Cai Xukun Performs for the First Time Since Abortion Scandal

After Cai Xukun’s (蔡徐坤) abortion scandal went public, the singer’s projects were taken out of broadcast and his Guangzhou concert was postponed. Cai Xukun’s career may have hit a snag in China but he successfully held his concert in Singapore on July 15th to a large crowd of fans.

It was the first time Cai Xukun performed publicly since his scandal last month and the star was prepared to deliver a high energy performance. Cvai Xukun danced passionately in a red suit but the star’s figure was noticeably thinner.

Before ending the concert, Cai Xukun also took the opportunity to apologize to his fans and shared his regret for worrying his fans. Although the star got emotional as he addressed his scandal, his fans rallied together to show their support.






Source: HK On CC

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  1. So he is still going top be around. Just wondering if he can hold concerts in China too. Since he is blacklisted from Telly. Does it apply to his own concerts and other events?

    1. It depends! If he’s fully deleted he would struggle finding venue that would allow him to perform (eg cannot see Kris Wu doing any promotions in China even if found not guilty as his visa was cancelled and he is on the list of officially blacklisted celebs). If he is mid level punished, he could theoretically hold concert or meet up but would struggle to promote. If it is only slap on a wrist like in this case he should be able to hold events and promote them but would struggle with endorsements and acting roles as he became ‘high risk’ celebrity.

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