Cai Xukun Files Police Report Over Malicious Rumors

Fallen idol Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) has been in headlines every day since his abortion controversy after a one night stand. When the paparazzi exposed he also slept with an underage fan, Xukun denied the rumors.

A photo was leaked where a man resembling Xukun was seen embracing a woman who had her legs wrapped around him. The woman, known as Miss W, was only 17 at the time of their alleged relationship.

Crying out the allegations are false and denying to be the man in the photo, Xukun filed a police report. In his latest statement, Xukun claimed he has returned to being single two years ago. He admitted to dating Miss C, and emphasized that they were consenting adults and she was never forced to get an abortion. They had wrapped up their relationship in 2021 and did not have any further interaction afterward. He implored the media to not continue spreading rumors.

In a turn of events, Miss W also stepped forward to admit the news was falsified and that she was manipulated by the paparazzi. In a post, she admitted to sharing the photo with paparazzi Yang Yang (陽陽) but the screencap of the chat log was fake. It had originated from Weibo and online forums.

Miss W also shared the chat log between herself and the paparazzi. She reached out to him because she wanted to gain more information about Miss C, and even shared the enticing photo. “This behavior was wrong, and afterwards I was worried that I had gone too far. On June 28, I contacted Yang Yang to confess the photos were fake, urging him to not publish them otherwise he would be sued. He did not reply, and published the fake news on July 3. He used me from beginning to end. After this incident, I have deeply reflected on my actions. I am also a girl that has just became an adult. Due to the paparazzi’s actions, some extreme netizens dug up my personal photos and invaded my privacy. They even spread malicious rumors about things I did not do, and this is really affecting my life!”

Miss W clarified that she was not speaking out because she had agreed to cooperate with Cai Xukun’s team, nor is she trying to gain fame despite her influencer status. She had never thought about gaining anything from this and ended up being used by the media.

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Cai Xukun Slept With Underage Teenage Fan?

Cai Xukun Caught in Abortion Scandal

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  1. 1) the “relationship” CXK used here is so subjective which could mean anything from dating to causal relationship to one-night stand.
    2) why would W reached out to paparazzi to learn more about C?
    3) even if she has nothing to do and all the time in the world, why would she even try to entice with fake story and photo?
    4) even if she did inform the paparazzi later that her story was fake and the latter still went ahead with it, how could she say that the paparazzi used her from the beginning till the end? Didn’t she admit that she was the one reaching out first and initiated the photo and story?

      1. @Hohliu yes, it’s already out on YouTube. I feel like it’s top because many is curious how they edited him out, and I have to say, very well lol. Like there are some parts of him on the screen, but you wouldn’t even know he was there, unless you are looking for it. First watch, I didn’t notice all these details lol, second watch with YouTube comments, I can see it, but from an average watcher that no nothing of CXK’s involvement with the show, they wouldn’t even think he’s there. Not the top episode in term of games though.

    1. I totally agree with all your points. This whole Miss W escapade seems like a complete media manipulation move by him.

      1. Would think it is a bigger issue if media manipulation is involved than his existing scandals. I thought no one would be so stupid to make such a risky move, let alone a whole PR team he hires but it’s so hard to justify Miss W’s actions or his team’s and lawyer’s.
        I haven’t heard much development after that, is there?

      2. @BearBear I haven’t heard any more either. Maybe they realized it was a stupid move and just trying to lay low now. These idols essentially live off variety shows and endorsements most of the time. I don’t even know why he’s still so popular. Idol Producer was like 5 years ago. During Idol Producer, he came off very typical Korean boy group wannabe. I don’t even remember him having any hit songs (I mean true hits and not songs that his fans obsessively did data for) since his debut.

      3. @lilseemonster not only him, I cannot remember any song from all those popular singers and idols like Hua Chengyu and Lay.
        Actually even Zhou Shen tough I give him the credit for his song and ability to sing live, I cannot remember what song he sings.
        I do hope to see more development of this scandal, it has dies off too fast too soon haha.

      4. @BearBear yeah I agree with your list. And as much as it pains me to say it, Zhou Shen doesn’t have too many hits either.

        However, Zhou Shen is a bona fide singer; I was in awe of his skills watching this: It’s too bad he doesn’t have too many hits though.

      5. I am also nosy and want to read more about his scandals with popcorn. I feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg for someone like him. And you’re totally right about those other singers. Zhou Shen got famous after Big Fish, I believe. To be fair, he might not have hits, but he’s constantly working in a real capacity as a singer as well. I liked his pairing with Hacken Lee in that singing competition variety show. I feel like every single costume drama (and some modern dramas) have his songs on it. So at least he’s actually working and producing music? These other idols are just fooling around on shows like Keep Running. I guess some of them produce crappy idol dramas too with bad acting.

        Last thought, anyone see the screen caps of Keep Running where they edited him out? It’s kind of funny because in a couple they accidentally left his shoes lol

      6. @lilseemonster @Coralie @Hohliu Oh yes, I forgot about Big Fish that @lilseemonster mentioned though I prefer the the duet version. Song of the Heaven Island really shows his vocal range, just like his duet with Sa Ding Ding.
        He has been singing drama OSTs but they don’t seem to leave much of an impression. The absence of memorable and highly popular songs from him, I feel, isn’t because he is not good enough but decline quality songs. When is the last we have a big hit in the Mandarin music entertainment? It goes the same to Cantonese music entertainment.
        I like the voice of Mao Buyi and Liu Yuning and the a couple of songs from the former.

      7. @lilseemonster No, I don’t watch Keep Running but the legless shoes sound funny. heard that his diehard fans decided to boycott the Thailand episode because their idol was edited out but it became the most viewed episode of the season instead.

      8. @BearBear Did the Edited Eps really come tops? Lol… I enjoy how Keep Runningg is not dependant on just one star… No one is indispensable, a good teamwork is most important.

      9. @Coralie @BearBear @lilseemonster I feel Zhou Shen is a great entertainer…he is a very bright button, witty, adorable, and extremely kind and considerate. All his goodness shine thru. He may not have many hits but he never disappoint when he is on stage singing. I love listening to him sing… Sometimes, my heart will palpitate, feel breathless just hearing him sing. He brings me on a journey with his singing.
        He may not have many hits but he have given us so many great performances that he is beyond just a Hit song. This is one of my favourite:

  2. Is he blacklisted now? Not in regards to this fake rumours which is clearly a big distraction from original scandal on him and his spying mum…

    1. Curious about that too. From what I gather, his works are removed from CCTV website and he is officially labelled as “At risk” artists (didn’t know about existence of such).
      The latest episode of variety show has been postponed twice because he was in it and likely going to be shelved indefinitely.
      Brands are slowly cutting ties with him.
      However I doubt he is truly fully cancelled because if he’s, the state media would have just said named him as such rather like what they did to ZS and brands would have moved fast enough.
      One report mentioned that he could still release songs online and do his usual stuff online however it’s unlikely he will be invited to appear on TV. I don’t know how much truth that is and if it is, whether it’s temporarily.

      1. @BearBear
        He has been cornered, and you did bring up some very thought provoking and sensible questions. I personally think he is grasping at straws and throwing out mundane accusations. Everything you said makes absolute sense. His reputation and career is badly damaged so he will try to salvage what is left of his career.

      2. @Renren I actually didn’t think much about it at first or if it was a grave issue because even if he has one night stand resulting in unwanted pregnancy and an abortion, it’s not illegal and both are consenting adults with no marital obligations to other people. His mother’s on the hand was involved in possibly something illegal and I don’t believe he knew nothing about it before that but the victim decided to drop charges. Maybe that’s also why it’s not very clear if he’s totally cancelled.
        Miss W’s case however, will be a bigger issue because even if she fabricated the story, her non existent motive is as suspicious as his team’s swift response to it with the police report and lawyer statement.
        I do wonder if the scandal will just die off like some we have seen.
        There have been rumours of his diva behavior before this like clips of him expecting someone else to open the door for him or to pick up his belonging from the ground when he dropped it. If it’s true then he can start learning to place his hand on the door handle now.

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