Cai Xukun: “I Have Needs Too”

Once one of China’s most successful idol singers, Cai Xukun‘s (蔡徐坤) forced abortion scandal after an alleged one-night stand with a woman sent his image plummeting, despite his denial of wrongdoing. Although his career in China is now uncertain, the 25-year-old continued a string of overseas concerts, including a July performance in Singapore and a recent October concert in Malaysia — during which his daring speech is again provoking online uproar!

Halfway through his “Kun 2023 World Tour” performance held in Kuala Lumpur, he told the audience, “No matter what you do, as long as you enjoy it, I will support you silently, I will be supportive as long as it is something you like.”

He continued, “Be bold, and do what you wish to accomplish. Aren’t we all human, I am human too, I also have needs, I have my preferences too, I too have many sides which you perhaps don’t understand, don’t you?” His unexpected stream of words was met with acknowledgments from fans.

Netizen Fury on Weibo

After the concert, the line “Cai Xukun: I am human too I also have needs” topped Weibo searches, and led to a fury of comments. Disapproving netizens pointed out what they saw as his irresponsible actions and remarks, “…his ‘needs’ are sexual, his preference is abortion”, “Having one-night stand without condom use, and then forcing abortions on those he made pregnant, your needs are indeed ‘special’” and “he’s really like those cheating men who reason “I’m not a saint, you must allow me room for mistakes”, etc.

Source: HK01

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  1. lol, well, the good thing about this is I know for sure he isn’t gay. You can’t tell these days who is and who isn’t. I don’t have problem if he is, I just wish if ppl are gay, they should be straight forward about it lol. Especially since they are the trigger of these fan wars *face palm.

  2. How about needing to be an adult and taking responsibility for your mistakes? It’s evident he’s putting his needs first and above the well-being of others. I caution others to steer clear of such people. Sadly, fame and lots of money cover a multitude of sins.

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