Dilraba Dilmurat and Gong Jun’s “Legend of Anle” Premieres

Without advance announcement, Legend of Anle (安樂傳) suddenly dropped its first episode on July 12. While Dilraba Dilmurat (迪丽热巴) and Gong Jun’s (龚俊) stunning visuals were enough reason to tune in, viewers are dissatisfied with the excessive camera filters and shoddy technical details.

Adapted from the novel titled The Emperor’s Book (帝皇书), the drama follows Di Ziyuan (Dilraba Dilmurat), who is the sole survivor after her family is beheaded for treason. Hoping to seek revenge and restore family honor, she enters the palace to investigate the imperial family. Helping the crown prince Han Ye (Gong Jun) solve several corruption cases,  Ziyuan could not help but fall for the “enemy,” and a touching relationship grows between them.

Despite its lack of publicity prior to release, Legend of Anle already rose to third on the ratings list and is expected to soon surpass Xiao Zhan’s (肖战) historical romance drama The Longest Promise (玉骨遙). However, more critical viewers point out Legend of Anle’s overuse of filters, which often zoom in on Dilraba and Gong Jun’s pale faces and blur background details. The CG scenes also seem rushed, and do not justify Youku’s exorbitant budget spent to produce the drama. While Ziyuan’s flirtatious scenes seem fun at first, her overzealousness in touching the crown prince and even stripping his clothes when they barely know each other offend some viewers, who find the character’s behavior inappropriate for a historical drama.

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The CGI looks so bad… I hope the drama is better then the fillers/CGIs/filming effect etc …I loss track with all the new technology used to produce dramas. Who will be watching??

    1. The trailer looks like it’s a light romcom, but then I saw snippets of it on YouTube and it’s kinda bad. GJ looks like a girl/gay (sorry, fans). N there is like no chemistry felt between the leads. And as much as I’m skeptical about LYN, he does seem to have more chemistry with DD (at least from his end lol)

      1. So basically I’ll be checking it out when it’s nearly finished or have finished. But not that keen or have high hopes for it

  2. Wow, GJ is too pretty in the show. I watched him in the other BL drama. I didn’t like him as much as the other guy. I liked the other guy more but GJ is looking very good here.

  3. I’ve tried watching GJ in a few other dramas because I quite liked his character in Word of Honor, but I never feel like he has chemistry with his costars since. Chemistry between the leads is a very important factor, especially if the story and writing isn’t super engaging and tight.

  4. will not watch this drama, the 2 actors is so painful to watch… bad acting, and look plastic

      1. I saw a few clips from YouTube and DD and GJ’s chemistry is like 2 walls speaking to one another lol. Then some article show gif of the scenes that highlights bad CGI and oh my, that’s so bad. Kinda like who rules the world kind of bad but possibly worse lawl. Yea, hard pass lol

      2. @LittleFish Do you know what this is telling us? China’s economy is definitely doing very badly… Even for a supposedly higher budget drama, the investment is really nothing like dramas filmed 5yrs ago… China’s rich days are gone for now…..

      3. @Hohliu there have been news on the high unemployment rates among the new graduates. Worldwide economies haven’t been doing as well as expected despite the initial optimism for post COVID. If bigger economies like them are not performing as good, the impact to smaller or dependent countries will be more impacted.
        It could be that or the rich are more careful in their investment, whether it is to lie low for fear of getting into legal trouble or just be prudent in general.

      4. @BearBear I too agree…economy in my Country is also struggling. And it is not just because of Covid… Going back to C-dramaland. Yes, there is clearly a huge decrease in investments on c-dramas. And the reasons you list are are definitely sound and true. I also believe lots of money have been moved out of China, many rich locals are displeased, disappointed by the PRC due to how they handle Covid and also their new “regulations”…

    1. At least they are not shameless like some people to market themselves “best actors” and “all natural”, brag how good the show is when the quality is low. They’re just doing their jobs, and at least they’re doing it ethically.

  5. I don’t mean to hijack the article, but is anyone else watching Butterflied Lover? It’s short-ep web drama. So far the story is really good and each episode is only 15-20 mins. The female lead seems like a pretty natural actress.

    1. I have been seeing it on my viewing recommended list…but still unsure if I will watch it… but it is very short, may be worth the time.

    2. @lilseemonster @Hohliu Thinking if I should check that out after seeing recommendations. The director seems quite well known for shorter production like this but I have skipped one or two of his works.
      Share your views if you like it.

      By the way, the current fireman drama from YY, I kept seeing clips on the supporting actor and netizens are comparing him with YY. Heard that the supporting character (FL’s adopted brother) doesn’t have much screen time but audiences love him as much as they complain about YY. The irony.

    3. I hesitated watching this drama because of the male lead…. is he one of Yu Zheng favourite artiste that he heavily promotes…but this chap rat on Yu Zheng? I think he even have a GF beating scandal or something…I dont really remember the details.

      But I do adore Rain Yu, she is such a sweet looking actress….I do love watching her smile.

      1. @hohliu oh yes, now that you mention, this is the cheater whom his ex exposes that he slept with wealthy male, right? Recall that because I read twice on whom he slept. Not sure about beating part.
        Never see the FL before but I haven’t been watching a lot of C-drama.

      2. @BearBear Oh yes…the sleeping with male sponsor… That is the news. Yu Zheng did not know about it and was on his side till he was slapped in the face.

      3. I actually completely forgot about his scandal. When I read it, I had no idea who he was since I’ve never watched anything with this male lead before. I’m not very good at discerning plastic surgery, but his face looks oddly plastic to me kind of like Angelababy (even though she said she never had plastic surgery). It’s actually a bit distracting, and he’s probably the weakest link in the drama. But so far, I like the fantasy mystery storyline. Lu Xiaoyu is a really endearing female lead. The scenes are filmed very beautifully, even the semi-scary ones lol. It’s not a huge time commitment, 15 mins/episode, so I’m all caught up now.

  6. I felt that Dilraba just went through acting out the script in all those playing cute moments. The drama throughout after the opening episode lack “sincerity” in it and the script on how the plot and story unfolded is weak overall. I put the “blame” on the script and the director.

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