Johnny Huang Responds to Divorce Rumors

For years, allegations of domestic violence and cheating have followed Johnny Huang (黃景瑜). Even though his previous rumored marriage to artist Wang Yuxin (王雨馨) was exposed in 2018, Johnny never spoke up about this relationship until now.

Last week, Johnny’s studio issued an announcement clarifying that Johnny and Wang Yuxin split amicably, and there was no third party or domestic violence involved. They are currently still friends and request the public to not disturb Wang Yuxin.  They did not immediately respond to the rumors, as they did not want to take up too many public resources. However, the rumors quickly spiraled out of control and severely affected Johnny’s career and life. They warned netizens to remove any false allegations and to stop disseminating infringing content; otherwise legal recourse would be taken. Lastly, the studio hopes netizens can read online news critically and not be easily swayed by fabricated news.

Johnny directly tagged Wang Yuxin’s account on Weibo and posted, “My family member and also friend, I wish you all the best in the future.” At the same time, Wang Yuxin also issued a statement saying, “My family and assistant have never spoken out against Johnny. We are still friends and even more so, family members. We had an amicable split and always maintained a peaceful relationship. Please stop spreading false content.”

Since Johnny had never admitted to being married in the past, referring to Wang Yuxin as a “family member” can be considered the first time he has admitted to their marriage.

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  1. “ We had an amicable split and always maintained a peaceful relationship”

    These 2 need not pretend. I remember it was his ex wife posting all those allege abuse photo & he had to beg her not to spread lies. Even in this website, there history article of them. Laughable move.

    Perhaps both of u are at peace now, no need to act now as if your marriage was not a mess then.

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