momager job, to be honest, but still, they lose contact with reality. What these kids go through is beyond anything I can understand. To be in a position to have a hookup with them, girls (and sometimes boys) have to jump through harsh hoops multiple times. And once on board, many, most of them just want to monetize it. They are targeted daily and they get used to this. They are deprived of the beauty of real life and forming real human connections; everything becomes transactional. The comment of his mother reflects that world. It is not a beautiful world and it leaves them scarred for life. Personally, I do not envy them at all. You should see what people do just to be close to them, especially high traffic stars. I saw girls literally fainting just because they were in physical vicinity of some of them. The celebrity aura is like a light attracting certain type of moths. We look at this situation through our own human experience, which they do not have. In their world, everyone is there to get a piece of them and, to be honest, many are not wrong. I just feel that in his case, the window opened a bit and a jaded person could be seen handling something that she probably does if not on a daily, then on a weekly basis. She should focus more on working on her son than external parties, to be honest, but not easy even for her as he is the central star of his own little universe. It is vastly different life experience than ours. Thankfully not everyone walk the same path and there are other experiences. Well trained actors that go through formal education get better chances of handling the burden of celebrity life, and they tend to last longer; they have colleagues, personal growth they remember, professors, teachers to talk to. These stars that came on the back of the kpop wave had it much harsher and I do not envy them. They might be high traffic and more popular, making much more money but I am not sure they will age well and I do not mean physically I mean psychologically. Personally I do not like the trend of younger and younger celebrities that never has a chance to go to school properly and experience normal teenage period. From my perspective they tend to be unstable to work with and lacking in preparation if not in talent, click for like becomes a measure of everything, but from human perspective their experience is a par of those sad old time Hollywood child stars we heard about and I cannot help but feel a bit of sadness for them. Sometimes, I wish a dose of sanity would be sprinkled on fans to be honest.

      1. @Renren my apologies for such huge essay I think about this a lot past two years, you somehow touched my soft spot. Thank you for having patience with me.

  6. @Dee
    Don’t you dare apologize for your very deep, thought provoking, truthful essay. I completely savored every word of it. I di love reading such essays, and you have my attention every time. Thank you, and I will add a point or two later. I do love reading what everyone on this page has to say.

    1. @Dee @Renren I am really en joying reading both your conversations. I too think this girl is not guiltless, she was not forced into sleeping with him. Both were willing in moments of passion.
      No one will be charged in jail as nothing is illegal. But morally, they may feel upset with the abortion of a baby…but again they may not.

      My husband was just telling me yesterday how our active years being fully involved in our son’s life is coming to an end as he goes into Uni, he is his own man and own person. I will have to step back and watch him grow without being as involved as before. We can advise him, support him when he ask for help but we cannot get too involved. It is very tough for any normal mothers to snap the umbilical cord the second time but it has to be done. Our children needs to be independent and take responsibilities of their actions…we cannot clean their backs all the time. That too is another parenting role that needs to be done. Many parent struggle to make this decision. Clearly Cai Xukun’s mum is one such person.

      Anyway, it will be interested to see if Cai Xukun fall from this.

      1. @Hohliu
        You and your husband sound like wise parents. Your son is indeed fortunate to have such loving and wise parents. My parents told me as much as they love me, they would not save my bacon if I had willfully gotten into trouble. They even had me scrub the bathroom at their office buildings and at entertainment studios in Taiwan and Hong Kong. They wanted me to learn that people who had certain jobs that society look down on are very important, and so are their jobs.
        Yes, I grew up hanging out around countless celebrities, young and old. That is why I know so much about them. Hung out at their homes, went to events they were at, and socialize with them and their families. I do know a lot, I mean a lot about them. There are things that make me cry about how utterly disgusting they are. One of the things that ticks me off the most is when they threaten to sue when their victims or netizens are telling the truth about them. There is so much I can say. I do say things hopi g that you all can at least have an idea who I am speaking of, without calling any names. After growing up strong, hearing and knowing the things I know, I laugh at the images they manufacture for the consumption of the public. I hope when I throw bites you know who I am talking about.
        One of the utmost worst is one shrouded in mystery and he is a heavy weight, with organizations involve in evil and demonic things who protect him. He himself is a member of an evil clan. He can’t act his way out of a paper bag, yet he deserves an Oscar and a Golden Horse for his well executed public image promotional performance. His wife is a visual prisoner and so many people are afraid of him. His billions, haha, a lot of it is blood money. I can’t even begin to tell you all about this vampire. Right now my heart is so heavy. I just want people to not put these people on a pedestal. I like all the comments of everyone on this particular page. You all strike me as normal fans, not delusional freaks.

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