Johnny Huang & Dilraba Dilmurat’s Interactions at Weibo Night

Amid continuous rumors of love blossoming since co-starring in 2019’s Love Designer <幸福,触手可及>, and even of Dilraba being secretly wedded with pregnancy speculations, Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) and Johnny Huang Jingyu (黃景瑜) have continued to keep silent, exasperating fans. Held on January 13, annual C-entertainment extravaganza Weibo Night provided more clues to the two’s relationship status, which netizens hope can finally get official confirmation soon!

Yearning Together, While Seated Apart

Looking dashing in a stylish black suit and shades, Johnny walked down the aisle with Tong Yao (童瑶), and appeared in high spirits when he received the “Hot Actor of the Year” award, an honor he shared with Esther Yu (虞書欣), Liu Yuning (劉宇寧) and Wei Daxun (魏大勳). Besides the observation that Dilraba was listening intently when Johnny gave his thank you speech, they also pointed out how her speech when receiving “Weibo Quality Actor of the Year”, seemed to echoed what Johnny had expressed earlier!

She said, “I’m delighted that Weibo has given me this honor, very happy to have all your support and encouragement, so I hope everyone can become a better version of themselves in the new year, and wish you all happy new year and good health!”, while moments ago he had said, “Hope I will get better and better, wishing everyone a happy new year”.

In addition, viewers noticed that Johnny deliberately seated close to the edge of his chair, which was some distance from Dilraba’s. He appeared to have his eyes glued on Dilraba to his far right, who looked as if her mind were somewhere else, with her chin on her hand. As everyone else sat with their backs against their seats, the two stood out like fish out of water! Given the strong hints, netizens are hopeful for the day when the two celebrities can finally go public.

Source: Upmedia

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