Is Dilraba Dilmurat Already Married?

After completing filming for drama Prosecution Elites <公訴精英> in 2022, Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) disappeared from the public eye for nine months. Due to her sudden hiatus, rumors began spreading that she was pregnant due to photos showing her expanding waistline. While some claimed that she had a child out of wedlock with former costar Johnny Huang Jingyu (黃景瑜), others believe she is already secretly married.

Claims about Dilraba’s marital status gained further momentum during Paris Fashion Week. As Dior’s brand ambassador in China, Dilraba was invited to attend the event. Among the attendees was BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, who is the brand’s global ambassador. While Jisoo’s invitation referred to her as “mademoiselle,” Dilraba’s invitation referred to her as “madame.” Because “madame” is typically used to signify a married woman and “mademoiselle” as an unmarried woman, many believe that this as an unintentional slip of Dilraba’s marital status.

However, netizens doubt that Dior would be privy to information regarding their spokesperson’s marital status. Some netizens speculate that “madame” may instead be used to distinguish an older woman, while “mademoiselle” is used to address a younger woman. Since Dilraba is only three years older than Jisoo, this theory seems shaky has and the actress’ marital status remains in heated discussion.

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  1. I don’t really care if she’s married or not, but I just wanted to say I thought she looked the most stunning out of all the c-celebs that went to Paris fashion week this time around 🙂

  2. did she undergo some unnecessary work on her face? Her latest photos from Paris appear unnatural and artificial compared to her usual lovely self.

  3. This had me thinking… Does celebs have their own private space and many are not reported? Which should be so… But the top celebs maintain their private space by paying different media companies to keep quiet. This is likely the main source of revenue for them. They are paid to keep quiet…but smaller set-ups and paz also want a slice of the pie thus many camp out to gather such private moments to be paid to keep quiet. Of course, all these are normally dealt with by the celebs agency… unless their contracts are ending or they annoyed their boss…

    Of course, the biggest threat for these celebs are the GOV itself… when they need a distraction, they pick the top celebs to throw under the bus as distractions. Being a celebs may give you fame and wealth but you lose your freedom and privacy.

    So, is Dilraba married?…I really dont care unless she is ready to share her status. And if she is married, great for her, she is not getting younger. Her beautiful genes will give the world beautiful babies… I hope she is happy and everyone need to respect her privacy.

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