6 Major Clues Hinting Dilraba Dilmurat and Johnny Huang’s Romance

Under intense public scrutiny for taking a seven-month acting hiatus, Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) is swamped with pregnancy and romantic rumors. While managing to finally fend off pregnancy speculations through a livestream recently, Dilraba is yet to be let off the hook as she is speculated to be involved with Johnny Huang (黃景瑜).

Netizens identified six major clues pointing to Dilraba and Johnny dating:

Wearing the Same Sandals

In different photos, netizens spotted both Dilraba and Johnny wearing the same black sandals. Although several celebrities have the same sandals, it raised suspicions because the smaller size and styling did not suit Johnny.

Matching Couple Bottles

On different occasions, Dilraba and Johnny were seen drinking from seemingly matching Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse water bottles. While the color and designs are not exactly the same, the preference for the Disney mouse characters seem to be another source of “unshakeable evidence” of their relationship.

Couple Phone Cases

Sharp-eyed netizens also managed to spot Dilraba and Johnny using phone cases with the same shiny pattern designs. Dilraba had a light-colored case while Johnny used a black phone case.

Johnny’s “I Have A Girlfriend” Phone Case

At one stage, Johnny was seen using a phone case that had the words, “I already have a girlfriend; prettier than you.” As it would be strange to use such a case unless he resonated with the writing, many believed the actor was secretly seeing Dilraba and she was the one who bought the case for him.

Visiting Sichuan Together

Last June, Dilraba visited Sichuan and took a selfie with a giant panda statue. Soon after, Johnny was discovered to have the same photo displayed on his screen. Although slightly blurry, it was noticed the hydrangea flowers and lunch bag were present in both their photos.

Couple Traveling to Japan

Despite uploading photos showing the two sitting in different positions near the window seat on the plane, there were apparently witnesses who saw Dilraba and Johnny together in Japan. Netizens also observed the two have the same bodyguard sitting next to them.

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This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @Hohliu
      Noooooo!!!, they can’t be dating, because Johnny and Timmy Weizhou are waiting for their 7 years public ban to be over. After such time, they will announce to the world they are a couple, LMAO, LOL Just ask the delulus who said that, and even more ridiculous things. He had been seeing a non celebrity lady. If he is seeing Dilraba, good for him. They both are young, attractive single people.

      1. Uh oh, not a good year for the deli lid so far. Remember how they were shipping Fandy Fan really hard with his male costar? He came clean about his wife and child. He was supposed to be in a passionate relationship with his costar boyfriend , ha, lol. He is from the History 2 Series. Not a good time for the delulus.
        They have it in their heads that all these couples are real offscreen. I almost got slapped for saying that Jake Hsu and Chris Wu from History 3 Trapped are not a couple .

      2. Speaking of BL actors, I wonder when a dude is going to let the world know that he has two wives….. Funny thing is, same dude is is romancing his costar, according to the delulus, hahaha.

  1. Dilraba’s fans are not happy because Huang is a divorced man and had previously been accused of family violence by his ex-wife.

    1. I like Dilraba and a few other female actresses. Tbh I’d hope none of the actresses I like would be choosing JH due to the news article previously of domestic violence against his ex-wife. Men who beat women does not deserve respect (and vice versa).

      1. I never like Huang guy in any of his series, always dropping after an episode or two. Had no idea of his domestic violence case either. Wow, Diliraba seems like a nice girl on the new anyway so that’s too bad if she picked the guy. But let’s look at it this way, perhaps different strokes for different folks? lol haha People tend to forget all about Him Law nowadays. That guy had a domestic issue w/a pretty ex GF back then but still get to hang around and become a bit popular? And the now wife sang his praises from day one so probably with different partners they might act differently who knows. But it is weird hearing it as some would say, a cheater is always a cheater but perhaps a beater is not always a beater? hahaha lol…

      2. @Bizzybody ,
        From what I heard, his ex is falsely accusing him. That issue was years ago and was settled in court long ago. But recently, she brings it up again for attention. My advice is, don’t believe everything you hear.

      3. @leilei,
        If those accusations were true, do you think he would still be around? He settled it in court and she falsely accused him. Recently she bought it up again for attention. He would have been canceled if the accusations were true.

      4. @HeTieShou Domestic abuse is hard to prove. Even if the case is won, it doesn’t mean there’s no abuse. It only means there’s not enough evidence to support said abuse eg, evidence was hidden well, pics are one-sided, etc. There IS always possibility that a person could be innocent in the event of domestic abuse charges, but that would require a collection of their dating history, character analysation, etc.

        However, I’ve scoured info on Google and can’t find where it indicates his ex wife lost the court case. So I don’t know where you’re getting your info from.

      5. Maybe you should look deeper. The court part I heard from a fan so not sure if he did for sure. But my point still stands, don’t believe everything you hear. If he was truly guilty, he would be cancelled for sure whether guilty or not as you can see with how tough the cancel culture is.

        This is what I found but believe it or not is up to you or anyone. Plus, I have seen him on reality shows with kids and he is so passionate and loving to them that it made it hard to believe that he is the abusive type.

      6. I do agree to not believing fully in what we read, I would also say, we cannot believe what we watch on screen in reality shows too. The Johnny you see on telly may be just a side of him but it does not mean he has no violent side to him.

      7. Not only referring to reality shows only but I have followed him ever since his debut and from what I gathered, he does not seem like that type. But also never believe everyone who cries wolf. Just because anyone throws out any accusations regardless of who it is means it is true. IF he was, who would dare date but let alone marry him now? Plus, if he truly did do those things, he would get cancelled fast. These days, it is not that hard to prove domestic abuse with video recordings with phones and all versus in the past.

  2. Whether these 2 or anyone dates or not … does NOT matter a jot to me

    BUT these are kinda stooopid:
    1) those Hermes H Oran sandals – they’re popular, and can be found everywhere in Asia. Even if not genuine Orans, every shop has some version of the H sandals. Saw them in Canada last Summer too – in some Walmart-like food supermarket.

    2) The flasks/phone cases are quite different – how do they even draw similarities?
    This is Disney’s 100th year anniversary … so Disney is everywhere, even Daiso Mickey eyes on car-sunscreens = > laundry net bags. Singapore’s The Jewel plays its fountain music as a shout out to Disney too.

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