Cai Xukun Slept With Underage Teenage Fan?

While still recovering from an abortion controversy, Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) is now accused of sleeping with an intoxicated teenage fan. The paparazzi spilled that the 24-year-old Chinese singer also had many lovers and used escort services.

Last week, a blogger known as Miss C exposed she was forced by Cai Xukun’s mother to get an abortion after having sex with the singer. His mother had also installed secret cameras in Miss C’s home to monitor her. Responding to Miss C’s accusations, Cai Xukun admitted to dating her in 2021, but emphasized the relationship was “consensual” and did not break any laws. His studio stated that they have already sued for libel and have filed a case with the court.

Teenage Lover: Miss W

Meanwhile, the star is exposed by Chinese paparazzi Dong Gua Gu (懂瓜呱) in a live stream that Cai Xukun also had another secret lover, Miss W. Beautiful and wealthy, she had a crush on Cai Xukun when he was still a trainee. On February 24, 2022, Miss W finally met Cai Xukun at an in-person event while he was in Beijing for work.

On March 10, Cai Xukun invited Miss W to his Shanghai home. After drinking a glass of orange juice that Cai Xukun gave her, she felt dizzy and suspected he had added alcohol to it. They had sex, even though Miss W had just turned 17 that day. She continued to have contact with him until August 2022, but ultimately ended the relationship on bad terms after multiple arguments. Cai Xukun allegedly had other sexual partners and had used the services of high-end escorts.

The paparazzi then shared some screenshots of text conversations where Cai Xukun was comforting Miss W after an argument. In a photo, a man resembling Cai Xukun was hugging a girl with her legs wrapped around his waist. This photo was apparently secretly taken by a member of Cai Xukun’s team. Every time Miss W and Cai Xukun met, she was picked up by his assistant. Once she got into the car, her cell phone was confiscated.

During the paparazzi’s livestream, Cai Xukun immediately responded on Weibo stating that the photos and chat logs were fake, and he had already reported this to the police. Despite Cai Xukun’s denial, the paparazzi did not stop the live stream or change the story.

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  1. This one is the one with faked evidence (not sure if all of them are). The picture she showed where her and this idol making out in a weird cringy position was actually a vlogger. C-netz already found the original picture and debunked her claimed.The problem is if some of your evidence were found to be faked/fabricated, then you basically lost your integrity. It’s hard for people to believe you now. Also, she came out like a while ago, idk why they just wrote about it now. Maybe they just found out about it?

  2. I feel like such a conspiracy theorists for saying this… but sometimes I wonder if celebrities purposely create these fake ones, just so they can debunk it. Then when future scandals come up, fans will come to their defense and say that these fake accusations have happened before and this new one is could be fake too.

    1. This strategy would to too big a risk to take… but anything is possible, even such stupid tricks.

      1. Definitely not something you should attempt to do when you don’t have any scandal, but I mean after there’s been one. He admitted to the Ms. C one, and took like a week before responding. This Ms. W one, he was so fast to respond on Weibo. He filed a police report while they were still live streaming. He just seemed so prepared to already have a lawyer ready on standby at a police station to do that.

      2. @lilseemonster Oh, I do think that possibility is definitely a yes… this can provide a distraction from him and his spying mum’s scandal…. And when he announced he will sue the the fake rumours, I wanted to laugh.

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