Cai Xukun’s Assets are Frozen Due to Copyright Controversy

Former Nine Percent member Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) is at a risky point in his career as his album controversy has eventually led his assets to be officially frozen by the court. With Operation Qing Lang continuing to crack down on toxic fan culture and illegal business practices, Xukun is walking on thin ice as he may face further legal consequences.

On April 11, Beijing Aidou Century Culture Media Co., Ltd and Tianjin Aidou Century Culture Communication Co., Ltd. submitted their request to the court to issue an injunction against Xukun and his studio for copyright infringement with the albums Lost <迷> and Young. They also requested freezing the idol’s bank savings of 64 million Chinese yuan for a year. After reviewing the application to have complied with the law, the court ruled all of Xukun’s assets to be frozen.

In response, Xukun’s studio released a statement addressing the ruling as a normal pre-litigation process, which means the case is still under review and has not entered the court hearing yet. They also clarified that there is no copyright infringement for the album “Lost” as the contract between Xukun and Beijing Aidou Century Culture Media had already ended before its production. For the album “Young”, they also claimed that both parties agreed on the copyright terms beforehand.

Ongoing Album Controversy

Last April, Xukun released his album Lost in a pre-sale style of release, where only five out of the total 11 songs were released. It took four months before heavy criticisms forced the agency to finally unlock the remaining six songs. While they managed to resolve the issue with an apology, it appears they may be encountering more difficulties ahead with its copyright ownership.


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Cai Xukun Criticized for Unlock-style Music Release


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