Johnny Huang Begs Ex-Wife to Stop Damaging His Reputation

Two years ago, Operation Red Sea <紅海行動> actor Johnny Huang (黄景瑜) was rumored to have physically abused his alleged ex-wife, Wang Yuxin (王雨馨). Although Johnny’s company took legal action to stop the allegations then, the case resurfaced a few days ago after Yuxin reportedly went into a coma from attempted suicide. As the news broke just shortly before Johnny’s drama with Dilireba (迪丽热巴) began airing, Johnny is allegedly fearful of it interfering with his show’s ratings.

A few days ago, an Internet user claiming to be Yuxin’s assistant confirmed Yuxin attempted suicide. After the assistant accused Johnny of indirectly pushing Yuxin into a wall, the assistant publicly shared Johnny and Yuxin’s marriage certificate, as well as proof of the domestic abuse. It was reported that Johnny secretly contacted the netizen to stop spreading the news, as he is worried that it will pull down his drama’s ratings.

Afterward, Yuxin’s assistant took to social media to complain about Johnny. “Didn’t apologize, he didn’t apologize! He was worried about his drama’s ratings! So what? Is domestic abuse not important? So far, his team is only pushing away the news and deleting posts! He is brainwashing his fans and the public. He was cheating and hitting his wife. He thinks that the issue will pass if it’s not brought up and that domestic violence is not wrong! Everyone, please think logically about why he has not responded.”

Yuxin’s assistant believes that since he is afraid to address it, he indirectly admits to his crimes. The assistant hopes that fans will consider the situation logically. The assistant said, “Come out and speak up boldly, Johnny. Was it right to cheat and hit your wife? Kindness is for those who are kind! Fans are also waiting for you to respond! You owe an apology!”


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  1. He should show some care and concern towards her,
    This guy is only interested in himself, his drama ratings…

  2. Ratings? Goodness, if rating bothers him more…he is really not worth high rating. I am not going to watch this drama. Sorry Dilireba and team…

    1. @hohliu
      I am glad that I am not a big fan of Johnny or else I would be even more disappointed. If he did abuse his ex, then karma will bite him back. He should at least show concern for her but is now only concerned about ratings. What an idiot… I feel bad for the cast and crew who will suffer now due his issues.

  3. If the abuse is a lie, I doubt it will be dug out and talk about again especially after the lawsuit threat from before….. There is definitely more truth in this. I really have no sympathy for abusers.

    1. @hohliu
      I was reading more about this and some things sound a bit fishy. His ex claimed that they divorced 2 years ago already then why bring this up now? They were married but have divorced so that is the truth. But the abuse part, how can you truly prove that? Anyone can have injuries and accuse anyone of doing it. Now I really wonder what to believe. A big plot twist would be that she is still bitter about their divorce so is doing everything to ruin his reputation. I mean sexual abuse/ harassment and domestic abuse are the easiest ways to ruin anyone’s reputation especially a public figure. This a she says versus he says…

      1. @hetieshou I would think about it this way: perhaps the suicide was her breaking point from being depressed after being abused in the past. In no instance should a victim be blamed for coming forward X years later… It takes a lot of courage.
        Would she accuse Johnny Huang knowing how wealthy Johnny Huang is and that she can be countersued? Regardless whether she’s a victim of abuse or not, Johnny Huang’s first response (or any response) should not be about ratings. He could have kept his mouth shut. He could have waited longer to response.

      2. @jesspepperwang
        I was not blaming her but was wondering why suddenly bring it up now? If she wanted justice then she should speak up a lot sooner because the longer you wait, the less likely you will get justice and people are less likely to believe you. True that Johnny’s response was not good at all and makes him more guilty. Anyways, if karma exists then it will bite him back. I truly wonder who would want to be with him now if he is labeled as an abuser.

        Just like with the lasted actress Yammie Lam, she kept it in for many many years to the point that she went crazy. When she finally came forward, people were skeptical of her claims. I know it is hard to come forward but my point is when you wait too long, you become less credible and people are less likely to believe you.

      3. @hetieshou because a lot of people think with their emotion instead of their brain.

        A few days ago, I read news about actress in my country who runaway from her house because her husband abuses her. She is the second wife. The first wife divorced him because the same domestic violence case. It made into news and everyone knows it. This actress knew that he is abusive and when they were dating, it was all it’s in the past. He is a changed man now bla bla bla. And now what happen. Leopard can’t change its spot.

      4. @windy
        Oh yes that is true, but I still find the timing fishy since his series is about to air and these allegations appear again. Doesn’t that sound strange? But none of us know the whole truth so we should try to remain neutral instead of automatically siding with one side. However, if he did abuse her, thank goodness she got rid of him and karma will bite him back hard!

  4. She’s gone through hell and back and in a coma and rating and rep is what he was worried about. What the actual…?!

  5. I do feel that the timing of the news was planned to cause damage, but if domestic abuse did happen, then he needs to take the rap for it because it is not right. By just reading this article, it seems that he is only concerned about his ratings. But there could be more to the story. I’ll wait and see what other stuff gets revealed. But I hope his ex-wife physical and emotional health improves.

    Besides, the story of this series is not special so the ratings may be bad anyway. He and Dilireba have no chemistry and the love story is a cliche about people who falling love after sharting an apartment.

    1. @elizabeth
      I agree and if he did abuse her, he will pay for it. Abusers of any kind are truly evil and deserve to be punished. However, if he did not and she is falsely accusing him, then she should take the rap for it as well. I hope her mental and psychological health improves and that she can move on and find someone better.

      Yes, this series does not sound too appealing anyways. I bet it would flop even if these allegations did not come to light.

  6. I’m not a big fan but was told by media friends in HK that in order for China artist to film police/army shows backed by the government and by the army and police force, in the case of Johnny’s 2 major film and series where he played a commando and drug enforcement officer, his background would have been thoroughly checked. Simple reason, not to embarrass or make the government agencies lose face. So if he had indeed abused his wife as claimed, they would not have allowed him to take on the roles. Also apparently each time news of his supposed crime of abuse would be timed exactly just b4 the release of his movies or series. There’s also a rumour going on that the pix of their marriage license was also doctored. That it was a scene taken from an interview, from t-shirt he was wearing right down to angle and haircut. Also his supposed ex-wife have been joyfully uploading date nights with current squeeze just days b4 so called attempted suicide….. All this just seems like a case of I hate you so much therefore I’ll destroy you no matter what kinda thing. Just too many loopholes. There’s also talks of his agency suing her when it was 1st brought up couple of years back. After which Johnny has refused since to answer every time this issue was brought up. So really …. go figure right…?
    Please don’t flame me just my 2cents worth ;P

    1. @lmjl18
      Thanks for your post and that was what I was thinking. I am trying to remain neutral instead of trying to side with one or the other as none of us know the whole truth. I have read up a lot more about this and there were many loopholes. About the timing, that is what made me wonder too which was why I wonder why is his ex bringing it up when his series is about to air. That sounds fishy to me. The fact that they were together is real and maybe married and now divorced. That is their business but it is just the abuse allegations, is it all true? Who knows? But people automatically think it is all true and blame him without knowing for sure what actually happened.A big plot twist… what if she is just bitter and out to destroy his reputation, who knows? I was reading about the divorce of Korean actress Gu Hye Sun and her ex husband who is also an actor. When it came out everyone blamed him and sided with her without knowing anything much. But then dispatch(which is a news agency that always reviews the truth) exposed the truth, people then found out that she was more at fault. Basically, we should not side with one side or another without knowing the whole truth. Who knows what actually happened.

  7. I think we can all agree domestic abuse is wrong. Period. Whether it’s domestic abuse that occured three years ago or yesterday, abuse is abuse. And for victims to come forward with their trauma takes a lot of courage. If it’s a case of crying wolf, they will get found out eventually. And then the perpetrator gets 2x the hate because they did this to an innocent person. But to question the timeline of when something happened is just ludicrous to me, because no matter when the event occured, the victims don’t forget about it. So why should the abusers get clemency?

    1. @coralie I totally agree with you. Any kind of domestic abuse is completely wrong and hateful. Period. I too Fully support victims who have the courage to come forward as it’s never easy and sometimes even dangerous facing their abuser. It takes a whole lot of courage and strong support from love ones and friends. I’ve been volunteering for a couple of years now with women’s rights groups, in particular with domestic abused victims. Her story just does not gel. If she was really a victim of domestic violence then HJY should pay for his crime whether done today or years before (like in the case of Harvey Weinstein, another form of abuse) and be called out ! Somehow in this case….. just fishy. My biggest peeve so far has to be why each time HJY has a movie or series about to air, only then, come out and cry foul ? After that it dies down…. It’s been 3 years now. With each bomb launched there’s always new information, not from the alleged abuse but about how horrible a person HJY is…..from 2 timing, 18 or more women, to allegedly contracting some STD ? If she really wanted justice for the alleged abuse, why not all out pursue and finish the cause from get go? Why sound the alarm always just days before his movies or series releases ? Why not formally report him to the police and sue him ? Why is it always revealed not by herself but by a sister aunt assistant ? Why continue to instagram her current “happiness” and parties with current boyfriend, right up to just a couple of days before her alleged suicide ? It all just screams fishy…..
      I don’t normally comment but because domestic violence is real and victims are real. Dont want to see people so loosely using this very heinous antisocial behaviour for the sake of personal revenge. It is already so difficult to get justice for the real victims. Crying wolf will only set the real victims back 10 steps !
      Once again Just my 2cents worth and from a complete outsider of this case.

      1. @lmjl18 I agree with you as well, and you have every right to be suspicious of the motive behind disclosing info now. However, my point was that while the timeline is peculiar and can be a point of contention, we shouldn’t mix one issue with another.

        If a domestic abuse case did occur, it deserves to be investigated and thoroughly assessed, regardless of when it’s being divulged to the public.

        If he is really innocent, he can sue for defamation and slander, along with cost of reputation. The most important question is why hasn’t he done that yet. And whether his ex has something that proves he’s guilty. But if he is guilty, then I don’t care when she revealed this info or what her motives are.

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