Cai Xukun Gets Blacklisted After Abortion Scandal?

Cai Xukun’s (蔡徐坤) image plummeted overnight after the star was revealed to have had a one-night stand with his fan and then demanded her to have an abortion. As the public sentiment turns negative, Cai Xukun Is suspected to be black listed in the entertainment industry and his music and projects were taken off of Douban’s database.

Cai Xukun rose to stardom after appearing in Youth with You 2 <青春有你 2> and quickly gained a huge following. Although the idol reality program is considered Cai Xukun’s most representative project, Cai Xukun is no longer associated with the project. Base on available information, Cai Xukun’s name is already erased from five projects.

The star’s current works were also not spared.  Chinese media station Shenyang Media recently announced their guest list for their event and Cai Xukun was originally slated to appear. However, the star’s name and promotional photos has since been removed while Jolin Lin (蔡依林)、Tia Ray (袁維婭)、Zhou Shen (周深)、JJ Lin (林俊傑) remain on the promotional material.

After the scandal went public, many of Cai Xukun’s sponsors swiftly moved to cut their ties. Most interestingly, international luxury brand Prada trended on social media for their link with problematic celebrities. Netizens noticed that five out of the eight spokespersons that worked with Prada were embroiled in scandals ranging from drug abuse, tax evasion and sex scandals.  Prada previously worked with Kai Ko (柯震東), Kris Wu (吳亦凡)、Li Yifeng (李易峰)、Zheng Shuang (鄭爽) and Jessie Li (春夏).

It is reported that Prada recently signed rising actor Li Xian (李現). Due to Prada’s bad luck, many netizens are expressing their concerns and sharing, “Don’t fail, I beg you. I will believe in my idol.  Hang in there, Li Xian!”

Source: World Journal

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  1. After keeping mum for several days, he finally issued a statement acknowledging his relationship with Miss C, her pregnancy and the subsequent abortion. But he claimed all were done voluntarily and they had broken up amiably since then.

    Now the paparazzi claimed that he had another relationship with Miss W who was a minority at that time. Let’s see how this progress……

    1. What’s wrong with having a relationship with a minority? Or do you mean a minor?

      1. Just to explain: Minority : “the state or period of being under the age of full legal responsibility.”
        So that choice of word use is very accurate too. Minor is more commonly used but minority means the same.

        To be honest, I am just glad, we are not tested here using prefect Eng. As I get so many typos wrong often. And I love how I also learn alot from other members who writes very well too.

  2. He is definitely not a suitable role model the PRC wants to set for youngsters. His career is down the drain now…he will have compensation to repay and loss of earnings… Since he is still relatively new, I doubt he saved enough money to make future plans without financial stress.

    Stupid boy… he just have to bear the consequence of his action…

  3. Isn’t it interesting how the mother is always the one who messed up and caused the down fall of her son? Kris Wu’s mom called the police on the victim which exposed him and got him cancelled. Now this idol’s mom sent people to stalk the victim and installed cameras to monitor her which got the police involved again then it got to the public. If the mom just paid the amount they promised the victim, this case might be dealt with.

    1. All these mothers who cannot cut the umbilical code of their adult son…. And weaklings who run to mum when in trouble.

      1. @Hohliu some of his fans believe that he has nothing to do with what his mother has done. This is a man, not a 2yo who needs his parents to bring him to toilet. He either knows and allows his mother to step in or he doesn’t care and just let her handles it.
        I still don’t understand why he seems to be getting cancelled, they have an affair, she gets pregnant, he doesn’t want the kid and seems like she doesn’t want too. What the mother has done is wrong but doesn’t warrant getting his son cancelled. Or have I missed anything?

  4. Ok, another girl came out to expose him with receipts on live and claimed to be minor at the time, but her receipts were found to be faked. -.- So now I’m curious….did he offend someone with power in the industry? Or maybe a competitor is trying to put him down. C-entertainment is both interesting and scary.

  5. I do wonder how much money is invested to create his idol looks. He has clearly had face done, I would not say it is radical, nothing wrong with it of course as many many artiste do so, it is so normal now. Even my favourite couple of actresses have done so. His PS was done quite well… I have seen very awkward surgeries..

    1. His ex agency mentioned investment on his appearance, suggesting he went under the knife. Think it was 100,000,000 Korean won. Is that a lot or little for similar… activities?

      1. Wow, if it is so, there is more work then I expected. But I dont do, to lighten their natural skin tone to one so fair…that is a costly treatment as it needs to be regularly done. Many stars have unnatural super fair tone…and good complexion. That require very regular treatments. So money is not just spent on craving a good face…it is maintenance as well.

  6. I don’t think he’s going to get canceled permanently. Looks like he’s gaining more Weibo followers after this incident. On some level, I feel bad for him. He’s been in the industry since 2012 when he was a little kid and always chasing this celebrity dream. How can someone grow up and mature normally like that? His mother also sounds like a piece of work. While I don’t support sleeping around, it sounded like two consenting adults in this situation so I don’t feel like he did anything wrong. Even if he knew what his mom was doing, I doubt he could exercise any control over her.

  7. It sounds like the one who should be jailed is the private investigator who hid a camera on personal property. And if the mom knew about it, she should be in jail too.

    And if CXK knew what his mom knew, then he’s an accomplice and also warrants punishment. It’s bad enough they cheap out on compensation, but to invade someone’s privacy like that deserves scumbag title.

    1. @BearBear
      I came here to write a few comments as I was on a mini vacation. I was told she is gone and the cause was suicide. I am so saddened as I liked her. I am clueless as to why she did it. Just will wait and find out. My thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones and fans.

    2. @BearBear holy moly crapole!!! Not coco!! She’s such a bright talent and she always LOOKED so positive and uplifting. Omg. She’s a living legend. I can’t believe it. This is very upsetting

    3. I saw that and I was in denial, hoping it was fake news. She seemed like such a ray of light and so energetic during variety shows. Depression is such a silent disease. I hope she has found peace now.

    4. Me too…I am so upset…we are of similar age band… I watch her grow into a popular singer…her songs are not my style but I respected her as a singer. Her failed marriage really affected her alot…

    5. Didn’t they reported way before when her sister joined the tvb singing contest, her sister was constantly saying negative things about her own life. I think maybe depression runs in her family. It’s so sad, she was so talented and always filled magnificent aura when on screen.

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